KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued

If you were a fan of KFC Beyond Chicken, you may be wondering if this menu item has been discontinued.

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This has been a very common question as customers have noticed that this menu item is no longer available.

This is something that many customers find to be quite alarming when a fast food place quietly removes a menu item. This is quite common despite the fact that it often results in an uproar from customers.

Despite the fact that these are usually decisions that are very upsetting to customers, restaurants have every right to remove menu items. Even if that menu item is popular, the restaurant may have its reasons for no longer offering it.

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Keep reading to find out whether or not the Beyond Chicken at KFC has been discontinued, and if so, why it is no longer available.

Is the KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued?

If you have noticed that KFC beyond chicken is not on the KFC menu anymore, you may be wondering if it has been discontinued. Unfortunately, the beyond chicken from KFC has been removed from the menu at this point in time.

KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued

Many customers were in an uproar as they noticed that the KFC Beyond Chicken was no longer visible on the menu. As well as no longer being available to order through food delivery services from KFC.

This menu item was quietly removed without giving any customers any kind of advance notice. This is why many customers were ultimately quite upset about this decision that was made without their input.

The Beyond Chicken was a special product designed specifically for KFC from the popular Beyond Meat brand that creates vegan meats. What many customers were unaware of was the fact that this was just a trial run.

KFC never added the Beyond Chicken to its menu indefinitely like it has other new menu items. This was simply meant to be a trial run to see how KFC customers reacted to a meat alternative arriving on the menu.

Many fast food places do this by releasing a special food item for a limited time. This is usually offered until supplies run out and the fast food place simply doesn’t restock that item anymore.

This is what happened with the Beyond Meat at KFC, as it eventually sold out and was not restocked.

Will the KFC Beyond Chicken be Coming Back?

Now that you know that the Beyond Chicken at KFC has been discontinued, you may be wondering if it is coming back. This is a good question to ask, as there is always a chance that my new items will come again.

Because this was simply a trial run of this new menu item, it was always doomed to be removed from the menu. Though we still do not know if it is going to be brought back to KFC.

KFC has yet to release any kind of statement about whether or not Beyond Chicken is going to come back to the menu. This all depends on whether or not the recipe needs to be adapted and if it’s sold well with customers.

There were some issues with the KFC Beyond Chicken, which may result in the recipe being changed. If this is the case, it is very likely that KFC will release this chicken again for another trial run with the new recipe.

This is because there were complaints from customers about the texture of the chicken becoming very unpleasant after it cooled. Because of these complaints, KFC may be trying to fix this issue with the recipe before releasing it again.

Not only are these kinds of trial runs used to decide if customers like the product. They are also used to find any issues that customers may not like about the item on the menu.

Was the KFC Beyond Chicken Vegan-Friendly?

One of the biggest marketing factors of KFC Beyond Chicken was the fact that it is a meat alternative. This is something that KFC has been trying to work towards as it currently does not offer any meat-free options that aren’t sides.

Beyond Meat is a vegan brand that creates meat alternatives that are very realistic. This brand partnered with KFC to create this menu item so that vegans would have a choice when going to this fast food restaurant.

However, this kind of backfired as customers were not completely receptive to this item. There were a few complaints that came up about the Beyond Chicken, such as:

  • Cross-contamination in the kitchen
  • Same oil being used

Many vegans were concerned about cross-contamination in the kitchen as so much of KFC food is meat. Though the biggest concern was the fact that the Beyond Chicken was fried in the same oil as all of the rest of the chicken.

This resulted in quite the uproar as this menu item was labeled as not being vegan friendly because it was fried in oil that also fried meat.

Has the KFC Beyond Chicken Been Discontinued?

The Beyond Chicken at KFC has been discontinued for the time being, as far as we are aware. The Beyond Chicken was never fully released to the menu, it was merely released as a trial run to see how customers reacted.

There were a few issues with the chicken alternative and some complaints. These are all things that may affect whether or not KFC releases this item back to its menu to have a permanent place.

There have been some whispers of KFC working to better its recipe before doing another trial run.