Jack in the Box Chicken Strips

If you like chicken, you may wonder if Jack in the Box is worth visiting. The chain may not be a chicken restaurant, but they still make some good chicken strips.

Read on to learn about the different types of tenders you can get from your local Jack in the Box.

Overview of Jack in the Box Chicken Strips

Jack in the Box is a popular fast food chain with a variety of menu options. If you’re not a fan of burgers, the restaurant has chicken strips.

This is great for kids and adults who prefer chicken. It’s also useful for anyone who needs to cut back on beef but wants a good treat now and then.

Consider the two types of chicken strips you can order from Jack in the Box.

Chicken strips with ketchup

Regular Chicken Strips

Regular chicken strips are a standard part of the menu, and you can order four or six strips as part of a combo meal. The strips are quite large, so you may not need all six, plus you’ll get fries and a drink with the chicken.

Jack in the Box uses all-white meat chicken, so you don’t have to worry about some tasting different from others. That can be nice if you like a consistent experience when you go out to eat.

If you don’t need the fries or drink, you can order just the chicken strips. Jack in the Box sells them in the same quantities of four or six.

Spicy Chicken Strips

Occasionally, Jack in the Box brings back its specialty spicy chicken strips. That means they aren’t always available, but they’re a hit when they are on the menu. They most recently sold the spicy variety in the summer of 2022, but it’s unclear when they’ll come back again.

In the past, Jack in the Box has sold these strips in a few ways. First, you could get a snack box with two spicy chicken strips. You can also order them as a three-piece order or as part of a big box with eight of them.

These strips aren’t too spicy, but they have a nice kick. If you’re tired of bland chicken strips, be sure to follow Jack in the Box to learn when they’ll add these to the menu next.

Why Get Jack in the Box Chicken Strips

Jack in the Box is a pretty general fast food place. It’s not a chicken specialty restaurant, but it can be a good option for families or friend groups. Maybe you can’t agree on what to get, and you want chicken but someone else wants a burger.

Chicken strips On a wooden board

You could compromise by going to Jack in the Box. Then, you can order chicken strips, and the other people can order burgers. Everyone gets what they want, and of course, you can get the strips on their own or as a combo.

Or maybe you live near a Jack in the Box. If you don’t want to drive too far to pick up dinner, add this restaurant to your takeout rotation.

Other Fast Food Chicken Strips

If you’re just going to get chicken strips by yourself, consider if Jack in the Box is the best place. It may have some good chicken, but it’s not a chicken place.

Test the following chicken chains and compare them to Jack in the Box. Then, you can make sure you get the chicken that you’re craving.


Popeyes sells chicken tenders, and they make spicy and mild options. You can pair the tenders with your choice of sauce and a side. They sell fries, mashed potatoes, and other options, plus you’ll get a biscuit no matter what.

This chain also has some good drinks to help calm your palette if you get the spicy variety. And, unlike Jack in the Box, spicy chicken strips are a standard part of the menu. You don’t have to wait around for the summer to come to get the type of chicken you want.


Chick-fil-A is another popular chicken restaurant. They sell regular and spicy chicken strips, and you can get two, three, or four in an order. This chain doesn’t have as many sides as Popeyes but it has a lot of different sauces.

Pair your chicken with a drink as well to help keep the heat from hurting your mouth. Like Popeyes, spicy chicken strips are a standard part of the Chick-fil-A menu. They’re a good meal item for any day of the week except Sundays when the chain closes.


Of course, you may also want to try the chicken strips from KFC. You can order a tenders combo with as few as three pieces of chicken. They also sell tenders boxes with as few as eight pieces of chicken.

You can order more chicken if you want to feed a large group of people. It appears that KFC occasionally sells spicy chicken strips. However, the regular variety is the only option that you’ll find on the standard menu.

Raising Cane’s

Another chicken restaurant to try is Raising Cane’s. This chain sells chicken fingers almost exclusively, and they use tenders on the chicken sandwich. You can order two, three, four, or six chicken strips.

The order will come with fries, coleslaw, and a drink as well as Texas toast. This place is a good option for the whole family as long as you all like chicken. Unfortunately, they don’t sell spicy chicken strips, so you’ll need to be craving regular ones.