Five Guys Prices

If you are a fan of Five Guys, you may be wondering what kind of prices you will find at this restaurant. This can be important if you are on a budget but still want to enjoy eating out occasionally as a treat.

This can also help you to figure out which menu items are going to be best for your budget when eating out. Keep reading to find out what Five Guys prices there are and what you expect when you go out to this restaurant.

Five Guys Burger Chain

Five Guys Burgers

Little Bacon Cheeseburger $6.69
Little Bacon Burger $5.99
Little Hamburger $4.99
Little Cheeseburger $5.69
Hamburger $6.99
Cheeseburger $7.69
Bacon Cheeseburger $8.69
Bacon Burger $7.99

Five Guys Sandwiches

Veggie Sandwich $3.69
BLT $5.59
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $4.39
Veggie Sandwich with Cheese $4.39

Five Guys Hot Dogs

Hot Dog $4.69
Bacon Hot Dog $5.69
Cheese Hot Dog $5.39
Bacon and Cheese Hot Dog $6.39

Five Guys Fries

Regular Fries $3.09 to $5.79
Cajun Fries $3.09 to $5.79

Five Guys Drinks

Bottled Water $2.09
Coca Cola $2.39 to $2.69

If you want to eat out and get some of the best burgers and sandwiches, Five Guys is a great place to do that. This restaurant is best known for its burgers and sandwiches, but the many other menu items it has are also great options.

Though the menu may not be extremely large, the menu items on it are exceptional and guaranteed to be delicious. Anyone who enjoys a high-quality burger, sandwich, or hot dog is going to find something that they like on this menu.

It is also relatively affordable when you consider the quality that you are getting and the size of the food that Five Guys offers.

A Five Guys Burger Has Two Patties

You may be wondering how big the patties are on Five Guys burgers. As many people comment on just how large these burgers typically are, giving you a lot of food for your money.

The reason why Five Guys burgers seem so large, is that each burger contains two beef patties. This is typically how they are made, and this is how every burger you order is going to be unless you specifically asked just for one patty.

Together these two beef patties create a half pound of meat for each burger that you order. Which is part of why it may seem as though these burgers are expensive, but you are getting a large amount of protein per burger.

This is a great option if you are very hungry and want to get as much food as you can out of your money. As a Five Guys burgers are very hefty and sure to fill you up for several hours.

Many people also find success in requesting an extra bun with their burgers so that they can divide it into two separate burgers. This is easy to do as they are two individual beef patties and this allows you to feed two people with one burger.

Or if you simply can’t handle that much meat and you are eating alone, you could request that one of the parties be left off. Though you will not get a discount, so you will be paying the full price for less food if you do this.

Five Guys Doesn’t Have Discounts or Specials

Unfortunately for Five Guys fans, Five Guys doesn’t offer any discounts or specials on its menu items. This is quite rare when you compare this restaurant to its competition, but this is how Five Guys has always been.

Five Guys likes to keep things simple and does not confuse things by offering special options on the menu or discounts for menu items. So when you go to this restaurant, the prices you see are the prices that you ultimately get.

This is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a deal since this is not the place to go to get one. Five Guys is not an extremely cheap fast-food restaurant, but you are getting better quality than you would at other places.

So there are plenty of pros and cons to consider if you want to get food at Five Guys, but you are trying to save money. As you are getting better quality and a large amount of food, but you are paying higher prices.

One of the good things about these burgers and sandwiches is that they are large enough that you can often split them to feed two people. This can be ideal if you are not especially hungry and are trying to feed two on a budget.

Five Guys Burgers Are Now Smaller

There has been some concern over the size of Five Guys burgers as customers have noticed that they appear smaller. Unfortunately, this is true, as Five Guys burgers are about a fourth smaller than they originally were.

Five Guys has not commented on why this is but the burgers are definitely smaller than they originally were. They are still quite large but not as large as they were when Five Guys first started to sell their burgers.

Even though the burgers are a bit smaller, you are still getting a significantly larger burger than you would at most fast food places. Other competitors of Five Guys do not offer the size of food that you get at this restaurant, even if the prices are significantly higher.