KFC Hot Wings Discontinued

KFC Hot Wings Discontinued

If you have enjoyed ordering the KFC hot wings you may be wondering if this menu item has been discontinued. This has been a common question as customers are having a hard time finding the hot wings at their local KFC.

This is something that many customers fear, as restaurants have the option to remove menu items without a moment’s notice. This can be very upsetting to customers as their favorite menu items can be removed at any time.

In the last few years, this seems to have become more common as more and more restaurants are giving their menus a makeover. This has resulted in many happy customers as menu items are disappearing.

This is why many KFC customers may be worried about the absence of the hot wings on the menu. Keep reading to find out whether or not the hot wings at KFC have been discontinued, and if so, why that is.

Are the KFC Hot Wings Discontinued?

There is unfortunate news for customers who have enjoyed the KFC hot wings, as these have been discontinued. This was a fairly new decision that came as a shock to many customers who frequently ordered this menu item from KFC.

KFC recently discontinued its hot wings as it was having difficulty selling them despite the fact that many people did like them. For the most part, KFC has always been known for its fried chicken options which remain popular to this day.

Though KFC has gradually added many other options to its menu, none of them usually compare to its fried chicken. This is probably why KFC tends to frequently discontinue menu items without a moment’s notice.

The hot wings are just one menu item that has been discontinued from KFC with absolutely no notice to customers. There also hasn’t been a statement from KFC explaining why this decision was ultimately made.

This has been very upsetting to customers who really enjoy the hot wings at KFC. This was a menu item that stood out amongst the other protein options and resulted in quite a few sales.

Items getting discontinued never sits well with customers, especially when they are given no notice about this change. Oftentimes customers go to order their favorite item only to find that it is not available on the menu anymore.

Why Were the KFC Hot Wings Discontinued?

Because KFC never gave an official statement about removing the hot wings, there is no knowing why this decision was made. Though there has been quite a bit of speculation across the Internet.

Some KFC employees have said that the hot wings did not sell very well despite the fact that several people did like them. KFC is best known for its fried chicken, and that is the menu item that tends to sell the best.

The hot wings were good but were often left unbought at the end of the day and ended up being thrown away. This resulted in quite a bit of waste that the KFC fast food restaurants did not want to continue doing.

And the hot wings that were bought by customers had often been sitting around for hours since no one was buying them. Because of this, KFC most likely decided that this menu item was not worth the hassle that it was creating.

Despite the fact that there were many customers who enjoyed the hot wings, there just wasn’t enough of them. You may really like a menu item, but there have to be many other customers who also like it and will buy it.

Otherwise, that restaurant is actually going to be losing money by keeping that menu item available to customers.

Did KFC Discontinue Potato Wedges?

The hot wings at KFC are not the only thing that customers have been complaining about lately. As KFC has also been removing many other menu items that have been popular for quite a while.

This has created quite a bit of frustration amongst KFC customers who are saying their favorite menu items leave suddenly. Though KFC has not touched most of its classic menu items that have been around for years.

However, one big change it did make was removing the potato wedges that have been on its menu for such a long time. This came as a huge shock to customers as this was a menu item that they never would have assumed would leave.

The potato wedges were removed from the menu to make way for the classic fries that KFC started to offer. This change did not go over well with most customers, as many prefer the potato wedges much more.

This is another item that was removed without any kind of explanation from KFC except that it was changing up the menu. The potato wedges, as well as many other items, have been removed since, such as:

  • Hot wings
  • Popcorn chicken
  • Beyond chicken
  • Zinger
  • Apple turnover

Have the KFC Hot Wings Been Discontinued?

If you have been a fan of the hot wings at KFC, the unfortunate news is that this menu item has been discontinued. This is a change that KFC made relatively recently as it continues to change its menu.

The hot wings are just the latest menu item to leave, as many other changes have been made to the menu. Including the drastic change of removing the potato wedges, which created quite a stir amongst customers.

KFC has also removed other menu items, such as the zinger, apple turnover, and the popcorn chicken. It seems as though it is changing up its menu and trying to offer new options for its customers.