Feta Cheese Brands

If you enjoy feta cheese, you may be wondering what feta cheese brands taste the best. This is a commonly asked question as there are several kinds of feta cheese available, but you may not know which ones to choose.

This is considered to be a specialty cheese, and you probably want to make sure you invest in a good brand. Though many brands offer feta cheese, that does not mean that they are all going to be created equally.

Some brands are going to offer much higher quality and a more authentic taste than others. If this is something that is important to you, you will want to do your research beforehand, so that you know what brands to look for.

Keep reading to find out what feta cheese brand is considered to be the best and what other cheese brands offer good varieties.

Which Is the Best Feta Cheese Brand?

If you are a big fan of feta cheese and want to find the best brand, you may not know where to start. Though Athenos is considered to be the top-selling feta cheese brand in the US and is much loved by many feta cheese customers.

Athenos is widely recognized for providing authentic-tasting feta cheese that has just the right texture and flavor. It offers several different feta cheese varieties that a wide selection of grocery stores carry.

Greek Feta Cheese

This is an easy feta cheese to get your hands on and is considered to be relatively affordable for a specialty cheese. It provides that authentic texture and flavor without costing a lot out of pocket.

It is also considered to be very accessible for people as most normal grocery stores carry at least one or two Athenos options. So you do not have to look far if you want a high-quality feta cheese to pair with your salad or pasta.

Boar’s Head

Many customers might recognize Boar’s Head for its wide variety of deli meat cuts, though it is known for many other products as well. Boar’s Head also sells a variety of cheese options that many customers enjoy.

This is known for being a high-quality brand that only offers the best-tasting products. It offers two different varieties of feta cheese, a creamy feta cheese, and a crumbly feta cheese.

What it lacks for in variety it more than makes up for and quality, as the feta cheese from Boar’s Head is exceptional. Despite the limited amount of options, customers regularly buy these options as they provide the best taste and texture.

So if an authentic taste and texture are important to you in your feta cheese, this is definitely a brand that you should give a try. Especially as it is relatively easy to find in a wide variety of grocery stores.


Dodoni is a highly trusted feta cheese brand that is the top-selling brand in Greece, showing just how authentic it really is. It follows traditional feta cheese-making practices, making this option a truly authentic feta cheese.

Dodoni offers four different varieties of traditional feta cheese that you can choose from. Though it is not the best seller in the US like it is in Greece, it is still a very popular option that many customers reach for.

It is made with 100% pasteurized goat and cow milk, creating the flavor that many customers look for. It has an authentic flavor with a perfect crumbly texture to go with pasta dishes or a Greek salad.


Odyssey is a dedicated feta cheese brand that is owned by Klondike Cheese. It boasts a line of delicious and traditional feta cheese options that are some of the best sellers amongst customers looking for this type of cheese.

In 2022, Odyssey won the World champion cheese contest with its authentic-tasting feta cheese. Showcasing just how delicious this feta cheese option is and how popular it is amongst customers.

This company makes over 120,000 pounds of cheese a day in order to keep up with the demand from customers. It offers seven different kinds of feta cheese, including spiced varieties, seasoned feta cheese, and low-fat options.

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart is a well-known brand that was the creator of a product called veganaise. A vegan mayonnaise that is entirely dairy and egg free, making it ideal for vegans or those who cannot consume dairy products.

Since its original product line, Follow Your Heart has continued to add vegan products to its company. Including vegan cheeses and other sandwich ingredients that have become widely popular as they are released.

It is one of the only vegan brands to offer a vegan feta cheese that is considered to have a very authentic flavor to the original product. It is entirely soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, making it ideal for vegans and those with food allergies.

Many grocery stores and health food stores carry Follow Your Heart products, though they may not all carry the feta cheese option.


Litehouse is a brand best known for its blue cheese dressing that it originally created. It is a brand that encompasses cheese spreads, salad dressings, and other cheese products.

It only carries one option of feta cheese, but this is considered to be a very popular option amongst customers. Litehouse is a hugely respected brand that many people turn to for their dips, spreads, dressings, and cheese products.

Because it is so well known and respected, the majority of grocery stores are going to carry the feta cheese from this brand. And many customers regularly reach for it as they recognize this company and trust its quality.

The one feta cheese option that Litehouse offers is simply artisanal crumbles feta cheese.

Organic Valley

Organic Valley is one of the best-selling organic brands in the US. Aside from its feta cheese option, Organic Valley also sells different cheeses, eggs, milk, and other animal products.

It only offers one type of feta cheese, which is a traditional feta cheese that does not contain any flavorings. Though it is certified organic non-GMO, making it a very healthy option for those looking for a clean feta cheese.

This is also a widely recognized brand, so just about any kind of grocery store is going to carry this feta cheese option.


Valbreso is a French feta cheese brand made from sheep‘s milk. It is considered to be a specialty feta cheese that has its own unique flavor that is very distinct and easy to recognize.

This is a very creamy feta cheese that is considered to be a more artisanal option if you want a unique taste and texture. Though you may not be able to find it at just any grocery store as it is a French brand.

Which Brand of Feta Cheese Is the Best?

If you are looking for the best feta cheese brand, look no further than Athenos feta cheese. This is the top-selling brand of feta cheese in Greece and is made with traditional methods to create the most authentic taste and texture.

Though many other feta cheese brands also have options that you should try out just to see what you like the most. Including brands like Boar’s Head, Odyssey, Litehouse, and Organic Valley.