Is Stella Artois Gluten-Free?

Is Stella Artois Gluten-Free?

If you want to be able to enjoy gluten-free beer, you may be wondering if Stella Artois offers gluten-free options. This is a commonly asked question, as beer lovers are always on the hunt for new and tasty options to drink.

Many people have gluten allergies or have a sensitivity to consuming gluten. This has created a widespread need for beers that are not made with any kind of gluten ingredients that could be irritating.

Beer has always originally been made with ingredients that do contain gluten, such as barley. Because of this, there are still many companies out there that do not offer gluten-free options, as they would have to completely change their recipe.

Though there are some beer companies that have started to offer gluten-free options for more of their customers. Keep reading to find out whether or not Stella Artois offers gluten-free beer.

Is Stella Artois Beer Gluten-Free?

If you want to be able to drink a gluten-free beer, you may be wondering if Stella Artois beer is gluten-free. Unfortunately for beer lovers, who cannot consume gluten, this company does not provide gluten-free beer options to choose from.

This is truly unfortunate for those who wanted to be able to try this type of beer even if they have food allergies. Being gluten intolerant is very common, and many people struggle to digest gluten even if they aren’t allergic to it.

Because of this, many people may be searching for a gluten-free beer option that they can safely drink without any side effects. And the good news is that there are many beer companies that have started to adjust their menus.

Because of this, it is easier than ever to find gluten-free beer options. Though not every beer company has jumped on this bandwagon to provide gluten-free beer options for its customers.

Stella Artois is just one of these companies that have yet to offer a gluten-free option. It did offer some gluten-free beers in 2018, but for some reason removed these options from its menu and has not added any more sense.

The basic ingredients that most Stella Artois beers include are:

  • Water
  • Barley
  • hops

Because barley is the main ingredient in the majority of these beer varieties, this makes them not gluten-free friendly. Barley contains gluten and is likely to cause a reaction in those who are gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive.

Because beer has originally been made with gluten ingredients, it can be difficult for a beer company to change its recipes to become gluten-free. This is why many people still struggle to find a gluten-free beer that they can also enjoy.

Is Stella Artois Cider Gluten-Free?

Though Stella Artois does not offer gluten-free beer options, it does have a gluten-free cider that you can try out. This is not a beer, but it does give you a distinct and unique taste from this beer-making company.

The Stella Artois Cidre is a dry apple cider that is full-flavored and contains natural flavorings from a wide variety of apples. It contains more ingredients than the beer options do, but none of the ingredients contain any kind of gluten.

This can be a great option if you are still looking for a beverage from this specific company. This is a delicious cider that is full-flavored and is sure to quench your thirst, even if it doesn’t have that distinct taste of beer made from barley.

This cider is also widely available and easy to find so that anyone can enjoy it if they are gluten-free and cannot drink the beer.

Is the Beer at Stella Artois Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, the beer from Stella Artois is not gluten-free, so it is not considered to be an option for those who are gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive. This can be disappointing as it can be difficult to find gluten-free beer options if you cannot consume gluten.

Beer has always traditionally been made from gluten ingredients, such as barley that are not safe for the majority of people to consume. If you have any kind of gluten allergy, you often cannot consume anything that has come into contact with gluten.

Though it is worth mentioning that the cider from Stella Artois is gluten-free and can be enjoyed by anyone. This is a dry apple cider that is full of fresh flavors, making it a great alternative if you cannot drink the beer.