Jack in the Box Roost Fries

If you’re craving fries but don’t want to have them alone, consider if you can get some Roost Fries. They’re Jack in the Box’s take on loaded fries.

Read on to learn more about this limited-time special.

About Jack in the Box Fries

Like many popular fast food chains, Jack in the Box sells a standard side of fries. You can get them alone as a snack or with a sandwich or another main course for a meal.

They come in multiple sizes, and the restaurant sells regular fries all year. That means you can get them whenever you have a craving.

French Fries On A Tray

About the Roost Fries

Recently, Jack in the Box released Roost Fries for a limited time. The chain has two versions, and they’re both like different types of loaded fries.

So if you like adding some flare to your fries, you may want to test one or both versions out.

Classic Roost Fries

The Classic Roost Fries start off with the same fries you get at any Jack in the Box. Then, the restaurant adds pieces of white meat chicken. On top of that, you’ll get cheddar cheese sauce as well as shredded cheddar.

Roost sauce adds a finishing touch, but it’s unclear what’s in the sauce. A quick Google search didn’t reveal anything. The fries also didn’t appear on the online menu under the fries or chicken sections.

Spicy Roost Fries

If you like a bit of spice, you can also try the Spicy Roost Fries. Jack in the Box starts this version off similarly to the classic option. You’ll get warm fries, white meat chicken, cheese sauce, and shredded cheese.

Instead of Roost sauce, you’ll get some other mystery sauce. It’s unclear what that means, but it’s probably on the spicier side. Finally, jalapeños add even more spice to this dish.

When to Get Roost Fries

Sadly, Roost Fries aren’t a standard item at Jack in the Box. As of this writing, it’s unclear if the specialty fries are available to order. If they are, you’ll have to order them at the restaurant since the online menu doesn’t include them.

Over the past couple of years, it seems like Jack in the Box likes to release the fries in June. So it’s pretty safe to assume that will be the case in the future. If you’re reading this in May or June, be sure to pay attention to Jack in the Box on social media to know if they’re bringing the fries back.

Where to Get Roost Fries

Not only does Jack in the Box only offer the fries occasionally, not all stores may carry them. If they’re available, you may need to search around. You can call the various stores in your city or metro area.

Then, you can figure out if any locations close to you have the fries. Otherwise, you may need to travel a bit farther out of the way to satisfy your craving.

Make Your Own Roost Fries

While you may not be able to get Jack in the Box Roost Fries, you can recreate them. Sure, it might not taste quite the same. However, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the restaurant to bring them back.

Like Jack in the Box

The easiest way to make the fries is to get some shredded cheddar cheese from your local grocery store. You can also get some cheddar cheese sauce, such as from Tostitos or Velveeta. It looks like you can’t order just the sauce from Jack in the Box.

Now, go to your local Jack in the Box and order some fries and some chicken tenders or nuggets with some Roost sauce. Take them home and add the chicken and cheese along with the sauce to your bowl of fries.

If you want to recreate the spicy version, add jalapeños to your grocery list. Then, you can slice them up and put them on with the other toppings.

Your Own

Another benefit of making the fries at home is that you can make them however you want. Of course, you can use Jack in the Box fries as the base. But you can add chicken, bacon, beef, or any other meat that you like.

Fried Fries on White Tray

If you’re not a big cheddar fan, you can also swap out the cheeses. Maybe you use pepper jack to add some extra spice. You can also swap out the sauce with BBQ sauce, ranch, or something else.

Don’t like Jack in the Box chicken? Get some chicken from the grocery store and cook it yourself. Then, you can make sure you enjoy the finished product. Of course, you can also use any fries you want if you’re not a huge fan of Jack in the Box or if there isn’t one close to you.

Similar Loaded Fries

If you don’t want to prepare your own loaded fries, Jack in the Box isn’t the only restaurant that serves them. Now, they’re one of the only places that uses chicken as the protein.

But you can look into other options, like Shake Shack Cheese Fries. These are a good alternative if you’re vegetarian or if you don’t like chicken from restaurants.

Another restaurant with great loaded fries is Arby’s. Like at Jack in the Box, Arby’s combines cheese sauce with shredded cheese. It also includes ranch and bacon, rather than chicken, so keep that in mind.

If you can’t decide between fries and nachos, try the Taco Bell Nacho Fries Supreme. The dish comes with fries, nacho cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, and sour cream.