Can You Freeze Hawaiian Rolls?

Can You Freeze Hawaiian Rolls?

Hawaiian Rolls are awesome delicacies. Hawaiian rolls were discovered in the 1950s and originated from Portugal. Hawaiian rolls are easy to make with no stress at all. It is fail-proof. The rolls are similar to the Portuguese bread which is made from wheat flour. Thanks to the pineapple juice and brown sugar used in the production of these rolls. They are sweet and the sticky dough makes the texture fluffy and light. The pineapple juice gives these rolls a flavor you cannot hate.

Hawaiian rolls can become home-made baked goods for your family dinners or thanksgiving holiday dinners. Because it is easy to make, it could become a snack or fast food to have on the go.

There would be times where you might have some of these rolls leftover. Although baked goods will last for a while at room temperature, it could get dry and stale quickly. You sadly do not want these sweet rolls to go to waste. So you wonder, can they be kept frozen?

Can you freeze Hawaiian Rolls? Yes, you can. You can freeze these freshly baked rolls for about three months before it goes bad. Once you want to eat it again, bring it out to thaw, then reheat at 350°F for about 10 minutes. 

You might wonder if it is healthy to freeze your Hawaiian rolls. It is totally healthy as the freezing would help prevent the formation of mold on the rolls.

Freezing is a great way of preserving baked goods. However, you must make sure that your baked goods aren’t spoiled before you decide to freeze them. Your baked goods would last for about 5 to 7 days under room temperature if properly stored. But no longer than that. All that being said, how do you freeze Hawaiian rolls.

How to Freeze Hawaiian Rolls

Freezing Hawaiian rolls is an easy task. It is even easier than making them. However, the trick is to make sure that the rolls are properly wrapped. So all you need to perform this task is a bit of plastic wrap and aluminum foil or freezer paper.

Step 1: Wrapping

Do not attempt to freeze your Hawaiian rolls immediately after baking. Let them cool down to room temperature. The trick to keeping any food item in cold storage for long is keeping the air out. Since you want to keep your Hawaiian rolls for as long as possible. We would be doing a two-step wrap.

First, we wrap each roll in our plastic wrap and make sure that no part of the roll is exposed. Also, make sure that air is not trapped in the plastic wrap. The next step is to wrap the already wrapped rolls in aluminum foil or freezer paper. This two-step wrap helps to keep the air out and make it last longer.

It is important to mark the date of storage so that you can keep track of how long you have stored the rolls. You can make use of a sharpie as that will work on the aluminum foil or freezer paper. You should consume the rolls within 3 months or be prepared to lose them to freezer burn.

Step 2: Storage

After wrapping the rolls, the next thing is to store them in your freezer. Placing the rolls in the upper part of the freezer is a great idea as it would reduce the risk of the rolls getting squished by other food items. It is also advisable to place the wrapped rolls on a tray before freezing.

How to Thaw Hawaiian Rolls

Everything about the Hawaiian roll is easy. The first step is to remove your rolls from the freezer. If you want to eat it tomorrow then you should remove it from the freezer today so it can thaw overnight. If you want to thaw your rolls very quickly, all you need to do is cover them with paper towels. But make sure that the rolls are properly covered. 

After the roll is back to room temperature, You can microwave it at intervals of 1-2 minutes, checking if it is ready to eat. There is also the option of popping it back into the oven and reheating it at 350°F for some minutes before it is ready to eat again.

How Do You Freeze Store Bought Rolls?

Store-bought rolls come with preservatives so keeping them in the plastic bag that it came with under room temperature will keep it okay for a few weeks. However, if you want to keep it for longer, just put the rolls into freezer bags before freezing.

Does Freezing Affect The Taste of Hawaiian Rolls?

According to the USDA, food kept frozen indefinitely is healthy to eat as bacteria will not grow. Freezing would not affect the taste of your sweet Hawaiian rolls. Although, if frozen for too long, a freezer burn would affect the taste of your rolls and make them unpleasant to eat.