Does String Cheese Go Bad? – Full Analysis

Does String Cheese Go Bad? – Full Analysis

String cheese is a popular and healthy snack that is made by aligning the cheese proteins, which gives it the stringy classification. 

Does string cheese go bad? Yes, string cheese does go bad. But it is very easy to tell if the cheese has gone bad. There are three very obvious signs to watch to see if the string cheese is no longer safe for consumption. The string cheese will develop mold and they will have a sour smell. Also, if the cheese is exposed to the air for too long, it will begin to crumble and dry. 

As long as the string cheese is stored properly in the fridge before and after the package is opened, it will last for up to four months. But, it needs to pass the smell and taste test if you eat string cheese after it expires. You can still eat string cheese for at least three months after the expiration date.

How Long Does String Cheese Last, and Why?

Like some cheeses, string cheese can last three to four months before it passes its expiration date. It may be unusual for this type of cheese to last so long, even though it is a soft cheese. Soft cheese is known to go bad quickly because it is made with regular acids. On the other hand, hard cheeses last long because they are created with controlled bacteria.

Dairy and dairy products are not known for their long shelf life. So why is it that string cheese, which is almost as soft as mozzarella, lasts as long as it does? It is because of the enzymes that are added to the milk. Also, string cheese is commonly made with pasteurized milk. Enzymes are added to the pasteurized milk so it can turn into cheese. 

Then it is molded into string cheese so it can have the proper taste and looks. The pasteurized milk is milk that is superheated to a high temperature, so it can kill all the bacteria that cause food to rot quickly. 

Since these two ingredients are working together, the string cheese lasts a long time. The combination of enzymes and pasteurized milk is great for their shelf life. Another reason why string cheese lasts so long is that it is vacuum-sealed in individual packages, preventing air from affecting the contents inside. If it somehow makes its way into a string cheese package, it can allow bacteria to affect the cheese and turn it moldy. Excessive amounts of air can also cause the string cheese to turn hard and crumbly. 

How Long Does String Cheese Last? Shelf Life [Chart]

Item Length of time
String cheese, fridge Four months
String cheese, fridge, past expiration Three to four months

Can String Cheese Last Longer than its Expiration Date?

Yes, string cheese can last longer than its expiration date, which is printed somewhere on the package. If the cheese is in an airtight container and is always kept at a stable temperature, then string cheese is likely to last three or four months past its final date. Just be sure to check the taste and the smell every time you eat expired cheese.

How to Know if String Cheese is Turning Sour

Because string cheese is a dairy product, it is relatively easy to know if it has gone bad. There are three main things to look for if you suspect the string cheese in your fridge is not safe to eat.

Smell – Unwrap one of the string cheese sticks and smell it. If it has an old milk smell or a sour smell, then it is no longer safe to eat.

Mold – This sign is obvious, so you don’t have to unwrap a string cheese to see it. If the cheese has small splotches of bluish-green mold forming in different areas, then don’t eat it. And do not try to scrape off the mold of the cheese or eat around it. If a piece of food has even one piece of mold, that means the entire item is already affected by the mold, and it can hurt your stomach if you eat it.

Crumbles – Hard crumbly string cheese happens when the string cheese package is punctured and air plus into the package. If the string cheese is hard, then throw it away. Do not try to rehydrate it by placing it in the microwave.

How to Store String Cheese

The moment you unpack your groceries and lay everything out on your table, you should always place dairy products in the fridge. Dairy products turn bad quickly, so they should take priority. When you bring home string cheese, place it in the refrigerator as soon as possible to preserve its freshness and quality. If your refrigerator has a dairy and meat drawer, place it in that drawer.

When you want to take out a pack of string cheese, do not take out the entire package. Leave the package in the fridge and simply remove one string cheese at a time. This will prevent the string cheese from experiencing fluctuations in its temperature. Keeping the string cheese at a stable temperature will preserve its quality.

Another way to keep your string cheese as fresh as possible is to keep all of the string cheese in the string cheese packets altogether. Do not let them Rumble around inside the drawer. Keeping them all together will prevent their packaging from ripping and tearing and allowing air to get inside.


  • String cheese should always be kept at a stable temperature In the fridge. Do not leave string cheese out on the counter when you first bring it home.
  • When you do one string of cheese, take out one stick at a time. Do not take out the whole package.
  • String cheese lasts about three months until it gets its expiration date.
  • However, if it is properly cared for and kept at a stable temperature, it can last up to four months after its expiration date.
  • There are three signs to watch for if you think your string cheese is bad – mold, hardness and crumbles, and smell
  • String cheese lasts longer than most soft cheeses because it has enzymes to protect Its shelf life.
  • If air gets into a package of string cheese, it will turn the cheese hard and remove all of its moisture.