Frozen Pancake Brands

If you enjoy eating frozen pancakes, you may be wondering what frozen pancake brands are the best. There are several different kinds of frozen pancake brands to choose from, but there are certain ones that really stand out.

When it comes to any kind of frozen food, you want to make sure you are getting the best possible brand. This is important as low-quality frozen food is definitely not going to be worth the money that you pay for it.

Because of this, you want to make sure that you are buying only the best quality of frozen pancakes, so that you get what you pay for. This way, you can really enjoy your frozen pancakes and have them as a quick and convenient treat.

There are several amazing frozen pancake brands that everyone should try, if they are a fan of pancakes. Keep reading to find out what frozen pancake brand is the best and what sets these brands apart from the rest.

Which Is the Best Frozen Pancake Brand?

If you are looking for the best frozen pancake brand to try, you need to check out De Wafelbakkers. This is a frozen pancake brand that offers exceptional quality and taste that many customers immediately reach for in the frozen food aisle.

This is a brand of frozen pancake that most people grew up eating, making them very nostalgic. They are often sold in a box of over 20 frozen pancakes and can be easily cooked on the stove or microwave for a quick snack.

Frozen pancakes with meat

They have a rich vanilla flavor and are only slightly sweet, giving them the perfect balance when you top them with maple syrup. They are relatively flat but are still very fluffy and spongy, giving you the perfect pancake texture.

This is one of the top-selling brands that most people have enjoyed at some point in their life. You can find De Wafelbakkers pancakes in most grocery stores in the frozen food aisle in large quantities.

They are the best option if you want to get a lot of frozen pancakes for your money but do not want them to be overly sweet.


Eggo is an incredibly well-known brand that most people immediately recognize for its frozen toaster waffles. These are definitely the best-selling items, but that is not all that Eggo sells.

Eggo also sells frozen pancakes that have the perfect pancake texture and flavor that you are looking for. It has buttermilk pancakes that are perfectly light and fluffy with just a hint of sweetness and vanilla flavor.

These can be easily heated up on the stovetop, in the microwave, or in a toaster for extra crispiness. No matter how you decide to prepare these Eggo pancakes, they are guaranteed to be delicious just like all of the other Eggo products.

This is a great brand to try, as you are guaranteed to find Eggo products at your local grocery store. Large chain grocery stores especially carry a wide variety of Eggo options in their frozen food aisle.

Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best is a well-known brand among parents for creating different foods for infants and young children. Though it also carries frozen pancakes that are just as good and are healthy and nutritious.

These frozen pancakes are marketed more toward young children but can be enjoyed by anyone who likes pancakes. They are small and lightly sweetened to create the perfect snack or dessert accompanied by maple syrup.

They can be quickly prepared, saving you the trouble of making pancakes from scratch. The only problem with these frozen pancakes is that they may not be carried by every grocery store.

Mini health food stores will carry Earth’s Best frozen pancakes, but you may have to look around at other grocery stores to see which ones carry this brand.

Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean is a very popular brand in the frozen food aisle that caters to breakfast foods. It is most well known for its breakfast sausage options, but it also has many different frozen pancake products.

These are all high-quality and have a very distinct flavor that you will immediately recognize. Though you have the option of basic frozen pancakes that can easily be reheated and topped with maple syrup and whipped cream for the perfect breakfast or dessert.

Though it has other frozen pancake varieties as well that include various sauces options that this brand offers. Such as pancake and sausage bites or pancake-wrapped sausage links to add more variety to your options.

This is another brand that will be very easy to find in grocery stores as Jimmy Dean is carried by most stores that offer frozen food.

Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak Cakes is a very well-known brand in the pancake and waffle food section. It offers a variety of breakfast food products as well as frozen pancakes and waffles that can be conveniently heated and eaten immediately.

Kodiak Cakes offers a selection of frozen pancakes and flapjacks, as well as some waffles. These are made with whole wheat and are considered to be a healthier option than many other frozen pancakes on the market.


Pillsbury is another recognizable brand that offers a wide selection of pastries and other breakfast food items. This includes two different kinds of frozen pancakes that can be found in the frozen food aisle in the breakfast section.

Most grocery stores will carry Pillsbury frozen pancakes, and anyone who is a fan of this brand is not going to be disappointed. These pancakes are perfectly fluffy and full of flavor.

Which Frozen Pancake Brand Is the Best?

If you are a fan of frozen pancakes, you should give the brand De Wafelbakkers a chance, as this is a top seller. Though there are plenty of other frozen pancake brands that have a lot to offer as well.

Other brands, such as Eggo, Jimmy Dean, Kodiak Cakes, and Pillsbury all offer exceptional frozen pancake options. These are all options that are very accessible to people as well as most grocery stores will carry them in the frozen food aisle.