Can You Freeze Brownie Batter?

Can You Freeze Brownie Batter?

Brownies are small bundles of tastiness. Brownies are cakes, but the addition of chocolate and some other ingredients give you something other than the plain taste of the cake.

The smell and taste of freshly baked brownies should be enough to set your day on a good track. It could be enjoyed with a cup of tea or espresso in the form of a light breakfast. But, the processes that go into making your brownies could be lengthy and stressful. So how can you preserve brownie batter so you could have some fresh chocolatey goodness on the go?

Can you freeze Brownie Batter? Yes, you can. Brownie batter can be frozen and kept safe to eat for 12 to 18 months. Unbaked cake batter freezes very well because it contains freezer-friendly ingredients. Brownie batter can be frozen, thawed, and baked to give you the feel of freshly baked brownies.

Brownie batter freezes well, there is no doubt about that. But, how do you go about it? It is pretty easy, doesn’t require lengthy or stressful steps, and can be frozen in several ways that suit your convenience.

How to Freeze Brownie Batter

If you want to make your brownie batter ahead of time and freeze them till when you would need to use them, you can use any mode of storage to keep them frozen. But, you need to take proper measures to keep the batter from going rancid.

Step 1: Portion and Pre-Freeze the Brownie Batter

Once you have prepared your batter, you do not need any special preparation or skills. You can portion the batter, or cut it into your desired baking shape. This would make eating the brownies after thawing easier and faster. 

When you divide the batter into portions, you don’t have to thaw the whole pack before you can eat them. You can rather pick portions that can finish at one go and work with that.

Get a baking sheet and line it with cling film or a silicone baking mat. Place the portioned batter individually on the sheet and place the tray into the freezer till it freezes solid. 

For the management of freezer space, you can shape the better as flat rectangular shapes. This would make it easier to arrange it in the freezer after pre-freezing.

Step 2: Storage

The next step in how to freeze your brownie batter is how you store them before you freeze them. You can use Ziploc freezer bags to store your brownie batter and double bag them to reduce the chances of exposure to air.

Place the frozen batter into your airtight freezer bags and press the bags flat to expel as much air as you can before you seal them. The presence of air in your brownie batter can result in freezer burn or cause your flour to go rancid.

Brownie batter can be kept for up to 18 months in the freezer. That’s a long time and you need to do enough to keep the batter aways from the harsh and cold freezer air.

Step 3: Freezing

Once you have your brownie batter sealed and well packed, label the bags with a sharpie, stating the contents of the bag, and the date of the freeze. 

Your brownie batter could have its shelf life elongated to immense proportions so you could easily forget that it is in there. Labeling would help you keep track of how long you have had it stored in case you lose sight of it.

Freezing Brownie Batter into Disposable Pans

Freezing brownie batter into disposable pans is a great idea. In this manner, you can bake the batter without having to thaw so you can shape it into your desired shape. 

If you would be storing your brownie batter in a disposable pan, wrap it in aluminum foil to help keep it safe from freezer burn. 

How to Defrost Brownie Batter

The secret to successfully thawing frozen brownie batter is to let it thaw slowly. 

If you have had your brownie frozen into Ziploc freezer bags, you need to let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator first then, let it return to room temperature by leaving it out for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can use this period to preheat your oven. From this point onward, you can follow the baking instructions in your recipe.

If you had frozen your batter in disposable pans, they can go from the pan straight to the oven. If you are pressed for time, put the pan into a preheated oven and follow the recipe’s baking instructions. Just make sure to add about 5 to 10 minutes of extra baking time to account for the frozen state of the batter.

How to Recognize Spoiled Brownie Batter

Brownie batter can go bad. Spoiled brownie batter would smell odd and would have an awful appearance. But, the appearance of mold is a telltale sign that your brownie batter has spoiled and shouldn’t be baked.

Once you notice that your brownie batter has gone bad, please dispose of it. Spoiled food can pose harmful intent to our wellbeing in general.