Jacks Breakfast Hours

If you enjoy eating at Jacks, you may be wondering when Jacks has its breakfast hours in the morning. This is a common question as people may not know when they can stop by to pick up a breakfast meal from the menu.

There are several kinds of restaurants that offer breakfast hours, but it is still considered to be quite rare. As the majority of restaurants do not offer breakfast or a breakfast menu that customers can choose from.

Even fast-food restaurants tend to have minimal options when it comes to breakfast food items. Making Jacks an ideal location if you want a hearty breakfast that is going to really make the beginning of your day.

But you will need to make sure that you get there in time as Jacks does have specific breakfast hours that it follows. Keep reading to find out when Jacks breakfast menu is and when the breakfast hours are no longer available.

What Is Jacks Breakfast Hours?

Jacks is a southern restaurant chain that offers a variety of foods that give in to that comfort food craving that you may have. Jack’s also offered breakfast, which typically starts at 5 A.M. in the morning at most locations.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this time may change depending on the Jacks location. The majority of these restaurants have the same schedule, but some of them may start at a later time than others.

Jacks starts selling breakfast the minute that it opens its doors in the morning. Making this an ideal location for those early birds who want to grab a quick bite to eat before beginning their day.

This is a great place to stop, as a lot of restaurants do not start serving breakfast until much later in the morning. Often offering breakfast after people have already gone to work and cannot leave to go pick up a breakfast option.

The majority of fast food places aren’t even open at this time, making this an ideal option for those who are up early and want a bite to eat. Jacks offers a variety of hearty breakfast menu options that are sure to give your day a good start.

Especially if you are looking for something more substantial than a basic pancake or cereal for breakfast.


When it comes to the breakfast menu from Jacks, you have a long list of options that are sure to satisfy just about anyone. This includes several specials and deluxe breakfast meals that include a variety of traditional breakfast food items.

Though you can also get individual items like breakfast wraps, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, hashbrowns, and a variety of other foods. All very hearty and filling, making them the perfect meal to start your day with.

Because this is a southern-based restaurant, you can expect to find all of the southern comfort food favorites on this breakfast menu. That includes biscuits and gravy as well as other hearty breakfast items that may not be served elsewhere.


Jacks also offers a lunch menu that is available between the breakfast and dinner hours during the day. This is the perfect time to stop by one of these restaurants to pick up a lunch menu item to enjoy before going back to work.

This typically includes lighter options like sandwiches, salads, and other types of finger food, perfect for lunchtime. Including a variety of southern favorites that you may be craving if you enjoy comfort food.


Jacks is a unique restaurant as it not only offers breakfast and lunch, but it also offers dinner options as well. The dinner hour for Jack’s typically starts at 4 P.M. in the evening after the breakfast and lunch menus have already gone through.

Dinner with friends

This menu includes all of the hearty favorites that you would expect to find on a southern restaurant menu. Including options like chicken fingers, fried chicken, coleslaw, biscuits, and mashed potatoes and gravy.

The dinner menu is very hearty and is going to give you the perfect meal to finish off your day. It is packed with plenty of southern comfort food options that many people would enjoy after a hard day.

Jacks Stops Serving Breakfast at 11:00 A.M.

Now that you know when Jacks starts serving breakfast, you may be wondering when it stops serving breakfast. Like the majority of restaurants that have a breakfast menu, Jacks does not serve breakfast all day, unfortunately.

This is a menu that is only available for a select period of time each day and becomes unavailable after that. So you can only enjoy the breakfast menu at Jacks from five in the morning until 11 A.M. in the early afternoon.

Once the breakfast time is over, the breakfast menu will no longer be available to be ordered from. So you need to make sure you get there before this happens, otherwise, you won’t be able to order any breakfast food items.

Jacks Has Reduced Hours for Holidays

It is also important to mention that Jacks is open on the majority of most holidays that are not major government holidays. Though it may have reduced hours for these days, which can affect the breakfast hours.

Some Jacks locations may open later or close earlier, affecting the amount of time you have to order from the breakfast menu. This can be a little bit different depending on the location, so you should contact your local jacks about this.

They will be able to tell you what their holiday hours are and whether or not the breakfast hours are still the same.

Final Thoughts

If you want to grab breakfast at Jack’s, you will need to do this within the breakfast hours that are offered. This typically is the period between 5 A.M. and 11 A.M. in the morning when the breakfast menu will be available.

Once this breakfast period is up, you will not be able to order from the breakfast menu until the next day when it is available again. This is due to the fact that Jack’s offer is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so it has to section off these different menu items.