Can You Freeze Cooked Tofu?

Can You Freeze Cooked Tofu?

Tofu is made from soybeans and it can be prepared in different ways. Cooked tofu is delicious and it can be used in various dishes. Tofu can be used in various recipes so there should be no reason to waste your extra tofu.

If you’re always left with extra cooked tofu, you can store your tofu easily and eat it another day. This can be accomplished with the use of your freezer.

Can you freeze cooked tofu? Yes, you can freeze cooked tofu for up to 3 months. Although, when you freeze cooked tofu it changes the taste and color slightly.

You can prepare a large amount of tofu and just store it up in your freezer. You won’t have to start cooking from the scratch every time you want to eat tofu.

Freezing Cooked Tofu

Freezing cooked tofu is not meant for everybody because the taste and color tends to change slightly. If you don’t like the changes then you shouldn’t bother with freezing your cooked tofu. But if you don’t mind, you should continue reading to see the right way to freeze your cooked tofu and also how to reheat it properly.

How to Freeze Cooked Tofu

Freezing your tofu can cause the color and taste to change a little, there is no way around this. If you’re undecided on how you feel about the taste and color change, you can carry out a little experiment and try freezing a little portion first, then taste it.

The steps to successfully freezing your cooked tofu are:

  • Cooling down: if you’ve just prepared your tofu, do not put it straight into the freezer. If the cooked tofu is still warm when you put it in the freezer, it will later condense and the moisture will soak into the tofu making very soggy when you want to eat it. So ensure the cooked tofu has cooled down completely before you start thinking about freezing it.
  • Packing: The next thing to do is to pack your tofu. First, separate the tofu into small groups, this way you can save space inside your freezer and also access the portion you need at the moment without exposing the rest to air and moisture. After separating them into small portions, you can now go-ahead to seal them into plastic airtight bags.
  • Storage: After packing the different portions into plastic bags, you can now put them in a bigger bag to further reduce the chances of moisture getting in. When this is done, you can now put the bag inside your freezer. 
  • Marking: Many people always forget to do this part, what I mean by marking is writing the date you stored the cooked tofu on the bag. By doing this step, you can keep tabs on how long the tofu has been in your freezer. 

Tofu is a very sensitive food and it can easily spoil even inside your freezer if you’re not careful. When you’re taking portions of coked tofu to use, ensure you take the exact amount you will need because it is not advisable to refreeze tofu.

Other Ways to Store Tofu

Cooked tofu is not the only form of tofu, other forms of tofu can last longer in your freezer. For example, fried fried tofu will last longer in your freezer compared to cooked tofu since it has less water content and it doesn’t change color or taste over time. We also have tofu pasta, soups, and other forms but the best is still the fried form of tofu.

If you’re not big on freezing cooked tofu, then try fried tofu since it is easier to store. You can make fried tofu yourself or get it from the market. Another form of tofu that can last in your freezer is the soup tofu, it is already a liquid so there is almost no risk of moisture.

How to Know if Frozen Cooked Tofu has Spoiled

If you’re planning on storing your tofu, it is better to have an idea of what spoilt tofu is like just in case:

  • The first way to identify spoilt tofu is by smell. Spoilt tofu gives off a distinct weird irritating smell that, if you notice this when you go near your tofu, then just throw it out
  • Another way to identify spoilt tofu is by looking at it. There are different signs to indicate spoilt tofu, you may notice, molds growing on it, or it will have a watery look
  • The next way is tasting, this is not a way I hope to find out my tofu is spoilt. The taste of spoilt tofu is very disgusting and can make you vomit, tasting is a sure way to confirm if the tofu is spoilt.


Tofu is a well know food around the world, it is made from soybeans that have been soaked in water. The soybeans are then crushed and boiled to get soy milk which is mixed with different ingredients to make tofu.

There are several things you can use tofu for, you can fry it, roast it, boil it, or even use it in soups, there are several other uses of tofu. One thing about tofu, however, is that it is difficult to store, you can store your cooked tofu in the freezer but it won’t keep for too long. If you’re having problems storing your cooked tofu, you can try fried tofu. Fried tofu has less water content and it doesn’t change taste or color.