Does White Claw Expire?

Does White Claw Expire?

White Claw is a malt beverage that comes in different flavors such as tangerine, watermelon, mango, natural lime, ruby grapefruit, and raspberry burst. It is the fourth most famous and among the top 3 popular liquors.

Most people praise it for its quality, authenticity, and refreshing nature. While most people enjoy taking this drink, they often wonder whether it expires or goes bad for storage purposes.

Does White Claw expire? No, White Claw cannot expire if you keep it unopened. The date on the bottle is usually an indication of the time it was produced. This date does not affect the drink even later, although it may lose some of its appeals due to carbonation elimination.

Our piece answers the questions you may be having concerning White Claw. It also helps you learn essential tips on storage and how to read its code. Let’s delve in.

How Do You Read the White Claw Expiration Code?

White Claw does not have a basic date format printed on its surface. Instead, it has an expiration code that can guide you. This code helps you evaluate the freshness of the drink. It shows the year and month of production.

How do you read the White Claw expiration code? Use a magnifying lens/glass if necessary to check and read it under the cap. Some of the letters and numbers may appear too pixilated, so it is vital to protect your eyes from strain. After reading the code, you will need to interpret what it means.

For instance, if the code reads ‘A0119XXXX XX:XX FL’, this means the company brewed your bottle on January 1st 2019. FL stands for the production facility, which in this case is Florida. This code helps you judge the bottling time and how good it can serve you.

Add one year to this date for you to know the expiration time of the drink. In this case, on January 1st 2020, the quality of the beverage would start decreasing.

How Long Can Unopened White Claw Last?

When clearing your pantry, you may encounter a White Claw that has been there for quite some time. Well, you’ve heard and maybe experienced the fact that wine gets better with age, and you are probably wondering whether it is the same with other spirits and beers.

How long can unopened White Claw last? When unopened, White Claw does not go bad. The alcohol in this drink helps to prevent microbial contamination. You can understand this better by considering how alcohol is used for hand wash, to preserve laboratory specimens and its antiseptic effect on wounds. 

Although infinity may be an overstatement, unopened White Claw is said to last for many years without expiring. The only shortcoming is that its color and flavor may start to change after 9 months since the carbon dioxide leaches out via the seal gradually. So, unlike wine, White Claw does not mature.

How Long Does White Claw Last After Opening It?

White Claw has an almost infinite shelf life when closed since it does not contain a lot of sugar (2g per 12 ounces). However, opening it exposes it to oxidation, which impacts its flavor and color.

How long does White Claw last after opening it? Two to four days. Your drink will still be tasting great 4 days after opening it. After this period, its quality will start decreasing.

The seal will be weaker, increasing the oxidation process, which may eventually cause the drink to be flat. At this point, you may not enjoy it.

How Should I Store White Claw?

Storing drinks for yourself is a great idea for easy access. It also allows you to take them anytime when you want. Unlike rushing to the bar every time you want to take some White Claw, storing it is so convenient for you to resist doing so.

Learning the right way of preserving White Claw will save you from the frustration of taking a tasteless drink. It will help you keep its flavor and color, giving you a refreshing experience all the way.

White Claw quality can be affected by temperature changes like any other malt beverage. The one standard rule for malt beverages is that you should not refrigerate them, allow them to get hot, and then refrigerate them again.

White Claw will not go bad if you don’t refrigerate it. If your fridge is full, you can refrigerate one or two and restock when necessary from the dozen pack. According to most consumers, they find it great to drink after refrigeration. Nevertheless, this depends on your preference.

In case you buy this drink when it’s already chilled, it is vital to refrigerate it. When it’s already chilled and you allow it to adjust to room temperature and further try to chill it again; you will alter its flavor and quality.

What Happens If You Drink Expired White Claw?

Most people are concerned about what may happen if they take expired alcohol. Depending on the type of alcohol you take, you may experience diverse effects. Nevertheless, expired White Claw cannot make you sick.

If your White Claw has been open for more than a year, you might only have to bear its duller taste. In worst scenarios, you risk having an intense hangover the following day. You may also get a stomach upset. So, it is best to take your alcohol within the recommended time for a fantastic experience.

Final Thoughts

  • White Claw does not expire when left unopened. However, when you open it, its quality and flavor get altered.
  • White Claw has a batch code that indicates the month and year the company brewed your drink. For example, A0119XXXX XX:XX FL, shows the company produced this drink on January 1st 2020, in Florida.
  • White Claw can last for many years when closed. After opening it, you should take it within 2 to 4 days. Otherwise, you risk getting frustrated by the flat taste.
  • Storing your White Claw determines how much you will enjoy it. If you buy it when chilled, it is essential to refrigerate it so that its flavor and quality remains consistent. Ensure that you do not forget the standard rule for malt beverage: do not refrigerate, then allow it to bounce back to room temperature and chill again.
  • If someone drinks expired alcohol, they may experience an intense hangover the following day or have a stomach upset. However, some may only tolerate the bland taste.