Can You Freeze Flan?

Can You Freeze Flan?

Flan is one of the best desserts out there. If you have a sweet tooth, Flan should be one of your most ravaged desserts. 

So, if you are puzzled about how to make Flan and have it beforehand to grace special occasions. There is an easy way to preserve Flan long term.

Can you freeze Flan? Yes, you can. Just like most baked goods, you can freeze flan and prolong its shelf life for about 1 to 2 months. Flan is very freezer-friendly and there are no damages to texture or change in taste and flavor.

Flan is made with freezer-friendly food items. The only danger that looms over your frozen Flan is the danger of your dessert absorbing some unwanted flavors in your freezer. But, this can be avoided if you follow steps to freezing your Flan properly.

How to Freeze Flan

If you are reading this article, then you know what flan looks or tastes like. But, it is possible that you stumbled upon this article and you keep wondering what the fuss is all about. Flan is a Mexican custard dessert with a caramel topping. You can check online for recipes.

Flan contains a high amount of fat, this means that it has a lower freezing point than your normal baked goods. So, you have to be more careful as you freeze this dessert. If frozen at the wrong temperature, Flan would separate and turn into mush.

Step 1: Adjusting the Temperature of Your Freezer

Having emphasized that the high levels of fat in Flan makes it have a lower freezing point, the first thing to do is to adjust the temperature of your freezer. 

Adjust the temperature to 0°C or even lower than that. After doing this, wait for about an hour or two so the freezer can cool to the adjusted temperature. If your freezer isn’t equipped with a thermometer, you can check with one just to be sure.

Step 2: Preparing the Flan

Bake your flan and ensure that it cooks through and through. There is a little tip for knowing if your Flan is done. Stick a knife into the middle of the Flan, if it comes out clean, then the Flan is done. Bring your Flan out of the oven and wait for it to cool. Don’t rush this process, wait until your Flan has cooled down to room temperature. 

After it has cooled, cut the Flan into smaller pieces. Flan freezes better in smaller pieces. However, you can decide to cut it into portions you can enjoy at a go, to make it even easier to use upon thawing.

Step 3: Wrapping your Flan

This point is very important. Wrapping your Flan protects it from the air, moisture, and unwanted flavors. There are two ways to do the wrapping.

  1. Wrap the portioned pieces of Flan individually with freezer paper, tightly with every surface of the Flan covered. Then re-wrap with several layers of plastic wrap.
  2. Wrap the cut pieces of Flan separately with several layers of plastic wrap. Tightly, but not too as tight so you do not squash it. Then re-wrap with aluminum foil.

If done properly, your Flan would be safe from the danger of absorbing the flavors of other food items in your freezer.

Step 4: Storage and Freezing

The next and final step is placing the wrapped pieces of Flan in Vacuum sealed wraps or Ziploc bags if you do not have a vacuum sealer. Airtight heavy-duty freezer bags would work too. Bagging the wrapped pieces helps them keep their shape and taste. 

Label the bags with their contents and the date of the freeze to help keep track of how long you have stored them. This also helps you to plan your food calendar and meal plan. 

Place your Flan into the freezer to freeze. As you place the bags of Flan in the freezer, make sure the surrounding area is not crowded so that they can freeze properly.

How to Thaw Frozen Flan

Thawing frozen Flan is pretty easy. Pick out a portion you want to eat, and leave it to thaw for a few hours in the refrigerator. 

If you prefer your Flan hot, put them on the counter till it warms back up to room temperature. Do not unwrap it before it thaws completely to room temperature. Once it reaches room temperature, unwrap it and reheat it in the oven at 165°F. Simple and easy!

Can You Leave Flan Out Overnight?

Yes, you can leave your Flan out overnight, it would still be safe to eat. However, do not leave it out longer than one night. That could make you sick if you eat it.

Flan is made with eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla. These food items, milk especially contains live bacteria that can grow if left for too long.