KFC Standard Bucket Vs Drums and Thighs

If you are trying to place an order at KFC, you may be wondering about KFC standard bucket vs drums and thighs. And which option is going to be the better option to order if you are stopping by this popular fried chicken restaurant?

This is a commonly asked question as KFC is an extremely popular fast-food restaurant that people enjoy. It offers a variety of comfort food options, with its various fried chicken options being in the stars of the show.

There is no other fast food restaurant quite like KFC, which is why it has continued to be so popular amongst customers. It has no real competition and has dominated the fried chicken market for as long as it has been in business.

It also offers a variety of options that are perfect to feed one or two people or a large crowd. Making it ideal for all situations when you need to feed people good food.

Keep reading to find out whether or not the KFC standard bucket is a better option than the drums and thighs.

Which Is Better: KFC Standard Bucks or Drums and Thighs?

If you are trying to decide between a KFC standard bucket vs drums and thighs, you may not know which is the better option. For the most part, customers agree that the standard bucket is the better option as it offers more variety.

Not only do you have a variety of options with the KFC standard bucket, you also get some drums and thighs added in. So even if these are your favorite kinds of meat from KFC, you still get to enjoy them in a standard bucket.

This is also the ideal option to feed a crowd when you have people who enjoy different cuts of meat at KFC. So everyone gets an option that they enjoy eating as a standard bucket contains various types of meat.

You can order drums and thighs from KFC, but that is all you are going to get. This does not give you the variety that a standard bucket does and may not be ideal for a group of people who have different tastes.

These are things to keep in mind when you are trying to decide between these two options at KFC. Both are great, but one option is definitely going to give you more variety and more crowd appeal.

Standard Bucket

The standard bucket at KFC comes in various sizes that offer different types of fried chicken. This is why it is so popular, as it is perfect for families or for large groups of people who enjoy different kinds of fried chicken.

This gives you all of the variety you could ask for, especially since you may not be able to request exactly what you want when you order. So this gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to have a little bit of everything.

In a standard bucket, you will get two pieces of thighs, drums, breasts, and wings. You will also get four biscuits and two large sides of your choosing with this meal.

That is just for a standard bucket, as there are other buckets with various pieces of fried chicken. So you can choose as small or as large of a bucket as you need to feed your family or crowd of friends.

Drums and Thighs

If you just want to order drums and thighs from KFC, this is usually an option that is available to you. There are also several different meals on the menu that offer just drums or just ties as well as both that you can choose from.

You could also request a standard bucket that only has drums and thighs if that is really what you want and you want a large quantity of them. Though this may not always be possible, so you will just need to ask and see what they say.

Overall, drums and thighs are not as popular an option as this does not give you as much diversity in the fried chicken. It can also be slightly more difficult to only get these types of fried chicken if they are not available on the menu by themselves.

What Is in a KFC Standard Bucket?

A KFC standard bucket is a variety of fried chicken as well as sides to create a large meal. This is perfect to feed a medium-sized family as there is plenty of chicken and sides to go around.

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The most common bucket is the standard KFC bucket, which includes eight pieces of fried chicken. This includes two drums, two thighs, two wings, and two breasts, as well as two large sides and four biscuit sides.

Though there are other sizes of KFC buckets that will include more pieces of fried chicken, such as the 10-piece bucket. So you can’t easily choose the size of bucket that will fit the number of people that you are feeding in the best way.

You Can Request Drums or Thighs

If you do not want to order a standard bucket and have a variety of fried chicken options, you can request drums and thighs by themselves. This is something that many KFC locations will accommodate if they are able to at the moment.

If your KFC location is not busy and has plenty of drums and thighs on hand, it will usually accommodate this request for you. Though it may cost a little bit more than if you were to order something directly off the menu.

Some locations may not allow this as it can lead to shortages in the kitchen when other customers are ordering. So you will need to simply ask to see if this is an option that is available at your KFC restaurant.

Final Thoughts

If you are torn between KFC standard bucket options and drums and thighs, you may not know which option is better. The KFC standard bucket is the more popular option and offers more variety and convenience.

While ordering drums and thighs on their own can be more complicated and lead to a more expensive meal depending on the location.