How Long Do You Microwave a Hot Pocket?

How Long Do You Microwave a Hot Pocket?

Have you ever wanted to microwave a Hot Pocket? The microwave is a great way to heat up certain foods, but you might not be sure whether it’s suitable for hot pockets. Some foods are ruined by microwaving them, while others will taste great.

How long do you microwave a Hot Pocket? You can microwave a Hot Pocket for approximately two to four minutes on high, or for slightly longer on medium high. This is for a single Hot Pocket. You want the center of the Pocket to reach 165 degrees F before you eat it, so if you have a food thermometer, feel free to check. Hot Pockets should never be served with cold centers!

How Do You Microwave a Hot Pocket?

You can microwave a Hot Pocket by unwrapping it, placing it on an oven-safe plate, and then putting it into your microwave. You should cook it on high for up to two minutes, and then take it out and check how it is doing.

You can insert a food thermometer into the center of the Hot Pocket to check its temperature, or you can press the prongs of a fork in, hold them there for a few seconds, and then gently touch the fork to your lips. The metal should be very hot.

If the food is still cool or cold in the center, put the plate back in the microwave and give it another minute or two minutes, depending on how warm it was.

Take it back out and test again. If you are happy with the heat, give the Hot Pocket a good shake to ensure that the filling is distributed throughout the Pocket, and then place it on your plate and allow it to stand for a few minutes.

This will help the heat to spread throughout the Hot Pocket and ensure that it is the right temperature all the way through. It will also reduce the risk of you burning yourself if certain parts of the filling have heated up more quickly than other parts.

Can You Microwave a Frozen Hot Pocket?

Yes, you can, but it will need to be microwaved for longer. It is best to do this in short bursts to allow the heat time to distribute and to prevent it from getting overly hot in certain places.

To microwave a frozen Hot Pocket, you should again unwrap it and place it on a microwave safe plate. Give it two minutes in the microwave and allow it to stand for a minute. Give it another two minutes in the microwave, and again allow it to stand.

At this point, check how it is doing. If it has defrosted but it is still cold, put it back in the microwave for a further two minutes. Keep repeating this and allowing it to stand for a minute or two in between heating sessions until you are satisfied that the food is hot throughout.

Do not serve a Hot Pocket until the whole thing is hot. Many contain meat products that are not safe to eat if they aren’t heated to the correct temperature.

Is it Better to Heat Hot Pockets in the Microwave Than the Oven?

Some people prefer Hot Pockets that have been heated in the oven, but it is much faster to heat them in the microwave. Hot Pockets can take up to half an hour to cook in the oven, compared with just a few minutes in the microwave.

However, if you’re doing a lot of Hot Pockets, you might find it more convenient to cook them in the oven, because you won’t have to keep taking them out and letting them stand, or checking whether they are done. You can just put them in the oven and let them cook while you do something else.

Can You Heat Multiple Hot Pockets in the Microwave?

You may be able to heat two or three Hot Pockets in the microwave at one time, but remember that they will need longer. Every Hot Pocket you put in will require you to add to the microwaving time by at least a couple of minutes.

It may also be tricky to tell when they are done. Food can heat quite unevenly in a microwave, so one Hot Pocket being ready is not a guarantee that the others will be. If you are making a lot of Hot Pockets, it’s probably better to cook them in the oven.

If you don’t have an oven available, try heating them two at a time, rather than attempting to heat a large quantity at once.

Does it Matter What Kind of Microwave You Have?

Yes, you will need to test your microwave and see how powerful it is before you know exactly how long to cook your Hot Pockets for. Microwaves can vary considerably in how powerful they are.

Some microwaves are low wattage, and Hot Pockets will take longer in these, even if you have the microwave on full power. A high wattage microwave will take less time, and you risk burning your Hot Pockets if you leave them in for too long.

It’s important to always take the Hot Pockets out after just a couple of minutes and test whether they are done. When you have used the same microwave multiple times for Hot Pockets, you might get a good idea of how long they take, but you should still take them out and check on them every couple of minutes.

When using a new microwave, always check on the Hot Pockets after two minutes of cooking, or you may end up scorching and ruining the food.

Final Thoughts

You should microwave Hot Pockets for around four minutes, with a short break in the middle. If you are microwaving two Hot Pockets, add at least two minutes to this time. If you are microwaving more, it is best to do them in batches.

Always check that a Hot Pocket has reached the proper temperature right through the food before you serve it. Shake the Pocket to distribute the filling and the heat, and do not eat a Hot Pocket if you find it is cold in the center.