Jimmy John’s Smokin’ Kickin’ Chicken

If you enjoy the sandwiches at Jimmy John’s, you may have heard of the smokin’ kickin’ chicken sandwich. This is a sandwich that many Jimmy John’s customers went crazy over as it was so delicious and popular.

This was just one chicken sandwich amongst many that fast food restaurants have started to release. As you may have noticed more and more spicy chicken sandwiches popping up all over.

Though Jimmy John’s really thought outside of the box and created a chicken sandwich unlike any other. So it really delivered and provided a unique menu option that is not going to be like any typical chicken sandwich that you have tried before.

Keep reading to find out more about the smokin’ kickin’ chicken sandwich at Jimmy John’s and what makes it so special.

Jimmy John’s Smokin’ Chicken Sandwich Review

If you enjoy eating at Jimmy John’s, you may have heard talk about the smokin’ kickin’ chicken sandwich that was so popular. This is something that any Jimmy John’s lovers should try out, as this was a very popular sandwich option.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

People absolutely raved about the sandwich and just how good it was when it was available. As more and more fast food restaurants have started offering spicy chicken options as this has become massively popular.

Only Jimmy John’s did this in a unique way, not offering a typical fried chicken sandwich like many other restaurants. Instead, customers got to experience a sandwich brimming with seared chicken, peppers, avocado, provolone cheese, etc.

So this was a very sophisticated take on a traditional chicken sandwich that you may see at other restaurants. As Jimmy John’s really kicked up the spice and notch and provided a mouthwatering sandwich that is not comparable to any other sandwich.

This is a great option for anyone who loves spiciness and a variety of flavors in one sandwich. As well as those who love a good chicken sandwich and want to try something that is a little outside of the box.


One of the main reasons why Jimmy John’s chicken sandwich really stands out is the kind of ingredients that it uses. It followed the trend and created a chicken sandwich like dozens of other fast food restaurants, but it did it differently.

Other fast-food restaurants offer typical fried chicken sandwiches with tomatoes, onions, pickles, etc. But Jimmy John’s took it up a notch and really created a more elevated chicken sandwich that has a lot more to offer.

Provolone cheese has richness and flavor, while cooked chicken provides a cleaner flavor than chicken that is battered and fried. Is also made with a creole pepper chili sauce that really elevates the spiciness and gives it a kick at the end.

So this is not like your typical chicken sandwich as it is going to pack a much more flavorful punch. As well as provide a Harmony of ingredients that other chicken sandwiches usually do not have.


The Jimmy John’s smokin’ kickin’ chicken sandwich is a Harmony of flavorful ingredients and additives to bring everything together. This creates a very flavorful sandwich that is really going to satisfy all of your cravings.

A variety of seasonings, peppers, and a generous dash of vinegar help to bring everything together and create a unique flavor. If you were looking for something on the bland side, you definitely do not want to try this chicken sandwich.

It is bursting with flavor and is going to give you a delightful kick at the end of spiciness. Though it is not so spicy that people can’t enjoy it, making it perfect for people whether they like spiciness or enjoying mild spice.


Another great aspect of the Jimmy John’s chicken sandwich is that it is full of texture. This is something that is very important when it comes to a sandwich, as texture really adds a lot to the experience.

Chicken sandwich

Many may assume that the Jimmy John’s chicken sandwich is going to lack texture because the chicken is not battered and fried. Though that is not the truth, as Jimmy John’s still has achieved plenty of texture without having to fry the chicken.

The chicken itself is seared, creating a nice crispiness to it without having to fry it. As well as the crunchy texture from the fresh veggies that are added to the sandwich that adds freshness and a good bite.

The Jimmy John’s chicken sandwich also has a long bun that is slightly crispy and buttery on the outside, creating a delightful bite. So you will not be lacking in texture when it comes to ordering a Jimmy John’s smokin’ kickin’ chicken sandwich.

Was Jimmy John’s Kickin’ Chicken Discontinued?

Many people have wondered if Jimmy John’s discontinued its kickin’ chicken sandwich as they have not been able to find it. As most Jimmy John’s menus will no longer show this particular sandwich as being available.

The good news is that this chicken sandwich has not been discontinued as it was a very popular option. Though with the bad news is that this sandwich was never meant to be a staple part of the Jimmy John’s menu

This was a limited-time menu option that was only available for a short amount of time. Making it crucial for customers to get their hands on this sandwich as quickly as they could as it came and went very quickly.

This is why you may not be able to find this chicken sandwich at Jimmy John’s anymore, as it is no longer available.