How Long Do Hot Pockets Last in the Freezer?

How Long Do Hot Pockets Last in the Freezer?

Hot Pockets are a great staple to have in the home, and keeping a box in your freezer is ideal for those days when you don’t want to cook and you’re rushing to make dinner. However, if you don’t eat them for a while, you might be wondering if they are still okay. How long should a Hot Pocket last in the freezer?

How long do Hot Pockets last in the freezer? A Hot Pocket can be frozen almost indefinitely. The products will remain safe to eat, provided that they stay frozen, but the quality may start to deteriorate after a few months. You should keep Hot Pockets wrapped in an airtight container or packet so that they do not suffer from freezer burn.

Can You Freeze Hot Pockets?

Yes, you can freeze Hot Pockets, and they will be frozen when you buy them. You can put them straight into your freezer, and then get one out whenever you want it. Don’t keep Hot Pockets loose in the freezer, or defrost and then refreeze them.

Can You Keep Hot Pockets in the Fridge?

Hot Pockets should ideally be kept in the freezer at all times. When you want to eat one, allow it to defrost in the fridge, but do not keep it in your fridge for days before you want to eat it.

The manufacturers of Hot Pockets recommend that you do not keep the Hot Pockets in the fridge at all except when you are defrosting them. You should always store them in the freezer.

If you do choose to store a Hot Pocket in the fridge, it should last for about three or four days, but shouldn’t be kept for longer. Many Hot Pockets contain meat and dairy products, and these may start to harbor food borne bacteria if they are kept for too long.

Although Hot Pockets also have lots of preservatives in them, they should still not be kept unfrozen for long.

How Do You Avoid Freezer Burn?

The most likely issue that you’ll run into with frozen Hot Pockets is freezer burn. You can avoid this by keeping your Hot Pockets in an airtight container at all times. When you get your Hot Pockets, do not take them out of their box or their wrappers, but store them as you purchase them.

Freezer burn is one of the biggest issues that people encounter with freezing foods for long periods of time. This occurs when the freezing process draws moisture out of the food and freezes it on the outside.

It will result in a loss of taste and texture, and you’ll find that your Hot Pockets are not nearly as enjoyable. It might make your Hot Pocket look shriveled and dry, and a lot less appetizing.

This process can happen with pretty much any food that you freeze if it contains moisture. It will happen over a long period of time, but it is much more likely to occur with foods that are exposed to the air.

Keep your Hot Pockets in their wrappers and inside the box that you buy them in to minimize the risk of freezer burn. You can also put them in a secondary airtight container if you like, but this should not be necessary as long as the airtight wrapper is intact.

Will Your Hot Pocket Still Be Safe to Eat If it Has Freezer Burn?

Yes, your Hot Pocket is still safe to eat. It probably will not taste as pleasant, however, because a lot of the moisture will have been lost. You may find that it cooks unevenly and it has a very dry texture.

You do not need to throw away food with freezer burn, but the problem is best avoided. Try to use up your Hot Pockets on a fairly regular rotation, rather than leaving old boxes at the back of the freezer and using up new ones.

This will help to reduce the risk of freezer burn and ensure that you are always eating a fresh Hot Pocket.

How Do You Know If a Hot Pocket Has Gone Bad?

A frozen Hot Pocket should not go bad, but if this does occur, you should not eat it. You might find that the outside of the Hot Pocket has gone slimy or sticky, or that it has flecks of mold on it.

It is hard to tell if the inside of a Hot Pocket has gone bad, however, because you can’t easily see or smell it. If you are concerned about how long a Hot Pocket has been left out of the freezer for, it is best to throw it away rather than to risk eating it.

Because many Hot Pockets contain meat or dairy, it is not safe to eat them when they are more than a few days old. To avoid wastage, keep Hot Pockets in the freezer.

How Do You Thaw Hot Pockets?

One of the problems with keeping a food frozen all the time is that it takes longer to cook. It is recommended that you thaw Hot Pockets before you cook them. The safest way to do this is to place the Hot Pocket in the fridge and leave it for a few hours.

You do not need to unwrap it. Simply remove a Hot Pocket from the box in the freezer and then place it in the fridge. It should only take a couple of hours to defrost in this way.

If you need the food to defrost more quickly, remove the packaging and place it on a microwave safe plate. Give the Hot Pocket a couple of minutes in the microwave, and then either finish cooking it in the microwave for a couple more minutes, or transfer it to the oven to cook.

Final Thoughts

Frozen Hot Pockets should last indefinitely as long as they do not get defrosted. It is still a good idea to rotate the boxes of Hot Pockets so that you are using up the older boxes first, and not leaving boxes in your freezer for years on end. The taste and texture may start to degrade with time.