How Long to Microwave Ramen?

How Long to Microwave Ramen?

Are you a noodles lover and always looking for quick yet delicious ramen recipes? If yes, then we have a quick, unique, and filling recipe for you. You need a pack of ramen, some water, a few handy spices and sauces, and a microwave. 

Yes, you have heard, right. The recipe is this simple and manageable. So, let’s begin with it.

If you are hungry or craving an instant treat for yourself, then you have landed at the right place. We have an iconic instant meal recipe for you. Even if you are running out of resources like a stove or a pot, you can try this recipe. Making ramen is a matter of minutes now. They hardly take 5-6 minutes to get properly cooked in a microwave. You don’t need to work a lot for your delicious, hot, and fresh ramen soup. 

How long to microwave ramen? It’s a simple three-step process: Take one medium pack of ramen, add 1.5 cups of water, add some spices; Microwave it on high heat for about 8-10 minutes. Serve hot.

Ramen is a favorite recipe for all of us. This article will tell you different creative and fun recipes to make ramen soup in minutes. Check out the complete article to know this delicious dinner idea. 

Why Should You Cook Ramen in the Microwave?

It is simple and convenient to cook Ramen soup in the microwave. The delicious soup gets ready in minutes. Well, here’s a list of reasons for which you should consider using a microwave for making this soup:

  • Hassle-Free Method– This will be your favorite method to cook ramen soup if you do not like dishwashing. Also, there are fewer chances of overcooking.
  • A Quick Solution – It is a quick solution when you are out of resources such as gas or stove.
  • Sit Back and Relax – When we are cooking on the stove, we need to look after the heat and again and again to check for the water boiling. However, in a microwave, we need to set the timer and leave the rest of the work on the microwave itself. 
  • Have Better Control –Control the amount of power being used.
  • Save Energy – By using this method of cooking, you are saving energy.
  • Retain Nutrients – Microwaved food retains more nutrients because the cooking time is shortened.
  • Superb Taste–Most importantly, the soup tastes, smells, looks, and feels the same as the one cooked on the stove. 

How Long to Microwave Ramen Soup?

Cooking time in the microwave depends on the Strength and power (wattage) of each microwave. Therefore, before cooking, check the power of your microwave. If it’s a high-power, you should keep checking your food at different time intervals to see if they are cooking well. You might also need to keep adjusting the time as a high power microwave will cook the food quicker. 

Yield Ramen Pack Water Qty How Long to Microwave Ramen
1-2 servings One pack 1-2 Cups 8-10 minutes
2-3 servings Two packs 2-3 Cups 10-12 minutes
3-4 servings Three packs 3-4 Cups 12-14 minutes

How to Cook Ramen in a Microwave – Step by Step Guide

Use this recipe for fresh, hot, and healthy ramen soup with easily available kitchen ingredients. 

Step 1: Unpack Ramen

Remove ramen from the pack and transfer it to a bowl. 

Step 2: Add some water

Add some water to the bowl. 

Step 3: Add spices

Add chicken or beef flavoring in the bowl.

Step 4: Transfer in a Microwavable Dish

Transfer this to a microwave-friendly dish.

Step 5: Add instant flavoring

Add chicken/beef flavoring or chicken broth/stock in ramen.

Step 6: Microwave it for 5-6 minutes

Microwave it for 5-6 minutes.

Step 7: Serve hot

Serve hot with vinegar and green chilies.

Other Ingredients You Can Add To Your Ramen Soup

  • You can use Italian seasoning to sprinkle over your soup.
  • You can add boil egg to the soup.
  • You can add shredded chicken to the soup.
  • If you are a spice lover, then you can choose to add chili sauce.
  • You can also add vinegar dipped green chili to the soup.
  • You can also add ketchup to your soup.
  • You can add grilled/fried prawns to the soup.
  • You can have your soup with chicken or prawn crackers.
  • You can add mushrooms to the ramen soup.  

Health Benefits of Ramen Soup

Ramen soup cooked in chicken broth has a lot of health benefits for you. It will become a great source of protein for you. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • You will feel the whole full day.
  • It is a Source of Protein for you.
  • It will give you energy.
  • Chicken broth improves bone health.
  • Chicken broth improves blood circulation.

No doubt, Ramen soup is a delicious yet healthy recipe.

Can You Reheat Ramen Soup?

Yes, you can reheat your ramen soup. Reheat it for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Enjoy your fresh and hot ramen soup.


Making your ramen soup in the microwave is very easy. It keeps you filled for the whole day. This delicious and flavorful meal dinner gets ready in a few minutes. Amazingly, it tastes and smells the same as that cooked on a stove. You need a few common ingredients, and your fresh soup gets ready.  You can try this recipe to satisfy your spice cravings instantly.