Can You Freeze Costco Pumpkin Pie?

Can You Freeze Costco Pumpkin Pie?

It’s not possible to go through Thanksgiving without a Costco pumpkin pie. Aside from a good roast turkey, pumpkin pie is a must during Thanksgiving, along with your other side dishes. But sometimes we get overwhelmed and order so much or even get a lot of Costco pumpkin pie from friends and family coming to celebrate Thanksgiving in your home.

Everyone at the table has gotten a full stomach on pumpkin dessert, leaving some pie still untouched, but that does not mean that leftover pie has to end up in the trash can. Definitely, No. If you’ve done this once or have been throwing a leftover pie in trash cans, it has to stop. I mean, the pie costs money to order, so you shouldn’t just waste all that.

Can you freeze Costco pumpkin pie? Of course, you can. It is practically easy to save your ordered pumpkin pie by freezing, keeping it fresh for another hungry day. Also, know that this also goes for the filling. You can freeze the pie for up to four weeks!

How Long Can I Freeze a Costco Pumpkin Pie?

You should consume your Costco pumpkin pie within four weeks in the freezer to still keep the holiday young and fresh. Anything longer than that period isn’t advisable because eating a pie that isn’t tasting good is just awful, and nobody should have to go through that.

This tip also goes for any other pie you want to preserve. Everyone agrees that Costco pumpkin pie is yummy and delicious, so you wouldn’t want to waste that perfect pie in your freezer for too long. Please keep track of the time you leave the pie in the freezer and get it out within that specified period, while it’s still fresh.

How to Freeze a Costco Pumpkin Pie

Costco pie is sold in a tightly sealed container, but you can take extra precautions by wrapping the pie in plastic wrap. Using an aluminum pie pan will make your pie freeze faster.

Also, it will prevent texture ruining ice structures from developing. Secondly, you need to cool the pie before freezing it, and this will help ensure that steam is not trapped below your plastic wrap.

To make sure your pie is tightly sealed to avoid water entering and affecting your crust’s texture, use layers of the wrap to cover and add an extra covering with aluminum foil for excess protection against funky smell and freezer burn. Place your pie on a freezer shelf to preserve your pumpkin for at least a month.

It is important you note this: If your Costco pie is still hot. Allow it cool down before you place it inside your refrigerator. Then ensure you cover the pie properly with layers of warp, preferably plastic. This is because when you have a tight seal, it will prevent air or moisture from penetrating into the pie, and tampering with the taste and texture.

What is a Costco Pumpkin Pie Made of?

The filling for this pie comprises a pre-mixed bag full of dry ingredients, whole eggs, and a selection of spices, water, and canned pumpkin. This dry mix is combined with an exceptional combination of spices and whole eggs, and water. 

All these ingredients combine are put in a mixer, and blended to create a smooth paste. The only pumpkin used for making Costco pies is called the Dickinson variety, which is very similar to squash. It is heartier, and the meat is thicker. This mixture does not to be preserved because the pies are always preserved in the refrigerator.

How to Defrost a Costco Pumpkin Pie

Twelve hours before the Costco pie is served, remove the plastic wrap or aluminum foil’s coverings, and then it is transferred from the freezer and keep in the refrigerator.

Make sure you do not defrost at room temperature because this makes your filling “weep” or creates excess moisture in it, which results in a soggy crust. You can also slice the pie into sections before freezing, but these slices are to remain in the Costco pie container in the freezer. This method makes it easier when it is time to defrost.

Once defrosting is complete, remove your pie from the fridge and make sure it attains room temperature before serving. You can garnish your pie or cover up your pie with whipped cream if it encountered any blemish or if the wrap caused any wrinkling on your pie during this process of defrosting you.

Can I Freeze Costco Pumpkin Pie Filling?

This is possible with freezing. The pie filling can be saved for future uses, or excess or leftovers of filling refrigerate. Excess pie fillings can be kept in zip-top bags in the fridge for four to five days and then defrost when needed for use again in the future. It can be placed in a bowl of water to fasten the defrosting process.

Freezing of Costco pie filling can also be a process for correcting it; for example, when the pie filling is kept in the freezer for about eight hours if there is excess liquid or if the filling is too light; this helps to thicken the puree. The pumpkin pie filling is like a custard, which means it would not give any issues when frozen.

Does Freezing a Costco Pumpkin Pie Change the Taste?

When the pie is kept in the freezer for two weeks or more, it should not cause the crust to lose its unique taste. You can keep your Costco pie in the freezer for a month, without worrying about losing the fresh taste.

It is also advisable to use a particular fridge to store only your Costco pies. You can also add a box of baking soda when trying to avoid flavors building up in your freezer or funny smells.

Never store your pie in a fridge along with fishes. This will make your pie smell like fish and cause a shift in your pie taste. So technically, freezing might not be the primary reason for a change in the taste of your pumpkin pie. A lot of factors may play a role in your refrigerator where the pie is kept.

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