Frank’s Redhot Hot Sauce

If you like to have hot sauce around, you may be wondering what is special about Frank’s Redhot hot sauce. This is a popular brand of condiment that is known for its selection of specialty hot sauce options.

Unlike larger condiment brands, Frank’s has a minimal list of condiment options that you can choose from. These are simple and straightforward, giving you the real flavor of the ingredients that they are made with.

It has a selection of hot sauces that you can buy if you enjoy a little kick of heat with your food. With different options at various degrees of heat so that you can choose the heat level that you prefer.

Keep reading to find out more about Frank’s Redhot hot sauce and how it ranks on the Scoville scale.

Review of Frank’s Redhot Hot Sauce

If you enjoy different types of hot sauce, you may have heard of Frank’s Redhot hot sauce as well. This is a brand that offers a wide variety of condiment options, mostly being known for its hot sauce varieties that you can buy.

This is a bright red hot sauce that is made with Cayenne peppers. The bulk of the sauce is made with a variety of aged cayenne peppers for the best flavor and level of spiciness.


For the most part, Frank’s Redhot hot sauce is not going to be extremely spicy like some hot sauces. This is a very mild sauce that is going to be perfect for those who do not necessarily want something that is overwhelmingly spicy.

So this may not be the best option for those who are really looking for a hot sauce that brings the heat. But this hot sauce is a great option for those who like mild hot sauces and like a good flavor in their hot sauce.

One of the best parts about Frank’s Redhot hot sauce is that it is very minimal in ingredients. Because of this, you get to experience the real flavor of this hot sauce without a bunch of fillers.

Frank’s Redhot Hot Sauce Scoville Scale

If you are interested in trying this hot sauce option, you may be wondering just how hot it really is. The best way to do this is to rate it on the Scoville scale, which measures the heat of different hot peppers.

This is a great way to find out just how hot something is before you buy it and taste it for yourself. This is important whether you are a heat lover or have a sensitivity to extremely hot, hot sauces.

The Frank’s Redhot hot sauce is considered to be a very mild hot sauce option. It is not going to be overwhelmingly hard as it has a 450 SHU Scoville rating.

So based off of this rating, this hot sauce is going to be very mild and not overwhelmingly spicy. So if you are not necessarily looking for something extremely spicy, this might be the best option for you.

This hot sauce is most notable for its bold and delicious flavor rather than its extreme heat. So you can use it to add a great deal of flavor to your food as well as a kick of heat at the end.

Frank’s Redhot Hot Sauce Ingredients

Now let you know a little bit more about Frank’s Redhot hot sauce, you may be wondering what is in this hot sauce. I’ll kinds of hot sauce contain different kinds of ingredients, so this is an interesting question to ask.

What are the best things about Frank’s is that this brand keeps things simple and minimal with its ingredients. This allows the main ingredients in each sauce to really shine through and become the star of the show.

This also means that this hot sauce is going to be a bit healthier since it isn’t filled with a bunch of fillers and additives. It is a cleaner option that you can choose over other brands that have a lot more added ingredients.

Cayenne Peppers

The main star of the show when it comes to Frank’s Redhot hot sauce is a variety of aged cayenne peppers. Cayenne peppers are quite flavorful and have a vibrant and pungent flavor that is often overlooked.

These make up the bulk of this hot sauce, allowing them to really shine through and reveal their flavor. Because they are age, this also intensifies the flavor and helps that peppery goodness to really shine through.


Like most hot sauce brands, Frank’s also uses distilled vinegar to help bring some acidity to its hot sauce. This really helps to balance the flavor and spice from the cayenne peppers, giving it a well-rounded flavor.

The vinegar, in combination with added water, also helps to thin out this hot sauce to a pourable consistency. Otherwise, it would be far too thick and difficult to use on a variety of dishes.


Salt is a key ingredient in this hot sauce and helps to bring that savory element. A lot of hot peppers have a slight sweetness to them that can become overwhelming in a hot sauce.

Salt helps to balance the flavors and enhance that savory aspect to create a balanced hot sauce that can go on just about anything.

Garlic Powder

The only other flavor element in this hot sauce is garlic powder, which helps to bring a garlic flavor. This complements the aged cayenne peppers perfectly and gives it another savory aspect.

The good thing is that the garlic powder is not overwhelming like the garlic and some other types of hot sauces are.