Horseradish Brands

Horseradish Brands

If you are an avid lover of horseradish, you may be wondering what horseradish brands are going to be the best. This is a good question to ask as there is a wide assortment of horseradish brands on the market to choose from.

This can make it really difficult to figure out which brand is going to be what you are looking for. Every brand has its own recipe and its own process for making its horseradish for its customers.

This is something to keep in mind when you go to the grocery store looking to buy a jar of horseradish. Not every brand is going to uphold the same quality, and you want to make sure that you are getting the best-tasting option out there.

The good thing is that the more options you have, the more likely you are to find an option that is the perfect fit for you. Keep reading to find out what horseradish brand is the best option and what other brands you should try.

Which Is The Best Horseradish Brand?

When it comes to horseradish brands, you may not know where to find the best option. As far as customers are concerned, Beaver Horseradish is the best horseradish brand to try from grocery stores.

Beaver Horseradish is located in Oregon and originally became a company to sell horseradish specifically. It offers a wide variety that you can buy, whether you like traditional horseradish or creamy horseradish sauces.

Eventually, it branched out into other condiment options as well, becoming known for condiments in general. Though it is still considered to specialize mainly in horseradish as it offers a wide variety.

When it comes to horseradish, not every brand is going to be made the same. This is one of those items where it needs to be made correctly and with the right items in order to really come out tasting the way it should.

Many people may believe that they do not like horseradish because they have not tried one of these good brands. You may have had a bad experience with a less-quality brand of horseradish and decided that you do not like it.

If you are on the fence about horseradish, you should buy a jar of Beaver Horseradish and see what you think.

Boar’s Head

Boar’s Head is best known for its deli meats and cheeses that are very well-known to buy customers. Though it also creates a line of condiments to go with the other items that it sells, which makes a lot of sense.

This company provides you with all the ingredients that you would need to make a delicious sandwich. You can trust this horseradish to be full of flavor and plenty of zing to keep you on your toes and to brighten up anything that you add it to.

This is a very popular brand of horseradish, so it should be fairly easy to find in the grocery stores that you go to. Horseradish is typically stored in the aisle with the pickles or with the condiments, depending on how the store organizes things.


Bookbinder’s is another horseradish brand for those looking for the perfect kind of horseradish to buy. This is a very trustworthy brand that caters to the condiment crowd as those are the kind of products that it sells.

Because of this, Bookbinder’s has excelled at creating condiments and has created some of the most unique flavors, as you will find. That includes horseradish which is full of flavor and provides the punch that you expect.

You will also be able to find this brand of horseradish fairly easily in any grocery store near you. It is a widely known brand and should be stored alongside the other brands of condiments.


If you are adventurous when it comes to your condiments, you should check out Koops. This is a brand that has always specialized and condiments and mustard specifically.

This is a very zesty brand that has perfected its ability at creating the perfect condiment with all the flavors that customers are expecting. And also offers a horse radish option alongside its line of delicious condiments.

This horseradish is mixed with its own mustard, creating an entirely new and unique condiment option. This gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to have a flavorful condiment packing two different qualities.

This isn’t a huge brand, however, so you may need to do a bit of searching to find it in your local grocery stores depending on where you live.


Kraft, or more specifically known as Kraft Heinz is a very big company that is well known. You most likely have already bought something from this company without even realizing it, as it sells a wide variety of options.

You will find many different things from this brand, such as pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. But you can also get horseradish from this brand, which is something that many customers do not know about.

This is a great option as you will be buying from a trustworthy brand that you know provides a good product. It is also extremely easy to find as just about every single grocery store in the US is going to carry craft products.

This is a great horseradish option, though it is important to try other brands as well, as some bigger brands may not have as good of a recipe.


Bobbie’s is considered to be a smaller brand that carries horseradish as well as specialty horseradish sauces that go with a wide variety of things. Because this is a smaller brand, you may have some difficulty finding it in stores.

Bobbie’s may be carried by local stores or some major retailers, depending on where you live. You may also be able to have luck ordering it online if you know where to look.

This can be a great option if you already know that you like this kind of horseradish and you want to buy it in bulk.


Bertman is a brand that is most known for being at stadiums where sports are played. Mini Bertman products are used at these stadiums for food that people who are visiting can buy.

Despite the fact that this is not a typical horseradish brand, Bertman does create a delicious horseradish option. This is something that you may be able to find being sold in certain grocery stores, though it may be hard to find.

You could also try looking online to see if any of the horseradish options are being sold at any retailers online. This is a popular option for brands that are not typically carried by stores but are still sold to the public.

You can also find other Bertman products by looking online if you are interested.

Annie’s Homegrown Organic

Annie’s Homegrown Organic may not be the first brand that you think of when you think about horseradish. This is due to the fact that this brand is best known for its boxed mac & cheese that you will find in most grocery stores.

For the most part, Annie’s Homegrown Organic has stayed in the mac & cheese market as that is what it excels at. But this brand also has a horseradish as well as a mustard option that you can buy as well.

Despite the fact that this brand does not produce a lot of horseradish, many customers are very happy with this option. It is a popular option amongst those who enjoy horseradish, and many customers rave about how good it is.


Kelchner’s is a well-known brand of condiments that has been around for quite a while. Because this is such a well-known brand, you have probably already seen it at your local grocery store.

Kelchner’s specializes in condiments as well as a delicious kind of horseradish that you can also buy. This is a great option if you want to enjoy that traditional horseradish flavor that has all of the spunk that you expect.

This is a very classic option, as Kelchner’s has been around for a long time and has continued to use its original recipe. So you’ll be getting a real taste of an old-fashioned horseradish recipe.

What Horseradish Brands Are There?

If you are on the hunt for the perfect brand of horseradish, you may be wondering which brand that is. While it isn’t possible to say exactly what brand is the best, many people say that Beaver Horseradish is one of the best options.

Beaver Horseradish is full of flavor and has all of the zing and heat that you are craving. It is perfect on a hotdog or nachos or on anything else that you think needs a burst of intense flavor.

That being said, there are plenty of other horseradish brands to try as well if you are still looking. Not every brand is made the same, and they all have their own special recipe, giving each brand its own unique flavor of horseradish.

So you may need to try out several different horseradish brands to find the right fit for you and your personal preference for this condiment.