Healthiest Bread at Subway

If you’re looking for a good place for lunch, you can’t beat Subway. However, you may want to know which bread is healthiest so that you can maintain a healthy diet while eating out.

Keep reading to learn how the different breads compare and how you can stay healthy when ordering from Subway.

Bread Options

At Subway, you can choose from a variety of breads. One of the most popular options is the 9-grain wheat bread. The wheat bread as well as the Italian bread each has the lowest number of calories per serving.

You can also choose from breads, such as:

  • Flatbread
  • Hearty Italian
  • Honey Oat
  • Italian Herbs and Cheese
  • Jalapeño Cheese
  • Monterey Cheddar
  • Parmesan Oregano
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Rosemary and Sea Salt

The exact selection of breads can vary between locations and the day and time you visit Subway. Sometimes, the restaurant will be out of certain items, especially the night before a truck arrives.


Of course, each of the different breads at Subway contain calories. While other nutrients can play a role in the healthiest option, you’ll find the 9-grain wheat and the Italian white breads have the fewest calories, with 180 calories in a six-inch piece.


The honey oat and parmesan oregano breads have 190 calories each. Next up is the hearty Italian and the roasted garlic breads, which each have 210 calories. Finally, the remaining bread options all have 220 calories.

If you want to get a footlong sandwich, you’ll need to double the calorie count. That means a footlong can have anywhere from 360 to 440 calories just from the bread.

How to Eat Healthy at Subway?

Regardless of the bread, you may want to know about some other healthy ways to enjoy Subway. Compared to many other fast food places, Subway is already relatively good for you.

However, you should try the following tips to make your meal even healthier.

Consider a Salad or Wrap

Instead of ordering a traditional sandwich, get a salad. Then, you can still enjoy some protein, veggies, and even a bit of cheese. However, you won’t have to worry about all of the extra calories that come from the bread.

Another option is to get a wrap. You can choose from a few tortillas, including some signature flavored tortillas. That way, you can add a bit of flavor, and you won’t need to use a fork.

However, the tortillas can be healthier than your standard sandwich bread. You can enjoy your favorite Subway order but ask for a wrap instead of bread.


Choose a Lower Calorie Bread

Of course, you may want to ask for one of the breads with fewer calories. The wheat and white breads can both be very tasty. While they may not have a ton of flavor, you can add flavor to your sandwich with toppings.

Some of the toppings, such as the veggies, may have fewer calories than some of the breads. That means you can still enjoy the taste of your sandwich while keeping your calorie consumption lower.

If you usually get the Italian herbs and cheese bread, switch to the standard white bread. It’s still Italian, but you can add a bit of cheese within your sandwich to get a similar overall flavor.

Minimize Sauces and Toppings

It can be tempting to overload your sandwich with all kinds of toppings and sauces. However, if you want to keep from consuming too many calories, avoid that.

Stick to just your main protein and some cheese. You can get one or two toppings instead of everything that Subway offers.

Another option is to ask for light sauce or light veggies or toppings. Then, you’ll still enjoy a bit of those flavors on your sandwich without all of the extra calories.

Select Lower Calorie Proteins and Cheeses

You may also want to choose lean meats, like turkey or chicken. Red meats tend to have a lot of calories. Plus, many processed deli meats are just unhealthy for you, in general.

Try some healthier proteins or even a simple cheese sandwich. Then, you can save on calories and make room for other nutrients from toppings.

If you want some of the less healthy meats, ask for a minimal amount of them. That can keep your meal relatively healthy.


Avoid Sides and Drinks

Subway has a variety of sides, from chips to desserts. It can be tempting to want to add a side to your meal. However, that can lead to unnecessary calories without a ton of actual nutrition.

Similarly, adding a drink can add more calories without any good nutrients. If possible, just get a sandwich and ask for a water cup for your drink.

Then, you can enjoy the sandwich without a ton of excess calories. You can also use a lack of chips and a drink to justify more sandwich toppings if you choose.

Get a Six-Inch Sandwich

Many people know Subway for its famous footlong sandwich. However, that sandwich size is often way more than you need.

Consider ordering a six-inch sub the next time you visit Subway. Then, you’ll get enough food to fill you up, but you can save on calories and keep from getting too full. The smaller sandwich will also be cheaper so good for your wallet.

Now, if you’ll be taking your Subway sandwich home, you could get a footlong. Instead of eating it all in this one meal, save half for later. You can save yourself from having to eat out somewhere for dinner or lunch the next day.