Does Kool-Aid Powder Expire or Go Bad?

Does Kool-Aid Powder Expire or Go Bad?

Kool-Aid powder packets are a great item to stick in the pantry to keep on hand when you need something quick to mix up for the kids when you run out of things to drink. However, they are also the first things to go overlooked because of their small size, and in doing that, you may end up with an expired Kool-Aid powder.

Does Kool-Aid Powder Expire? Kool-Aid powder has an expiration date that is about 2-years after it was manufactured. However, unopened and undamaged Kool-Aid packages can stay safe for consumption years after that stamped expiration date.

How do you know if your Kool-Aid packet is still safe for consumption? This article will give you a good idea of how long your Kool-Aid will last and ways to keep it fresh for years after the expiration date has passed. 

Can Kool-Aid Powder Expire?

Kool-Aid powder can expire, but usually only after the package has been opened or damaged. The expiration date written on the package doesn’t necessarily indicate when the Kool-Aid goes bad, but when the shelf life in stores is up and can no longer be sold. 

When you see the expiration date, it is usually written for 2-years after being stamped in the manufacturing process.

As long as the packet stays closed or the containers remain sealed and unopened, you can safely use the powder long after the expiration date has passed.

All of the ingredients in a Kool-Aid packet are in a dried form, meaning it is not likely they will go bad, some of them also being known as preservatives in other food products.

Is it Safe to Drink Expired Kool-Aid Powder?

Drinking Kool-Aid powder after the expiration date is probably safe to do. Many people have had Kool-Aid packets sitting in their pantry for years before finally pulling it out and making it.

Kool-Aid only becomes un-safe once you after you have opened that packet or it has become damaged or torn. Once air or moisture reaches the powder, the safety seal has been broken and the chances of bacteria building up inside the Kool-Aid increase dramatically, making it dangerous to drink.

Why Does Kool-Aid Have an Expiration Date?

The expiration date is technically not a for-sure date of expiration, but a date letting the stores know when the item is in its highest quality. This is why many products have changed their labels to “best if consumed by” dates.

Most of the time, products will start to break down after a year or two of sitting on a shelf. This doesn’t affect the safety of the item, just maybe the quality. It could have a faded color; the powders may be a little more difficult to dissolve, the package may start to become more flimsy, etc.

Should You Place Kool-Aid Powder in the Fridge?

There really is no reason to store your Kool-Aid powder packets in the fridge. Although doing so will not directly affect the content, wet or damp items in the refrigerator can touch or moisten the packet making it useless.

How Long is Kool-Aid Good for After it is Mixed?

Once you have broken the seal on your Kool-Aid packet and mixed the products with water, the Kool-Aid will only be good for a few days. However, that is only if it is being stored in the refrigerator. If you leave a cup or container of Kool-Aid on your kitchen table or countertop, it is best to drink it right away. 

Once your powder is mixed with water, it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and warm or room temperature air speeds up the process.

If you make up a Kool-Aid packet in a container, it should be fine for 4-5 days if it is kept in the refrigerator with a lid on. Keeping the mixed Kool-Aid in the refrigerator will keep the liquid cold, giving slowing down the contamination process. 

How to Know if Kool-Aid Powder Has Gone Bad?

Since Kool-Aid is a mixture of different powders, it can be a little challenging to tell if it has gone bad. The most significant indication of bad Kool-Aid powder is the clumping mix inside the packet. This means some type of liquid has gotten to it, making it dangerous to consume.

Another way to tell that your Kool-Aid powder has gone bad is if it looks like it has an off coloring or smell. Both of these are signs of expired or dangerous powders.

A big indication, and probably the easiest to notice, is if you see mold in the packet. Mold and mildew are very dangerous to consume, and you should throw the product away immediately.

Do Kool-Aid Jammers Expire?

Like Kool-Aid packets, Kool-Aid Jammers do have a set expiration time of 12-18 months. However, they do not necessarily go bad in that specific time. Because of the air-tight seal, it is nearly impossible for bacteria to get inside the drink to contaminate it. 

Although we would not suggest drinking Kool-Aid Jammers years after they had expired, a few months shouldn’t be too big of a health concern.

How to Increase the Years of Kool-Aid Packets

If you are like many people and enjoy stocking up on your favorite Kool-Aid flavors, worrying about the expiration date shouldn’t be a big concern as long as you keep them in a dry, cool location, where they are no-where near water or excessive heat.

Another thing to keep in mind is pesky insects that can burrow their way into just about anything if they are determined. Keeping your Kool-Aid packets out of any areas that bugs can easily access is very important. 

Final Thoughts

The expiration date you will commonly find on a Kool-Aid packet is two years; however, this is simply the amount of time the package is in its highest-quality form. After that, you can safely consume Kool-Aid as long as it is stored properly and the package is still fully intact.