49 Foods that Start with F

49 Foods that Start with F

Learning about exciting new foods is an excellent way to discover recipes to try. And in this article, we will provide a list of foods starting with the letter F.

Main drinks, dishes, desserts — the letter F has everything mouth-watering and unforgettable.

Read on and check out new stuff to include in your next grocery list.

The List: 49 Foods that Start with F

1. Fabada

Fabada is a traditional Spanish dish originating from the Asturias region. It’s a combination of pork belly and beans. This protein-heavy Spanish stew is a perfect recipe for meat-lovers, as well as people trying to minimize carbs.

Quick tip: while cooking, be careful in cooking the beans because they need to strike a balance of soft but not too mushy.

2. Fahsa

This Yemeni stew is made from lamb meat with lamb broth and a dip made with fenugreek, also known as hilbah. Usually, this dish is eaten group-style with a big pot placed on the table, and everyone sits around it and dines together. Try Fahsa for your next family gathering and let everyone enjoy a new dish while having quality time together.

3. Fajita

Fajita is a Tex-Mex dish. You can make it using any stripped grilled meat with onions and peppers, and it’s usually served on a tortilla. Common alternatives to the grilled meat component are chicken or simply vegetables. Popular Tex-Mex condiments are added such as guacamole, refried beans, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream, shredded lettuce, and salsa.

4. Falafel

Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish made by mixing chickpeas or fava beans, spices, and fresh herbs. The mixture is then formed into small balls or patties depending on preferences. If you’re in Egypt, falafel can be easily found from street merchants. This is a perfect alternative for a meat-centered dish.

5. Falooda

Falooda is a delicious and cool summer treat to try this year. It’s a cold dessert from West Central Asia made with noodles. It is prepared by mixing vermicelli, rose syrup, jelly, sweet basil seeds, milk, and sometimes topped with ice cream.

6. Farikal

This traditional Norwegian autumn dish is cooked mainly with lamb meat and cabbage. Flatbread and boiled potatoes are usually eaten with farikal. This stew isn’t your ordinary stew: so well loved that a festival is dedicated just to honor fariskal. Every fourth Thursday in September, Norwegians celebrate Farikalens Festag or Farikal Feast Day.

7. Farinheira

Farinheira is a smoked sausage from Portugal. It is mostly made from pork fat, wheat flour, and lively seasonings. It’s commonly eaten on its own, fried, or roasted, but it’s also served as main ingredients in traditional Portuguese dishes like cozido à portuguesa and feijoada. It may look like chorizo, but the taste isn’t meaty at all – it’s delicious, doughy, and tangy.

8. Fattoush

Fattoush is basically a fried bread salad. It is prepared with pieces of flavorful fried pita bread, vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, green onions, green peppers, and parsley. The mixture of different vegetables gives it a variety of colors, so it’s not only tasty, but pretty and colorful to look at

9. Fava Dip

One odd thing about fava dip is that it’s not made from fava beans. Actually, fava dip is made from yellow split peas! Preparing fava dip is very simple: Cook the split peas in five cups of water, then add scallion, garlic, and red onions. When it’s ready, use a blender to mash everything together. The mixture thickens as it cools. Enjoy it with crispy bread or vegetables.

10. Feijoada

This Brazilian stew is cooked with black beans brewed with an array of salted and smoked meat products, like carne-seca and pork spareribs. If you want a more traditional and cheaper alternative, you can use pig ears, tails, and feet. Feijoada is eaten with rice and different types of sausages such as farinheira, chourico, morcella, and many others.

11. Fenalår

Another entry from Norway is fenalår. It’s made of salted and dried leg of lamb. Curing time of the meat is usually about three months, but it can be extended for a year or more. The finished cured meat normally looks dark red or brown in color.

A high quality fenalår feels smooth and tender when sliced. It is commonly served with porridge, potato salad, and scrambled eggs.

12. Feni

Feni is a liquor produced in India. Traditional types of feni are Coconut feni and Cashew Feni, and you may find other varieties depending on the main ingredient. Feni is a versatile drink – drink it on the rocks, mix it with juice, or mix it with different cocktails. Sugar syrup is one of the most popular additions to it. Feni can also be used to marinate meat.

13. Fennel

Fennel is a flowering plant from the carrot family. This short-lived herb has yellow flowers and plumy leaves. It is originally found on Mediterranean shores, but can now be found internationally. Fennel is flavorful and has a bit similarity with anise in terms of taste. It is widely used in different dishes, but it’s one of the main ingredients of absinthe.

14. Feta

This popular brined curd white cheese from Greece is made from milk from sheep or a mixture of milk from goat and sheep. It’s very compact with no holes and no skin, but still very soft. Feta has a slight texture and is a bit crumbly. It is notably used in Greek pastries, salads, and dishes like spanakopita and tiropita.

On a regular day, you can also include it in sandwiches and omelets.

15. Fettuccine

This famous Italian-type of pasta has the shape of long and flat ribbons. One of the most popular dishes using fettuccine is fettuccine alfredo which is made with alfredo sauce. Since fettuccine has thick pasta strands, it is best to serve it with meat-based sauce and thin slices of vegetables or meat so it’s easier to bite.

16. Fiambre

This traditional Guatemalan dish is especially served during Day of the Dead and All Saints’ Day. Fiambre is served chilled and said to be the mother of all salads, because it is made with a variety of vegetables, cheeses, meats, cheeses and many pickled flavors. During holidays, families gather together and enjoy this traditional dish.

17. Fideua

Fideua has a resemblance to paella, but it is made with very short pasta called “fideos.” The pasta is cooked on a base made from a mixture of tomato sauce and fish stock, absorbing all of the flavors and then added with different seafoods. It’s a comfort food perfect for cold weather, but is equally nice on a hot day.

18. Figs

Figs are edible fruit from a small tree called Ficus carica. They can be eaten fresh or dried and are a good source of fiber. Figs are versatile fruits that we can use to make breakfast dishes and desserts. Because they are in season during summer, mix them in salads with another summer fruit like watermelon and the vegetable endive.

19. Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is considered as the king of all steaks – both because of its expensive price and its melt-in-your-mouth tender texture. Because this cut can be very pricey in restaurants, you choose to make it at home when you buy a whole tenderloin.

There are multiple ways of cooking filet mignon, it can be cooked by grilling, roasting, and even pan-frying.

20. Filo Pastry

Filo, also spelled as phyllo, is a kind of dough used in making pastries like borek and baklava. It is made very thin like sheets are layered with butter or oil and then baked. Because filo sheets are very thin, much effort is required making them and preventing them from sticking to one another.

But don’t worry: If you want to try making it yourself, there are ready-made frozen sheets sold in grocery stores

21. Fiorentina

This Florentine steak is made mainly with five ingredients: Porterhouse steak, fresh sage, fresh rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and Kosher salt to taste. The steak is traditionally harvested from Chianina cattle which are highly recognized for its tasty meat. Typically, fiorentina is served “rare,” but you can certainly ask for “medium”.

22. Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers are golden and crunchy appetizers you can easily make at home. They’re typically made with breaded white fish coated in breadcrumbs. Instead of frying, you can bake them in the oven. They will come out crispy outside, but super tender on the inside. Tartar sauce is one of the most popular dips for fish fingers

23. Fish Pie

This popular British food is one very cheap, but very delicious and easy to make dish. You can use any fish available – the fish is then mixed with fish stock, cooked leeks, milk, and parsley. A layer of mashed potatoes is spread on the top and then baked until it becomes golden brown. You can also sprinkle grated cheese for additional taste.

24. Fizzy Water

Fizzy water, also called carbonated water or sparkling water, is a refreshing alternative to soft drinks. This water produces bubbles that can trigger a playful, prickly sensation to the mouth like regular soft drinks. However, unlike other beverages, it doesn’t make the body more acidic. Sugary drinks can affect teeth negatively, but fizzy water is pretty harmless.

25. Flaki

This traditional Polish soup is made with shredded strips from an animal’s stomach, typically a cow. Other ingredients also include carrots, tomatoes, bay leaves, parsley root, and sometimes bacon or chicken. Since flaki is made with chunky ingredients, other people consider this as a stew.

If you don’t like eating the stomach of a pig or cow, you can use strips of chicken as a replacement to make flaki.

26. Flamiche

Originally from the Picardy region in France, flamiche is a pastry tart or pie filled with leeks, butter, and crème fraîche or milk. Typically, they serve it along with green salad and fried potatoes and accompanied by wine. Most people would eat it cold, but, ideally, it’s best served hot.

27. Flapjack

Flapjacks are prepared with a mixture of oats, butter, sugar, and syrup. The mixture is then put on a tray and baked in the oven. Flapjacks are very rich in taste, sweet, and chewy, usually served with maple syrup or berries on top.

28. Flatwoods Plum

These round and purple plums typically grow in the wild. They taste bitter on the first bite, but the bitterness gradually fades and the sweetness will emerge. That is why flatwoods plums are also excellent ingredients in making jams and jellies.

29. Flavoring

You may see the word ‘flavoring’ in the list of ingredients to many dishes. That’s because flavoring is any substance added to food to intensify its taste and zest. It can come from any form –from liquid extracts to powder, essences, and others.

30. Flaxseed

This amazing food is found in many things we consume today such as waffles, crackers, oatmeal, and many more. Flaxseed is packed with essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. It is also used in feeding chickens to give them the nourishment they need. Flaxseed makes your home-made delicacies more delicious and healthier.

31. Florentines

Florentines are thin and crispy cookies whose base is made from a mixture of almonds or hazelnuts, cherries, cream, and melted butter. These irresistibly delicious cookies are crispy on the outside, but have an extremely chewy and buttery texture. They can be dipped or drizzled with honey or melted chocolate.

32. Flounder

Flounder is a type of fish commonly found in deep parts of the oceans. Aside from it’s extremely delicious, it has nutritional benefits too. It has a delicate, flaky texture with a mild taste and a sweet undertone. There are many ways to cook flounder: You can fry, bake, or include it in stew. One interesting way to prepare it is by adding it to creamy pesto pasta.

33. Flying Jacob

The name of Flying Jacob was derived from the man who invented it – Ove Jacobsson, who used to work in the air freight field. This Swedish dish is made from chicken, bacon, bananas, cream, roasted peanuts, and chili sauce. The mixture is baked in an oven and best served with rice or salad.

Flying Jacob isn’t your ordinary casserole: The fusion of bananas and creamy chicken will definitely melt in your mouth.

34. Focaccia

Focaccia is flat oven-baked bread originating from Italy. The dough is similar to pizza dough, but it tastes sweet or sometimes savory. It’s sometimes called “pizza bianca”. Focaccia varies in shape depending on preference, and it can be round, square, or rectangular. This Italian flatbread can be served as bread for sandwiches or as a side dish.

35. Fondue

Fondue is a cheese-lover’s dream come true. There are several versions of fondue, but it generally refers to a dish composed of melted cheese mixed with wine like brandy or cognac. Typically, it is served in a ceramic pot warmed from below to keep the cheese melted. It can be used as a dipping served with pieces of bread on long forks

36. Fozelek

This thick vegetable soup or stew is from Hungary and made with various vegetables boiled together. It is considered as a comfort food and a light meal option. Because it is composed of different kinds of vegetables, it has many variations. Fozelek is a good complimentary dish to meat dishes, and it can also produce positive effects on one’s metabolism.

37. Frangipane

Frangipane is a sweet custard flavored with ground almonds, sugar, butter, and eggs. It can be used as filling in delicacies like cakes, as well as pastries such as conversion tart or Bakewell tart. Frangipane has a nutty, but soft, velvety texture. It should never be eaten raw, because the eggs mixed in it are uncooked.

38. Frappe

This popular iced beverage is made by shaking, beating, or blending ingredients to produce a foamy and tasty drink. There is no single typical recipe for it, but it is commonly made with coffee or fruit juices. You can have it anytime of the day at home or in your favorite coffee shop.

39. French Fries

French fries are popular fast food all over the world. They are prepared by slicing potatoes into strips and frying them in a deep-fryer. Another option is baking them to reduce the amount of oil used. They should come out crispy and can be eaten commonly as snacks or side dishes.

To add flavor, you can sprinkle them with salt and dip in ketchup, mayonnaise, and other kinds of sauces.

40. French Toast

French toast is a dish commonly eaten during breakfast time. It is composed of sliced bread drenched in a blend of beaten eggs and milk, and then fried in a stovetop pan or baked in an oven.

41. Fricassée

This stew is typically made with chicken, but you can use other meat depending on your preference. Fricassée is made by browning the pieces of meat or chicken in butter, and then braising them in thick and creamy mushroom sauce. It’s quick to cook–usually taking just 30 minutes simmering on the stove.

For plating, separate the sauce to chicken and then pour and sprinkle with parsley.

42. Fried Rice

Fried rice is a quick breakfast dish that is not only satisfying, but a perfect way to not to waste leftover rice. A simple way of cooking it is by first melting butter on a pan – you can also use oil, but butter will add flavor to the plain rice. Next, mix in your favorite add-ons like vegetables, egg, leftover meat, or anything else you like.

43. Frittata

This Italian dish is what others consider an open-faced omelet. It’s a mixture of eggs and dairy that emphasizes the other ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and cheese. Frittata is a perfect dish to be eaten any time of day. Dishes that complement frittata are hash browns, toasted bread, green salads, or Swiss Chard.

44. Frog Eye Salad

No, it doesn’t include frog eyes or any part of frogs! Frog Eye salad is a kind of pasta made with acini de pepe pasta that is tiny and could resemble a frog’s eyes. This creamy pasta salad is filled with whipped cream, pineapple, pineapple custard, oranges, and topped with coconut or marshmallows. This dish is served cold so it’s a perfect summer treat or dessert.

45. Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake is a baked treat that is extremely tasty as a dessert and a great present during the holiday season. This cake is a thick-but moist cake filled with different kinds of nuts and dried fruits blended with liquor. The texture varies from airy and fluffy to rich and thick.

The top is sometimes glazed orange marmalade or coated with fondant or buttercream. Other variations are alcohol-free, so kids can enjoy this too.

46. Fruit Salad

Living up to its name, fruit salad is a dessert filled with different fruits of your choice. But some common ingredients include pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew melon, kiwifruit, and grapes. You may also add nuts and yogurt. One style of fruit salad called Waldorf-style also uses mayonnaise as the base.

47. Full Breakfast

What is referred to as full breakfast is a traditional English-style breakfast – composed of fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, sausage, toast, and grilled tomatoes baked, complemented with tea or coffee. This type of meal is what “eat like a king” literally and figuratively means. So, if you’re a person with a big appetite, it’s time to try this English meal.

48. Fun Guo

Fun Guo is a type of Chinese pork dumplings. It has translucent dough skin, and there is no definite shape or form for it. It’s filled with pork, shiitake mushrooms, and other ingredients for extra flavor. Fun Guo is steamed or pan-fried in oil. It is also allergy friendly since the recipe is free from dairy, nuts, and eggs. Don’t forget classic Chinese sauce for dipping!

49. Fuqi Feipian

This Chinese dish is best served cold. It is made of thinly sliced meat, such as beef. Some versions include internal organs such as beef tongue, heart, and tripe. Being an original Sichuan dish, it includes Sichuan pepper and should be spicy. Fuqi feipian is perfect for you if you have an appetite for spicy and mouth-numbing dishes.