Least Spicy Meat at Chipotle

If you want to go out to eat at Chipotle, you may be wondering what the least spicy meat at Chipotle is. Especially if you are someone who is not a fan of spicy foods or you cannot tolerate it.

Although a large percentage of people enjoy spicy foods, that is not the case for everyone. There are many people who do not enjoy spicy foods and have a very low heat tolerance.

If you are eating out at chipotle, this can cause issues as a lot of Chipotle foods are a little on the spicy side. Especially the meat options, which tend to be very flavorful and spicy from all of the seasonings that have been added.

Keep reading to find out what the least spicy meat at Chipotle is and how to make your Chipotle meal less spicy.

Which Chipotle Meat Is Not Spicy?

If you enjoy eating at Chipotle but do not want an extremely spicy meal, you may be wondering what is the least spicy meat at Chipotle. The least spicy meat option that you can get is the braised Carnitas option.

The braised Carnitas is a Mexican version of pulled pork, resulting in a deliciously savory protein option. This meat option goes really well with a large variety of Chipotle meals, so you can choose it no matter what else you are ordering.

Chipotle Meat

This is an option that is not going to be spicy like many of the other meats at Chipotle. This can be a good thing if you are not a fan of spicy foods and do not want to choose something that is going to make your whole meal hot.

Because Chipotle food is Mexican-inspired, it has a tendency to be quite spicy in general. Other spicy elements, in combination with a spicy meat option can make your meal less pleasant to eat if you aren’t a fan of spicy food.

Meat Options at Chipotle

Chipotle has a large variety of meat options that you can choose from. Giving you plenty of flexibility when building your meal, depending on your preferences.

The majority of the meat options at Chipotle, are going to be on the spicy side from all of the seasonings and marinades. Most of the meats are highly seasoned and have spicy ingredients to up the flavor a notch.

The braised Carnitas is going to be the least spicy option, but if you don’t mind a little bit of spice, there are many other options to choose from.

Pollo Asado

The Pollo Asado is a specialty meat option that is not yet a permanent part of the chipotle menu. It is made with chicken in it, but it goes through a different process than the other chicken option on the menu

This creates a very unique flavor that many customers have been raving about, while still giving you the delicious mildness of chicken.



The Barbacoa is a shoulder part of the meat that produces a very tender option. It has been spiced with a large variety of seasonings, including cloves for unique flavor.

It pairs beautifully with tacos, but you can add it to the majority of other Chipotle dishes that you enjoy.

Smoked Brisket

The smoked brisket is just as the name describes, a smoked brisket option. This is a minimally seasoned meat option that has a delicious smoky flavor from how it has been cooked.

It is very tender and makes a great addition to any meal if you are looking for something with a slightly more unique flavor profile.


The steak is one of the most popular meat options at Chipotle as it is perfectly cooked and tender. It is cut into strips and seasoned very simply with salt and pepper and a few other seasonings.

The steak makes a perfect addition to any kind of Chipotle meal that you may get, as the majority of people enjoy eating steak.


The Carnitas is pulled pork that is made in a Mexican style. This is a delicious option that has a fantastic flavor that many customers enjoy with their Chipotle meals.

It has a great texture and can be added to any kind of meal, as it has flavors that go well with other Chipotle menu items.


Chipotle chicken has been marinated to create a very flavorful and moist protein option. It is also shredded for a delicious texture that goes well with any kind of Chipotle meal.

This is a great protein option for those who want something very mild that will go with anything else on the menu.


Chipotle Food Doesn’t Always Have to be Spicy

There are many people who enjoy eating at Chipotle, but they may not necessarily like spicy foods. This is quite common as a large number of people don’t actually enjoy spicy foods or have a very good tolerance for them.

The good thing is that not all Chipotle food has to end up being spicy. Although there are many spicy items on the menu, there are ways that you can counteract this for a more mild flavor meal.

This can be important if you have stomach issues and are not able to handle spicy foods. You may even have a reaction to the heat, resulting in you needing to avoid spicy foods as much as possible.

This shouldn’t be an issue as long as you know a few tricks to reduce the heat and the chipotle food that you may order. The Chipotle is known for some very spicy options, not everything on the menu is going to be very hot.

Avoid Salsa

One of the more spicy options at Chipotle is going to be its salsa options. Even if you get the mild salsa, this is still going to add some heat to your overall meal from the hot peppers.

If you really want to avoid spicy foods, you should avoid ordering any salsa at all so that you do not have this added spice to your meal. As long as you get a good variety of ingredients, your meal should still be very flavorful without the salsa.

Get a Mild Protein

It is true that many of the meat options at Chipotle are on the spicier side of their seasonings. But the braised Carnitas is not spicy, so this is a great option to choose as well as the smoked brisket.

You can also ask the staff at Chipotle about the heat level of each type of meat. Some are spicy but are going to be much milder than other spicier options on the menu.

Get Rice

One great trick to reduce how spicy your Chipotle meal is, is to order an extra large side of rice. Rice is a basic part of Chipotle meals, but you can order extra as well.

Rice is a bland food and helps to cut through spiciness, balancing out the rest of the meal. This can be a great way to reduce how spicy your meal is without necessarily having to avoid certain menu items.

This will also create a more filling meal if you are especially hungry and need some bulk to help you stay full. You already get a generous side of rice, but you can pay for additional rice as well.