Iced Tea Brands

If you enjoy a nice cup of iced tea, you may be wondering what iced tea brand is the best and which brands you should try. This is a common question as there are many iced tea brands on the market to choose from.

With so many iced tea options, it can be hard to decide on a specific brand. Especially if you are not familiar with which ones are the best options that provide high-quality tea flavors.

Though there are many options to choose from, these are not all going to be made the same way or have the same quality. There are specific iced tea brands that definitely stand out and are going to give you the best experience flavor-wise.

That is why you should do your research so that you know which brands to look out for on your next grocery shopping trip. Keep reading to find out what iced tea brands are the best and which one comes out on top.

Here is a list of brands for these products: Pickles, Tortilla, Lemonade, Cookie, Pistachio and Pretzel brands.

Best Iced Tea Brands

If you are looking for the best iced tea brand, look no further than Lipton tea. This is an extremely well-known tea brand in the US that sells a variety of tea bags as well as bottles of premade iced tea.

Homemade Iced Tea with Lemons

This is a company that has been around for a long time and has developed a well-known reputation for excellent tea. It provides a strong flavor that is reliable and has well-rounded notes of tea leaves.

You can find iced tea available in sweet black tea varieties as well as unsweetened iced tea and green tea. These are refreshing beverages that have the complex and delicious flavor of expertly brewed tea leaves.

Because this is such a well-known brand, you are not going to have any issues finding Lipton tea in grocery stores. It is also carried in convenience stores, gas stores, and a wide variety of grocery and superstores.

This is a great brand to try out, whether you like sweet iced tea, iced black tea, or iced green tea varieties.

1. Snapple

Snapple is another very well-known ice tea brand that most people are widely familiar with. This definitely makes this tea brand one of the best options that are not very far behind Lipton tea.

Snapple has been around for a long time and is known for its wide variety of iced tea flavors that you can buy. This includes a wide variety of fruity tea flavors as well as the typical iced tea that you would expect to find.

It gained a lot of attention as it said itself apart from the crowd with its beautiful glass bottle packaging and cute quotes on the bottle caps. It also stood out due to its bright and refreshing flavors that many other iced tea brands don’t offer.

If you love fruity tea, this is definitely the ice tea brand to try out. There are a wide variety of flavors, so that you will never get bored with the options that you have.

Because this is a well-known brand, it is also very easy to find in all grocery stores and a wide variety of convenience stores and gas stores.

2. Arizona

Arizona iced tea is another popular brand that has been around for quite some time and gained a lot of recognition when it first came into view. It is very recognizable as this iced tea is packaged in tins like soda.

Arizona iced tea is packaged in soda cans that are tall and beautifully decorated with the Arizona tea label. They immediately catch your eye and stand out apart from the other competitors in the iced tea market.

Arizona also offers some fruit juice options as well as iced tea options that have added fruit juice for flavor. You can find bold and unique flavors from this brand that other iced tea brands are not going to offer.

They are perfectly refreshing and boldly sweet, perfect for a sweet iced tea lover. They are also known for being extremely cheap, especially when you compare them to some of the other big names in iced tea.

3. Honest Tea

Honest Tea is a well-known tea brand known for its variety of iced tea flavor options for its customers. Many of these are natural flavors, such as a blend of black tea and lemonade or a lemon honey green tea option.

This is another brand that is easy to find and is going to give you an authentic iced tea experience. It is not overly sweetened and does not have a lot of artificial flavors covering the natural tea flavor.

Honest Tea provides simple flavors that really pack a punch and complement the natural flavor of the freshly brewed tea leaves. Giving you a perfectly refreshing and flavorful beverage that any tea lover would enjoy drinking.

4. Tazo

Tazo tea is a tea brand that is best known for its boxed tea bags that you can buy and brew yourselves at home. But it also sells a variety of iced tea options that are pre-brewed and bottled for your pleasure.

Many customers have described Tazo iced tea as being refreshing and very convincing out of the bottle. It doesn’t taste like a pre-bottled tea and is not overly sweet or artificial tasting.

It offers bold flavors that still highlight the natural flavor of the tea being used. As well as providing the natural and medicinal flavors that many customers love about the tea bags from Tazo.

5. Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf is an ice tea brand that is very well-known and is carried in most grocery stores and stores that sell beverages. It has gained recognition for its pure tea flavors that provide everything that you would expect to find in a glass of iced tea.

Pure Leaf tea flavors are simple and really give you an experience with freshly brewed tea leaves. It is not overly sweet and does not have flavors that are going to overpower the original flavor of the tea itself.

Because of this, Pure Leaf tea provides one of the most genuine experiences when drinking iced tea. It is straightforward with bold tea flavor and other flavors that simply complement it and give it depth.

Top Iced Tea Brand

If you are looking for the best iced tea brand, the number one brand seems to be Lipton tea. This is a classic tea brand that sells both tea bags as well as premade iced tea that is bottled and ready to go.

Lipton is known for its purity flavor that is bold and rich. You are not going to get a bland or watery iced tea from Lipton, as all of its teas are bursting with flavor.

But Lipton is not the only good iced tea brand that you should try if you are a tea lover. Brands like Snapple, Arizona, Tazo, and Pure Leaf are all great options as well.

These are all common ice tea brands that you should be able to find at just about any grocery store, convenience store, gas store, etc. They are trusted brands that provide top quality with some of the best tea leaves being brewed to create the finished product.

So if you are looking for a refreshing and flavorful iced tea brand to try out, you have a lot of options that you should try out.