35 Foods that Start with H

35 Foods that Start with H

Did you know that some of the most interesting foods started with H? From Hamburger to Hotpot, from Halwa to Hakka Noodles. The list of food starting with “H” is not only long but also extremely flavorful.

Here is a list of some infamous dishes, veggies, and fruits that start with the letter “H”.

The List: 35 Foods that Start with H

1. Habanero

If you like spicy food, then you must have heard of the habanero pepper – known as one of the spiciest peppers in the world. The distinct smoky, citrus flavor makes it a hot favorite for many sauces and powders.

Habanero has originated from Cuba, and it is still widely popular in Mexican cuisine. The famous pepper is usually sautéed, grilled, or roasted. If you plan on adding habanero to your recipe, make sure that you do so sparingly. Also, always wear gloves while handling hot peppers like Habanero to avoid the burning sensation it can leave on your skin or in your eyes!

2. Haddock

Haddock is a famous fish species which is commonly found in the European and North American coasts. The fish has a white underside, a black stripe on its back, and is usually 3 to 6 feet long. Like codfish, haddock is commonly found in various forms of food including the famous fish and chips, fish pies, and tacos.

In terms of the taste, the fish is similar to cod and in some parts is even called scrod to distinguish from it. Haddock are ideal for frying as they are thin and easily cook through.

3. Hackberry

The hackberry is also commonly known as the sugar berry – it’s a sweet fruit traditionally used to infuse many medicines as well as food items. The bark of the hackberry tree is used for many purposes, including regulating the menstrual cycle and helping with sore throat and cold. Hackberries are also mashed with corn and fat to make a porridge-like dish.

4. Hakka Noodles

Hakka Noodles is a famous dish that is an amalgamation of two cultures: Chinese and Indian. Almost two centuries ago the Chinese came to India, and with them they brought their own flavors and cuisine. Not long after, the fusion of Chinese Noodles and Indian spices took place.

Indian-Chinese food has its own distinct flavor with lip-smacking flavors and spices. Hakka Noodles are boiled and then stir-fried with different vegetables, spices, and meat.

5. Haggis

Haggis is the national dish of Scotland and is classified as a type of pudding. It’s famous for looking unappealing, but has an amazing taste. It has a rich history, and the ingredients include the minced heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep, as well as oatmeal, sautéed onions, and other spices.

Its taste is similar to that of a sausage, with a coarse taste and peppery flavor. The dish is commonly served with mashed potatoes or turnips. If you’re looking for an adventurous addition to your food discoveries, then haggis is the delicacy you have to try!

6. Hala Fruit

Hala fruit is commonly found in tropical regions including Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and Florida. The flavor of a hala fruit seems to be a tropical combination of both mango and pineapple, with hints of banana flavor undertone. The aroma of the fruit is floral, which is usually enjoyed by people.

Its skin is tough and not edible, whereas the inside contains an orange pulp, which is tough but edible and rich in fiber. It contains a red seed, which can also be eaten. It can be sometimes a bit tough to enjoy as the access to its pulpy flesh is not easy, but its flavor appeals to a wide audience.

7. Ham

Ham is the rear part of a hog’s leg prepared either by the process of cooking or preserving, which includes curing the meat with salt. The credit for curing a pig’s hind leg for the first time goes to China. It gained popularity in Europe and Rome, and later has become a pantry essential, and also often used for special occasions such as holiday celebrations.

There are many types of ham including cured, uncured, smoked, and shank.

The taste of ham primarily depends on the method that is used to prepare it, however, it’s delicious denseness remains no matter how you cook it

8. Haneeth

Haneeth is a dish native to Yemen and is also popular in Arabia. The dish mainly contains slow roasted lamb cooked to perfection, where the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. The secret to a good haneeth is its marination–the meat is left overnight to soak in spices

9. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a dish that originated in the south coast of China. It’s a dish that is famously based on the Hainanese delicacy called the Wenchang Chicken, made with the meat of free-roaming chicken fed a specific diet including peanuts, bran, and coconut.

Hainanese Chicken usually consists of chicken strips that have been poached, rice cooked in fresh chicken stock, and chili – all served with different dipping sauces. As the popularity of the dish grew, different variations developed. Some of the most famous forms found in Malaysia include roasted chicken, rice balls, and bean sprouts.

10. Halabos

Halabos is a simple way of preparing shrimp, that originated from the Philippines. By definition, halabos means something that is cooked in salt and water. In halabos, head-on shrimps or prawns are cooked in salted, boiling water until they change color to reddish orange, and are then seasoned with salt. This ensures that the shrimp don’t dry out and remain packed with juicy goodness.

People have added a unique twist to the dish where they use sprite or 7-up instead of water to add a sweet touch to the shrimp.

11. Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi is a type of cheese that’s an alternative to typical cow’s milk cheese. Halloumi is prepared using a combination of goat and sheep milk, and it’s ideal for grilling as it maintains its shape and doesn’t melt under heat.

If tried raw, the cheese can be brittle and salty in taste. However, it tastes best when grilled as the halloumi becomes crispy on the outside with a melted, creamy taste on the inside.

Halloumi cheese can be used in different forms–thinly sliced halloumi is used in salads, and even sandwiches. Traditionally, it can also be served with watermelon.

12. Halwa

The name “halwa” is derived from the Arabic word “hulv” which means sweet. If you are familiar with Indian cuisine, then halwa definitely brings the memory of a sweet, rich dessert in your mind. There are different variants of halwa and can be found in any good Indian or Pakistani restaurant.

For example, Sooji Halwa is prepared using semolina and is the most common yet inexpensive form of halwa that has a minimum preparation time. It is often found during festive occasions as well as in Hindu temples.

Gajar Halwa is prepared using carrots and is made in winter. The ingredients include milk, khoya, grated carrots, sugar, and ghee. This winter sweet dish can be prepared in 60 minutes and adds color and flavor to the table. Other variations include Moong Dal Halwa, Badam Ka Halwa, and Louki Ka Halwa.

13. Hamburg Parsley

Hamburg parsley, also known as the hamburg rooted parsley, comes from Germany. It’s popular as a “suppengrun,” which means soup green, in Germany and neighboring countries. Hamburg parsley is typically used to add flavor to soups and garnish in different types of salads.

The vegetable contains vitamin C and is rich in iron and sodium. The greens are commonly used through the fall, spring, and summer seasons in Europe.

14. Hamburger

Hamburgers remain one of the most popular foods in America. The origin of the hamburger remains unknown; however, the ground beef patty was brought into the States by German immigrants.

Traditionally, hamburgers are eaten in the form of a sandwich and can be found anywhere from a backyard BBQ to a fine dining restaurant. The base of the hamburger is a beef patty on a bun. The beef is usually ground with spices and onions before being formed in a round patty and cooked.

After that, you can add condiments like pickles and onions, and sauces such as mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup.

15. Hangtown Fry

Hangtown fry is possibly the first truly Californian dish. According to the legend, it was created at the spur of the moment for a miner that had recently struck the riches. The cook is said to have tossed in all the expensive available ingredients together and presented the boasting miner with the most lavish dish available on the menu.

It is an omelet that contains breaded oysters, and bacon. At the time the dish was originated, hangtown fry became a sign of prosperity as it was the most expensive available dish. The dish with its popularity soon traveled to the West and East Coast. Hangtown fry remains the official dish of Placerville and the county of El Dorado.

16. Hangikjot

Hangikjot is a lamb dish that was invented by the Icelanders in times when wood is scarce for making fires. It is not a dish that’s typically part of the weekly menu due to the cooking method.

Distinguishing it from other lamb dishes is the fact that it is cooked over a fire fueled by lamb or sheep dung. The dish is prepared by dry salting a shoulder or leg cut of the animal, which is then slowly roasted over a fire until it gets an ashen, savory flavor. The traditional dish is a Christmas special, enjoyed with a side of potatoes, cream sauce, and peas.

17. Hawaiian Pizza

Are you someone who enjoys pineapple on your pizza, along with the usual Parmesan and mozzarella? The pizza, contrary to its name, was not created in Hawaii! It was first introduced in Canada by a Greek immigrant who added ham and pineapple to top their pizza.

So, are you pro or against pineapple pizza?

18. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are healthy nuts and packed with nutrients that are lesser known than almonds or walnuts.

They can easily be added to any dish or baked goods and typically eaten with the skin on. If added to your diet, they can provide several health benefits: hazelnuts decrease the blood fat, which in return helps maintain blood pressure and improve sugar levels.

19. Hash Browns

Hash browns by definition are fried potatoes made by dicing, shredding, or boiling the potatoes before frying them until they’re a crispy golden brown. They’re a popular dish in the US, but there are several similar variations all across the globe.

A good hash brown is crispy, and is salty on the outside, while leaving a soft center.

20. Hayashi Rice

Have you heard about Japanese Hayashi rice, also known as the hashed beef rice? The dish consists of stewed beef with onions and mushrooms, sautéed in a glaze sauce and served with fresh rice. The star of the dish is the demi-glaze of thick beef stock and can be either made from scratch or purchased pre-made.

This flavorsome dish belongs to a Japanese subset of cuisine called “yoshuko,” which refers to the dishes which are mainly inspired by the west.

21. Heart of Palm

Heart of palm, as the name suggests, is the very core or heart of a palm tree. This unique vegetable is rich in antioxidants and packed with nutrients.

It’s popular as an addition to salads. However, it can also be used as a substitute for meat in vegan recipes – so heart of palm is super versatile.

22. Helzel

Helzel is an Ashkenazi Jewish dish, which holds a unique place in the Jewish cuisine. Like a stuffed sausage, by definition, it is the skin of poultry that is filled with flour and fat. To prepare helzel, chicken and goose necks are used. However, the same recipe can be replicated with other poultry as well, including turkey and duck.

The stuffing in the helzel can also be flavored with black pepper and garlic. Once the helzel is prepared, it is cooked in chicken stock or even as an ingredient for cholent. This Jewish comfort food is usually served during holiday meals, such as Shabbat.

23. Herring

Herring is a fish that is a staple food in many cultures. It can be prepared in different ways– in the Netherlands, the fish is eaten raw with onions. In the Philippines, it’s dried with fresh garlic with a side of rice and eggs for breakfast.

In Sweden, herring is fermented, and then often used for sandwiches and in toppings, including on top of mashed potatoes. Herring is known as the healthy fish as it is rich in vitamin D.

24. Himbabao Flowers

Himbabao, also known as Birch flower, comes from a medium-sized tree and is rich in vitamins and fiber. The flowers are small and can usually be found on a thin, long branch. Most commonly, himbabao flowers are used to season meat and dishes made from pork or black beans.

25. Honey

Honey, as we all must be aware, is made by bees. This sweet, golden, and thick liquid is stored in honeycombs as the bees collect nectar from different flowers and plants and convert it into honey.

Honey is as old as history and is even mentioned in the times of Babylon. It’s an all-natural and organic alternative to sugar and has indefinite shelf life. Use honey in your baking and even in your beverages to enjoy a sweet treat while saving yourself from artificial sweeteners.

26. Honey Berry

The honey berry is a fruit that is similar to blueberry and can easily survive lower temperatures. The flavor of honey berry is mysterious, as it remains a combination of blueberries and cherry.

These berries have very thin skin and are juicy, which melt in your mouth. Honey berries are healthy and can be eaten fresh or frozen–they can also be used in your favorite blueberry recipes.

27. Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon was considered to be a royal dish by the Egyptians due to its sweet and juicy flavor. In Europe, the melons were grown in glasshouses so that the ideal temperature could be maintained.

There are two types of honeydew melons, the white honeydew melon has white skin and pale green flesh inside. Whereas yellow honeydew melons have golden skin. Of all the varieties of melons, honeydew melon is considered to be the sweetest.

28. Horseradish

Horseradish is a root vegetable, used both as a condiment and in salads. It has a spicy flavor and is served with steaks and sandwiches, and is used in sauces to add a spicy touch to the flavor.

This root vegetable not only adds flavor, but also has several medicinal benefits: it is packed with many nutrients including dietary fiber, calcium, and magnesium etc.

29. Horchata

Horchata is a dairy-free drink that originated in Spain. This cold beverage is milky and is made of rice, sugar, water, and spices. It’s made with nuts, grains, and spices that are soaked overnight to strengthen the flavor. The drink later traveled to America and became the famous Mexican rice horchata.

30. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is loved by kids and adults alike. It tickles your taste buds, and the rich, velvety sip leaves you wanting for more. It has become an essential for all cold winter nights, and is widely popular all over the world.

The origin of hot chocolate is also intensely debated on: the ancient Mayans used cocoa beans to make hot chocolate. The original recipe included additions of vanilla beans and chili to reduce the bitterness of the cocoa beans.

However, once the Europeans discovered this beverage, they added sugarcane to the drink. Soon, the royalties of Europe developed a sweet tooth for this chocolaty drink, and it became a luxury food for the novelties.

With time, this drink has experienced different variations and additions – marshmallows being a popular one. How do you like your hot chocolate?

31. Hot Dog

One of the all-time favorite American foods is the hot dog. This easy-to-find street food is usually enjoyed as a fun summer meal. A hot dog usually consists of a cooked sausage made with the combination of beef and pork or only beef. Hot dogs are served in soft fluffy buns and adorned with seasoning including salt, pepper, mustard, relish, onions, and ketchup.

32. Hotcakes

Hotcakes essentially are a type of pancakes – many argue that they are the same as pancakes. The difference is that they are thicker, and “hotcakes” is a term that is generally used for cakes that are cooked from both sides over a griddle. They are usually sweet, but have several varieties such as potato, butter, and salty.

33. Hotpot

Hotpot is a dish that has recently gained a lot of popularity. This common method of cooking is interactive and includes cooking in a hot simmering pot which is filled with broth. You can make it as you prefer by cooking noodles, vegetables, meat, and tofu in the pot.

Hotpot is not just food, but a way of spending time with friends and family over a hearty meal. The dish is popular in China, and its variations have extended to different parts of Asia. One of the popular hotpot variations is the Mongolian Hot Pot, which is primarily made of mutton and was introduced by soldiers who ate it to gather warmth and sustenance.

Next time you decide to dine out with friends, try the hotpot, and its amazing flavors.

34. Huli Huli Chicken

This sweet and tangy chicken is a family-oriented recipe that originated from the tropical islands of Hawaii. Huli literally means “turn,” and it references how the marinated chicken is rotated on a spit over a fire to thicken the glaze and add a smokey flavor.

The huli huli sweet and tangy sauce is not limited to chicken and can also be used on beef or pork to give the meat a sweet and tender flavor. The predominant flavors used in the huli huli sauce include a dynamic combination of pineapple and sherry vinegar.

35. Hummus

Hummus is a creamy spread, which is prepared from mashed chickpeas. This is a popular dip that originated in the Middle East. Hummus is made using chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and garlic. All of these ingredients are superfoods and extremely healthy.

Almost all variations of hummus are vegan and can be used as dip or a sandwich spread. Even though there are many prepackaged versions of hummus available at almost all grocery stores, hummus at home is fairly easy and can be stored for time in the fridge easily.