Florida Fruit Trees

If you are in Florida, you may be wondering about Florida fruit trees and what kind of trees you can find here. Especially if you are interested in planting your own fruit trees and trying to grow them for yourself.

Florida has a widespread reputation for being one of the best producers of all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Though it is most well known for its fruit that is supplied to the rest of the US in abundance and high quality.

Because of this, you may be wondering what Florida fruit trees you can expect to find in this area. As there is a wide variety of fruit trees that are able to grow in the Florida environment and weather.

Keep reading to find out more about the types of fruit trees you will find in Florida and the different varieties that grow there.

Fruit Trees In Florida

If you live in Florida, you may be wondering what kind of fruit trees grow in Florida. You may even want to grow your own fruit trees, so it would be useful to know what kinds of citrus trees or mango trees grow best in Florida.

fruits that grow in florida

Florida is known for its wide variety of produce that it creates and provides for the rest of the US. That is why you will often find different types of fruit being marketed as coming from Florida.

Florida has a great environment that is ideal for growing a wide variety of fruit trees, depending on what you are wanting. It is warm and wet, providing the perfect environment for a wide variety of produce trees.

Some of these fruit trees naturally started growing in Florida, while others were brought to Florida because of the weather. Either way, Florida is one of the main states where you can find success growing a wide variety of fruit trees.

It is also known for its exceptionally high quality of fruit that it produces as well as the variety.

1.   Citrus Trees

Florida is best known for its citrus fruits, which are considered to be some of the highest-quality citruses you will find in stores. Because of this, Florida is known for its wide expanses of citrus trees.

citrus tree

The term citrus tree also expands a wide variety of citrus fruits that are grown in Florida. Florida may be best known for its oranges, but that is not the only kind of citrus tree you will find here.

Florida also provides a perfect environment for tangerine trees, lime trees, lemon trees, grapefruit trees, etc. It is home to any kind of citrus fruit you could imagine, as they all seem to thrive in the Florida environment.

This is why you will see many citrus tree orchards in Florida as well as people who own their own citrus trees on their property.

2.   Banana Trees

Florida is also one of the main producers of bananas in the US, as these tropical fruits thrive in this climate. That is why you will often see large orchards filled with banana trees, the bright yellow fruit hanging from the branches plentifully.

Banana trees

Bananas are actually quite easy to grow and a wide variety of climates as they do not directly require a tropical environment. What they do require is plenty of sunlight, which is something that Florida can easily provide.

Bananas require similar things as citrus trees, making them a great fruit tree that is able to Thrive in Florida. It is also one of the fastest-producing fruit trees, as it could begin producing bananas in as little as nine months.

Though your banana tree needs to be very healthy in order to start producing fruit, otherwise it will not be able to create bananas.

3.   Lychee Trees

Lychee trees are a type of tree that originated in the tropics and was later carried to other areas of the world. Because this is a tropical type of fruit, and thrived in Florida and has continued to produce large quantities of fruit there.

Lychee trees produce small reddish pink berries that can look slightly similar to cherries. But they have a very unique sweet and floral flavor that is going to be unlike any other type of fruit that you try from Florida.

These trees take 3 to 5 years to start producing fruit and require a warm and moist environment to thrive. Making the climate of Florida the perfect option as it is subtropical and provides everything that lychee trees need.

4.   Mango Trees

Florida is also known for the wide variety of mango trees that it produces. Mango trees provide the kind of environment that Florida has, warm and moist for optimal growth and fruit production.

Mango tree

Mangoes are a very popular tropical fruit and are typically sourced from Florida for states all over the US. Mango trees produce a large number of mangoes once fully matured, producing a very plentiful crop once the tree is producing.

5.   Papaya Trees

Papaya fruit is a large fruit that is about the size and the shape of a squash. It has a bright green skin and a vibrant pinkish-orange flash with dark seeds in the center.

This is a tropical kind of fruit that was brought to Florida as Florida has a subtropical environment that is ideal for these kinds of trees. It provides the warmth, humidity, and moisture that papaya trees desperately need to grow properly.

Because of this, Florida is able to produce a large number of papayas every year for the state and other states in the US. As papayas are very popular tropical fruits and are enjoyed on their own or turned into papaya juice.

Papaya trees are also one of the fastest-producing fruit trees that you could grow, as they can start producing fruit within one year. The downside to this is that they start to decrease over a few years and will eventually not produce any fruit at all.

6.   Guava Trees

Florida is also home to all of the varieties of guava trees that are available in the US. These are subtropical trees that were brought to Florida because Florida has a very subtropical environment that is ideal for them.

Guava Tree Plant

You will typically find three different varieties of guava trees in Florida grown in orchards and backyards. These produce sweet and flavorful guava fruit that are mainly sold in Florida but are also shipped to other states in the US.

Guava trees are very plentiful in Florida and thrive in the humid and moist environment that it provides. As Florida has a subtropic environment that you aren’t going to find in many other places.

7.   Ice Cream Bean Trees

You may never have heard of ice cream being trees because they are not extremely common. The majority of these trees are found in Florida in small quantities, as they are not very well known.

These trees have gotten their name because they produce a very long and thin bean that hangs from the tree limbs down to the ground. Large black seeds are inside each being and are covered in a soft white pulp.

The pulp is what you eat and has an ice cream flavor that is very sweet and reminiscent of vanilla. This is a very unique kind of fruit that you may struggle to find and any other place in the US.