IHOP Happy Hour

If you want to go to IHOP for happy hour, you may be wondering about IHOP happy hour times and when it is available to you. This is an important question to ask if you want to know when exactly happy hour is so that you can take advantage of it.

Happy hour is a great time of the day that most restaurants have that allows you to get access to different deals and specials. So that you can order what you want while being able to save a little money in the process.

But every restaurant is going to have different happy hour times as well as different deals and specials. So these are details that you want to look into before you go to IHOP for happy hour during the day.

Keep reading to find out more about IHOP happy hour and what time it is available Monday through Sunday.

IHOP Happy Hour Times

If you want to go to IHOP for happy hour, you are probably wondering about the IHOP happy hour times. As you need to know when you can go to enjoy happy hour, the good news is that happy hour is available all day long.

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This gives you the opportunity to be able to enjoy happy hour at IHOP no matter what time you go. This is very convenient for those who have a tight schedule or want to enjoy happy hour during the workday or after work.

There are no limitations as IHOP offers happy hour at any time that you would want to go there. Making it one of the most flexible restaurants to go to for happy hour so that you can enjoy the specials that are available.

Keep in mind that IHOP happy hour is restricted to the times that your local IHOP is open. Some locations may be open for less or longer times, so this is something to take into consideration before going to your local IHOP.

Happy Hour

Happy hour at IHOP is an all-day event that you can enjoy at any time. This is not limited to the afternoon or the evening, as many restaurants do for their happy hour times of the day.

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So you can visit your local IHOP at any time of the day that it is open and get access to happy hour discounts and benefits. Making this one of the more flexible options if you want to go somewhere to enjoy happy hour.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of IHOP are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. in the majority of locations. One thing that you should keep in mind is this could vary a bit depending on your location and the IHOP restaurant that you are going to.

For the most part, all IHOP locations open and close at the same time, allowing you to enjoy eating there during these times. This also means that happy hour goes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week.

IHOP Happy Hour Specials

The main happy hour special at IHOP is the ability to order breakfast all day long. This allows you to order anything from the breakfast menu no matter what time of day it is, so you can order exactly what you are craving.

This gives you the option of ordering two pork sausage links, two eggs, two pieces of bacon, and your choice of two buttermilk pancake options. This breakfast also gives you the option of getting hash browns as well to round it off.

These specials are not as extreme as some restaurants offer, but they are available to you all day long. They are also available Monday through Friday, so you can get the specials any day of the work week.

IHOP Has No Specials on Saturday and Sunday

It is important to discuss the fact that IHOP does not offer any specials on Saturday or Sunday. Its happy hour is available all day like the rest of the week, but you will not have access to the specials, available Monday through Friday.

You still have access to the IHOP menu and can order anything that appeals to you on Saturday and Sunday. The happy hour time is not different, and you can still show up whenever you feel like it to get a bite to eat.