Can You Freeze McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets?

Can You Freeze McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets?

Sometimes our eyes get the best of us and we decide to purchase the larger order of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. Whether that may be a 10, 20 or 50 piece nuggets is besides the point. Ultimately, we will need to save those nuggets for a later date.

With that said, can you freeze chicken nuggets from McDonald’s? Yes, you can certainly freeze McDonald’s chicken nuggets. It is preferred to flash freeze the nuggets in order to maintain their flavor, consistency and texture. Nuggets tossed loosely in a freezer bag can become very soggy so it is recommended to heat up the leftovers in an oven instead of a microwave.

Chicken nuggets are a common frozen food but there are many ways to prepare your nuggets in order to maximize their consistency.

Freezing McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Freezing chicken nuggets can extend your McDonald’s snack for a later date but the USDA recommends that giblets or ground chicken should be frozen at the maximum of only 3-4 months to maximize quality and taste. Extending the life of chicken nuggets past this time period is not recommend and can greatly impact the flavor and freshness.

Given that their nuggets are reconstituted boneless chicken meat which is then battered and deep fried, we would reiterate this recommendation. Nobody wants to eat old chicken!

How to Freeze McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

The biggest problem with freezing McDonald’s chicken nuggets is the time span from when the semi-warm nugget is initially exposed to the cold air of the freezer. This initial process can cause the nuggets to become soggy. Following these steps below can help maximize that delicious McDonald’s taste.

Step 1: Allow for the Nuggets to Cool

When you are done snacking on your nuggets, make sure that the food cools to room temperature prior to storing in the freezer.

The nuggets are coated with warm grease which doesn’t do well during the freezer process. In some cases, gently patting the grease off of the nugget can be a smart method to limit the sogginess.

Step 2: Vacuum Pack or Flash Freeze

Vacuum pack or flash freezing nuggets are the absolute best ways to preserve the freshness of the chicken. Both methods are great for eliminating air from either storage unit.

If you don’t have access to either, you can use a readily available freezer bag. Be sure to remove all of the air located in your freezer bag. The less air in the bag, the higher chance those nuggets stay fresh.

Step 3: Store Safely in the Freezer

Chicken nuggets are delicate and should be stored carefully in your freezer. Try to place them in a storage location where no additional items will be stacked on top of them.

To protect the nuggets, try storing them on the door of the freezer rather than just tossing them in with other large items on the main shelfs.

How to Reheat Your McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

After successfully storing your nuggets for days, weeks or maybe even a few months, it is time to prepare and eat your tasty treat.

We recommend that you do not heat up McDonald’s nuggets in a microwave. Microwaving these nuggets (or any type of fried nuggets) can make them extremely chewy and rubber-like to eat.

The best way to reheat your McDonald’s chicken nuggets is by the use of an oven. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and allow the oven to be hot prior to placing them in. You can either place the nuggets on a tray with 1-2 inches per nugget or use aluminum foil.

Allow for the nuggets to heat up for 8-12 minutes depending on the amount of nuggets as well as your preferred temperature for consumption.

If you enjoy the salty taste of McDonald’s nuggets, we recommend that you add salt after they are hot and ready to eat.

Does Freezing McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Affect the Taste?

While freezing McDonald’s chicken nuggets doesn’t alter their nutritional value, freezing McDonald’s chicken nuggets can affect the taste. It is dependent on your method for freezing the nuggets.

If you wish to preserve the taste of the nuggets and plan to eat within 1 or 2 days, try storing inside an air-tight bag and place in the refrigerator. The refrigerator can be a reliable short-term option for preserving those precious nuggets.

It is important to note that a refrigerator does shorten the useful life of the nuggets versus a freezer but it can be a convenient way of storage if you plan to eat in the next 48 hours.

How to Know if Leftover McDonald’s Nuggets are Safe to Eat?

If stored properly for a short period of time, the best way to determine the freshness of McDonald’s chicken nuggets leftovers is their texture and feel. The more “rubbery” that the nuggets feel and taste, the high probability that you should avoid consumption.

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are usually filled with more preservatives than your typical frozen chicken nuggets, so it may be more difficult to assess the ability for you to consume by just looking at the chicken with the naked eye.

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