Hard Nitriding Cast Iron

If you enjoy cooking at home and enjoy different kinds of cookware, you may be wondering about hard nitriding cast iron. This is a fairly new term in the cooking world that many people are very curious about.

When it comes to cookware, many people are very specific about what they like and what they do not like. With the majority of professional and home cooks preferring cast iron skillets as they are so versatile.

Though this is not always a good option for everyone, as cast iron can be time-consuming as well as very heavy. Leaving many people to search for other alternatives that have the same qualities as cast iron without the downsides.

Keep reading to find out what hard nitriding cast iron is and why you should give it a try if you enjoy cooking at home.

What Are Hard Nitriding Cast Iron Skillets?

If you have enjoyed using cast iron skillets in the past, you may have heard of hard nitriding skillets. This is a process that skillets are put through to create hard nitriding cookware that is highly durable, yet still lightweight.

Cast Iron Skillets

This process is a heat-treating process used for different kinds of cookware. It diffuses nitrogen into the surface of the metal, creating a very hardened surface.

This process can be used to treat alloy steel, aluminum, molybdenum, and titanium. Some people refer to these kinds of cookware as cast iron because they have many of the same qualities.

These heat-treated pieces of cookware may not be made of actual cast iron but they have many of the same qualities. As they hold a lot of heat, are long-lasting, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, all without the downsides.

The cast iron skillets are very popular, they can come with a lot of downsides. Mostly due to the fact that they require a lot of work as they cannot be washed like normal cooking pans.

Cast iron skillets have to be seasoned and carefully washed and dried in a specific way. They are also very heavy and can be difficult or even dangerous to move around when they are hot.

Hard nitriding skillets do not have the same downsides despite the fact that they have many of the same benefits as actual cast iron.

Which Hard Nitriding Brands Are the Best?

Now that you know what hard nitriding cast iron skillets are, you may be wondering what brand you can buy them from. As of right now, this kind of skillet is still considered to be fairly new and not extremely well known.

Cast Iron Pan

Because of this, the majority of brands still do not carry this kind of skillet just yet. There are really only two well-known cookware brands that offer hard nitriding skillet options that cooks can choose from.

So you will be fairly limited when it comes to the options that you have to choose from. Though both of these brands are well-liked and known for producing excellent hard nitriding cast iron skillets.

Brandani Hard-Nitriding Cast Iron Skillets

Brandani produces hard nitriding cast iron skillets that are beautiful as they are functional. These are very popular options amongst those who are experimenting with this special kind of cast iron skillet.

They are easy to find as a wide variety of stores carry this brand’s products, making them accessible to the majority of people. They also have the appearance of normal yet high-quality skillets, having none of the bulkiness of traditional cast iron skillets.

They are lightweight and even dishwasher safe while having all of the durability of a cast iron skillet. Many customers have been very happy with their purchase from Brandani and recommend getting hard nitriding cast iron skillets from this brand.

Lehman’s Cast Iron Cookware

Lehman’s brand is also a brand known for offering hard nitriding cast iron skillets. It is another popular brand that you will most likely be able to find in a wide variety of stores so that you can easily buy this cookware.

These skillets are just as functional and beautiful as the Brandolini skillets are. Making it hard to choose between these two popular brands when it comes to buying these special skillets.

The design is very sleek and lightweight, providing a more modern option than an actual cast-iron skillet. They are very durable and come with a glass lid to help hold in heat when cooking different kinds of dishes.

Hard Nitriding Cast Iron Is Better

When it comes to choosing the right skillet for you, there are many different things to consider first. This is an important piece of cookware that you will most likely be reaching for on a daily basis, if you enjoy cooking.

Cast Iron Pot Of Chili

Because of this, you want to choose the absolute best skillet option for you and what you like to cook. That is why many people are starting to try out hard nitriding cast iron skillets for themselves.

These skillets provide durability, hardness, lightweight handling, easy care, and high heat for those who enjoy cooking. Having all of the benefits of a cast iron skillet but none of the downsides of having to care for one.

They are also considered to be nonstick, as they naturally prevent food from sticking as some pans do. Making them easy to use when cooking with less oil or fat as well as when you are cooking on high heat.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons why hard nitriding cast iron skillets are the best type of skillet for the majority of cooks. Especially if you are looking for something functionable but easy to take care of in the long term.

Final Thoughts

If you do not know what hard nitriding cast iron skillets are, this is a type of skillet that has been heat-treated to create a very hard exterior. Creating a skillet that is very similar to cast iron without all of the downsides.

These skillets are highly durable and help to produce a lot of heat as well as hold that heat in the pan itself. They are also modern and lightweight, perfect for the modern-day home cook who doesn’t want any heavy lifting.