Grapefruit Soda Brands

If you enjoy grapefruit soda, you may be wondering what grapefruit soda brands are the best-tasting on the market. This is a kind of soda that is not extremely common, so it can make it difficult to find just the right kind that you like.

There are many brands that make their own take on grapefruit soda, all having a unique flavor. But they aren’t all made alike, and there are definitely certain grapefruit soda brands that stand out amongst the rest on the market.

This is a tricky flavor to master, which is why grapefruit soda is not more mainstream as other types of soda. Though it may not be as widely consumed, there are still plenty of people out there who enjoy a bright and fizzy grapefruit soda.

Keep reading to find out what grapefruit soda brand is the best and how easy it is to find these specific brands of grapefruit soda in grocery stores.

Best Grapefruit Soda Brands

If you are looking for the best grapefruit soda brand, look no further than Crush grapefruit soda. Crush is best known for its orange soda, but it has a variety of other fruity flavors including, grapefruit that are very popular.

Grapefruit juice and ripe grapefruits

Crush was one of the very first soda companies to offer an orange soda flavor to customers. After its massive success in this area, it continues to make more fruity soda flavors, including a unique and zesty grapefruit flavor.

This is a bright soda flavor that has a tange and bitter note that you would expect to find in a grapefruit soda. It is full of flavor and bright and refreshing, making the perfect soda alternative if you want something fruity.

It also isn’t as sweet or heavy as the original orange soda, so it can be a lighter option. The grapefruit flavor comes through very clearly and makes this a unique-tasting soda that you aren’t going to forget anytime soon.

Though it is important to mention that the Crush grapefruit soda can be a little bit difficult to locate in a store near you. This flavor is only carried in select grocery stores and isn’t going to be available at just any store that you shop at.

1. Faygo

Faygo is another classic soda company that has been around for over 100 years creating delicious soda options. It also has its own grapefruit soda flavor that stands apart from the rest.

Unlike Crush, Faygo grapefruit soda is a unique blend of flavors with hints of lime shining through the grapefruit. This gives it a unique and slightly tropical flavor that is more zesty and potent tasting.

These two flavors pair beautifully together and create a light and refreshing citrus drink that anyone would enjoy. It isn’t as true to the original grapefruit flavor as Crush soda as it doesn’t have the same bitter notes.

This makes it a great option if you want to enjoy grapefruit soda but find a true grapefruit flavor too harsh. The lime mellows it out beautifully and creates a deliciously citrus-flavored soda that is refreshing and perfect for any hot day.

2. Gus

Gus is a unique brand of soda that stands for grown-up soda. It is a soda that is made more naturally and with less sugar to appeal to a more mature crowd while still being a delicious beverage.

Gus offers a wide variety of fruity-flavored beverages along with its ruby red grapefruit soda. This is a deliciously refreshing grapefruit beverage that is made with actual grapefruit juice concentrate as well as other natural flavors.

This is going to give you a very strong and pure grapefruit flavor as it is more natural and contains less sugar. So this is going to be the best soda option for those who genuinely like the taste of grapefruit.

It is not as sweet as typical soda and is not going to have a chemical flavor to it. It is made with only natural ingredients and minimal sugar to create a refreshing beverage that is good for you.

3. Fresca

Unbeknownst to many Coca-Cola customers, Fresca is a branch of Coca-Cola that has been around since the very beginning. This is a lesser-known branch of Coca-Cola and provides mostly fruit-flavored soda options.

Many of these sodas have been marketed as sparkling beverages, as that is currently what is selling fast. Though these are much more similar to soda as they are heavily sweetened and bubbly, creating the perfect soda beverage.

Fresca grapefruit soda is a bright and refreshing citrus soda that has the perfect balance of flavor and sweetness with carbonation. It is light and refreshing, completely different from the other kinds of soda that Coca-Cola makes.

You will find other fruity flavors of sodas at Fresca, as well as grapefruit. This is a great branch to try off of Coca-Cola if you prefer more fruity-flavored soda as opposed to the traditional Coke flavor.

4. Jarritos

Jarritos is a Mexican soft drink company that creates unique-tasting sodas that anyone can enjoy. These are most commonly found in the Mexican aisle in any grocery store that you enjoy shopping at.

Jarritos sells a grapefruit-flavored soft drink that is described as being sweet and tart with plenty of citrus Thang. This is a bright and refreshing drink that is going to have all of those refreshing qualities of a freshly sized grapefruit.

This company also makes all of its soft drinks with real cane sugar, which is going to create an obvious difference in the flavor. This really sets the soft drinks apart and makes them a unique option when you are looking for a grapefruit soda to try.

Along with the grapefruit flavor, there are plenty of other fruity flavors that you can buy from this brand. They are easy to find in most grocery stores though you may not be able to find every flavor that you want.

5. Squirt

Squirt is a company that is a branch off of the Dr. pepper company. It was created quite a long time ago and has since become one of the most popular grapefruit soda options on the market that customers reach for.

Sales show that this brand of grapefruit soda is still going strong and is still one of the most commonly bought grapefruit sodas. It is bright and refreshing with a mouthwatering flavor, which is why it is ultimately called Squirt.

You can get the normal grapefruit soda as well as a ruby grapefruit soda, both having a slightly different flavors from one another. Keep in mind that this is definitely not a more natural soda as it is heavily processed and very sweet.

6. Izze

Izze is a sparkling fruit juice company that creates unique blends of juices that are carbonated. Though this is not necessarily a real kind of soda, it is definitely a great option if you want a real tasting grapefruit soda.

This grapefruit sparkling juice contains ingredients that are natural and in their purest form. It is made up of 70% fruit juice, but interestingly enough doesn’t contain any actual grapefruit juice.

It is colored with beetroot juice and only contains natural sweeteners to create a light and refreshing drink that is also healthy. This is the perfect option if you are looking for something healthy but still fizzy enough to curb your soda cravings.

7. Hansen’s

Hansen’s is a traditional brand of soda that is known for creating sodas with pure cane sugar. This gives the sodas a delicious flavor that really enhances all aspects of each soda flavor.

This is another soda brand that maintains a relatively clean list of ingredients and its efforts to create a healthier soda option. Because of this, you can expect to get a more genuine grapefruit flavor from Hansen’s grapefruit soda.

It is made with a small list of ingredients as well as a natural grapefruit flavor for a bright and refreshing drink. This is a great option if you want to try out a grapefruit soda that is really going to have that unique and pure citrus flavor.

Hansen’s also specifically mentions the fact that this grapefruit soda is completely caffeine free. Making it ideal for those who try to avoid consuming too much caffeine in their drinks during the day.

Top Rated Brand of Grapefruit Soda

If you were looking for the best grapefruit soda to try out, you should definitely give Crush a try, as this is a delicious grapefruit soda option. Crush is best known for its orange soda but also released a grapefruit soda that is just as good.

Aside from Crush, there are many other grapefruit soda brands that you should try if this is a favorite of yours. This includes brands like Fresca, Gus, Faygo, and Squirt.

These are all brands that have perfected their own specific kind of grapefruit soda to create a unique option that you should try out. Some of these brands offer more natural options, while others give you the traditional kind of soda that you are used to.

No matter what your preferences are, you have a lot of grapefruit soda brands to try out to find the best fit.