How Long Does Banana Bread Last?

How Long Does Banana Bread Last?

The appetizing smell and delicious taste of banana bread make your morning coffee enjoyable. However, the freshness can only last for a couple of days.

How long does banana bread last? Banana bread bought from stores has best-before dates on their wraps. Usually, banana bread can last up to 4 days when stored at room temperature. However, home-baked banana bread can last for 2-3 days. This duration can increase if stored in a dry and cold area.

Can Banana Bread Go Bad?

The answer is yes. Store-bought bread can spoil if it stays beyond the expiry date. Also, home-baked bread can spoil after three days in the pantry.

Generally, the lifespan of this bread depends on factors like:

  • Storage conditions. For instance, freshly baked banana bread can go bad after the fourth day when stored at room temperature. On the other hand, frozen banana bread will last for months if stored properly.
  • Ingredients used. If the bread is baked using eggs and milk, it can spoil after two to three days.
  • Preservatives. Some banana bread contains preservatives that prevent the growth of molds. These can last up to nine days in the refrigerator or one week on the countertop or pastry.

How to Know Banana Bread is Spoiled?

It’s easy to tell when your bread is not fit for consumption. Here are a few indications that can help you know when the bread is no longer good.

#1 – Awful Smell 

Fresh banana bread has an appetizing aroma. However, funny, sour, or any unpleasant odor means it’s spoilt. Therefore, if you notice this off smell, it’s better to discard it.

#2 – Mold

Banana bread is always moist. This moisture makes it susceptible to spoiling easily. Usually, mold grows in bread, depending on how moist it is. Ensure you check the inside while slicing or on the surface. If you notice mold, get rid of the bread.

#3 – Texture

Fresh bread is always spongy and soft. Nevertheless, you may notice some change in its texture after some time when stored at room temperature. So, if it becomes hard or stale, it’s time to let it go.

#4 – Color

If you notice discoloration or fuzzy spots on your banana bread, then it’s spoiled. These spots can be black, white, pink, or green.

#5 – Strange Taste

Banana bread tastes sweet. However, if not stored correctly for days, you may notice a change in taste. This means it’s time to discard it.

Best Ways to Store Banana Bread

For this bread’s delicious taste and freshness, store it in an airtight container, in plastic wrap or tin foil. These methods keeps it as fresh and moist as possible.

If you want it to stay up to a week, refrigerate it while wrapped tightly. However, storing it in a refrigerator may not be the best way. Normally, it circulates air which can make the bread dry prematurely. 

To extend the lifespan of your bread up to 4 months, freeze it. Generally, the duration of bread depends on the storage method.

Method #1: Airtight Containers

Banana bread has a short lifespan when stored in moist and warm environments. For this reason, it’s advisable to wrap pieces of this bread in plastic wrap or airtight containers carefully. Ensure it is cool before placing it in the container.

Notably, not all places are ideal for storing your bread in airtight bags. If it’s for consuming right away or within four days, don’t refrigerate. Instead, place it on a countertop, cabinet, or a deep drawer. A refrigerator removes moisture from the bread, making it dry. 

With this storage method, you can consume your bread even for six days. Although it begins to dry after the fifth or sixth day, it’s still fit for consumption. For a spongy texture, you can put it in the toaster.

Method #2: Freezing

Successful freezing of banana bread should be stored at 0°F. This helps in maintaining its freshness for months. Usually, when frozen, it can go up to years, but for a good taste and texture, freeze it for a maximum of four months. It’s advisable to freeze slices rather than the entire loaf. This makes it easy to remove the slices you want to consume each time.

Freezing Process for Banana Bread

  1. After baking, ensure your bread cools completely on a plate. Without moisture, the bread doesn’t grow molds. 
  2. Slice it into preferred sizes.
  3. Wrap each slice in a plastic wrap-like paper bag carefully and tightly.
  4. For maximum freshness, double-wrap it in foil or freezer paper.
  5. Write a date on your bread to ensure you don’t exceed the freezing period. If it stays for more than four or five months in the freezer, it will have freezer burns.

How Do You Make Your Bread Edible After Freezing?

Before consuming your frozen banana bread, you must defrost or thaw it first. While some people put it on the counter overnight, this is not the best way to make it fresh for consumption.

How To Thaw Your Bread

  • Remove your slices from the freezer.
  • Un-wrap the foil or the freezing bag.
  • You can defrost by putting it on your refrigerator overnight.
  • You can also un-wrap or remove your slices from airtight containers and put them in a microwave for less than a minute.
  • It’s also effective to put your slices in the toaster.
  • If you froze a whole loaf of bread, it’s best to use an oven. Put your frozen loaf in foil paper. Thaw it for 90 minutes when the oven is turned on at 350°F. Remove from the oven and leave it covered with foil for about 10 minutes for better results.

Final Thoughts

  • Banana bread bought from stores can last up to four or five days. On the other hand, the lifespan of the one baked at home depends greatly on ingredients used and storage conditions.
  • The bread can go bad if it exceeds the expiry date or if not stored properly.
  • You can recognize spoiled bread by checking its texture, color, smell, and taste.
  • To ensure it remains fresh and delicious for over six days, keep it in airtight containers or plastic wrap. However, to make it fresh for months, freezing is the best method.
  • To make your frozen banana bread edible, thaw it by refrigerating it overnight. However, the best way is to thaw in a microwave for 30 seconds or an oven for 90 minutes for a whole loaf.