Does Nutella Expire or Go Bad?

Does Nutella Expire or Go Bad?

Nutella is a super delicious addition to your snacks that will take them to the next level (or even just a delicious snack on its own), but it’s important to know how long you can use it. 

Does Nutella expire? Nutella does expire, but it lasts pretty long before getting to this point – usually 6 months past the printed expiration date. Whether or not your Nutella has expired depends on a variety of factors, including the way that it’s been stored and if it is open or closed.

The rest of this article will teach you all about Nutella, from how to keep it fresh to how to tell if it has gone bad.

How Long Does Nutella Last?

If it isn’t open yet, you can expect it to be good for at least 6 months past the printed expiration date. Once the Nutella is open, it is usually best to eat it within 6 months. It can last longer than that if it’s been stored correctly, but it might lose some quality and freshness.

The way that you store your Nutella makes a big difference on how long it lasts. You want to make sure that you’re storing it the right way so that it stays fresh for a lot longer and you can really get the most out of your jar.

Some may think that Nutella will last a really long time because it contains sugar, which is a preservative. Though this holds some truth, Nutella also has a lot of milk and oil in it. These ingredients contain fat that makes it go bad faster, and therefore the fact that there’s sugar doesn’t make it stay good as long as it could.

How Should You Store Nutella?

Nutella is best stored somewhere cool and dark, such as a cabinet or pantry. It doesn’t need to be transferred to any other container, and the one that it comes in will keep it fresh as long as you screw on the lid tightly when it’s not in use.

It’s best to keep your Nutella around 64 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, though going a little above or below this won’t be detrimental to the snack’s well-being. Just keep your jar away from any place where there will be extreme temperatures such as an oven or window.

Putting your Nutella in the fridge is possible, and it can even make it stay better for longer. This is because colder temperatures slow down oxidation and bacteria growth, and your Nutella will spoil slower than it would at room temperature.

However, the fridge also makes the snack hard and unspreadable, and it won’t be as creamy as if you stored it in a cabinet or pantry. This problem is easily fixed by quickly popping Nutella in the microwave, but it is something to think about.

Overall, refrigeration isn’t necessary if you eat a jar in less than 6 months, but if you think it will take you longer then it’s something to consider. 

How Do You Tell If Nutella is Bad?

Observe your Nutella and notice it’s smell and taste. If it’s old, it may be a little duller in flavor and less fresh, but still good to eat. If it’s gone bad will probably have a rancid smell or taste, and it may have mold spots growing in it as well. If this is the case, it should be thrown out.

Nutella will deteriorate in quality as time passes, but if it’s stored correctly this change shouldn’t be too noticeable. If your Nutella is tasting a bit dull or stale and you aren’t enjoying it, it’s best to just throw it out. If you don’t mind or notice the dull taste of old Nutella, then it’s perfectly safe to eat as long as there are no obvious signs of it going bad.

Since Nutella has a lot of oil, it tends to go rancid when it’s been open too long. You will most likely notice this in the smell and taste, which will be pretty sour and pungent. If you notice this, throw the Nutella out because it isn’t good to eat anymore.

Though it’s not super common, mold can grow in Nutella. This is usually from cross contamination due to dipping your fingers or other dirty utensils into the jar, which allows bacteria to get into the spread and start growing. This can create mold, and if you notice this then the Nutella will need to be discarded immediately.

Can You Freeze Nutella?

You can freeze Nutella, but it isn’t recommended. Nutella already lasts a very long time at room temperature, and freezing it will lead to a slightly different consistency once it is thawed. But if you are really set on preserving that jar, it is possible to freeze it. 

Since the jar that Nutella comes in is plastic, you can stick the whole thing in the freezer and not worry about it breaking as it freezes. If you only want to freeze a portion of your Nutella, you can also opt to spoon it into a freezer safe ziploc bag that seals tightly. Either way, it will freeze just fine.

When you defrost your Nutella, it’s best to just put it on the counter. Once it’s all the way thawed, the oil may be separated, and this can result in a runny texture. To fix this, just put the Nutella in a bowl and whisk it vigorously for a few minutes.

This will bring it back together and put more air into the spread, hopefully bringing it back to its original creamy texture.

Final Thoughts

Nutella is a great spread that will stay good for a very long time. Most people won’t ever have a problem with bad Nutella because it’s just too good to keep in the back of your cabinet for more than a couple of months!

However, if you ever find yourself in the situation of wondering if an old jar of Nutella is still safe to eat, hopefully this article has given you some insight and helped you decide whether you will go for it or toss it out.