Lucas Mexican Candy

If you like spicy foods, you can enjoy some spicy candy. Lucas is an amazing Mexican candy brand to try. Read on to learn about some of its most popular candies.


I remember loving powdered candy as a kid. It was especially fun to pour the powder onto a lollipop or another piece of candy.

The baby candy from Lucas can give you this same experience, but it’s quite spicy.


Sometimes, I enjoy chewing on some gum. The BomVaso candy is a gumball candy, and you can choose lemon or tamarind for the flavor.

I like how the texture changes as you chew on the gumball. Plus, it comes with powdery candy that you can eat with the gum or later on. I just wish that each package had more than one serving because you can run out of it fast.


Another one of the most fun Lucas Mexican candies is Gusano. You squirt the liquid onto your tongue, and that gives you a sour blast in your mouth.

I love sour candies, so I’d go for that standard flavor. However, you can also buy tamarind or chamoy flavors. Plus, you can consume as much of the candy as you want in a sitting.


One of my favorite fruits is the mango, so I imagine I’d love the Lucas mango candy. I love how it’s a powder candy, and it comes in a small bottle.

First, I’d try the powder on its own. But I might use it with a sucker or something and dip the sucker in the powder to combine the mango with another candy flavor.


Another candy I’d love to try is the Muecas from Lucas. This candy reminds me of the American Baby Bottle Pop. I like how you can dip the candy into some powder to add flavor and texture.

The powder is both sweet and spicy, and you can add as much or as little powder as you want. Even as an adult, I’d love the experience of eating the candy, and it comes in flavors like tamarind, cherry, and mango.


Lucas Pelucas is a spicy candy that you squeeze out of a bottle. Candy comes out of the top, and it looks almost like an exploding volcano.

As of this writing, the only flavor I could find was tamarind. And according to the spice meter, it’s a hot candy, so I wouldn’t try it if you prefer mild flavors.


The salsagheti looks like a candy version of spaghetti. You get a few thin, long pieces of candy per pack, and I think each pack is the perfect serving size.

I’d probably try the mango, but you can also get a sour flavor and a sandia variety. The sandia flavor is also available in a sharing-size pack, which is great for friends or couples who want to indulge in the candy together.


The candies that are the most interesting to me are skwinkles and swkinklote from Lucas. These are long, thin strips of candy with a flavorful filling, such as tamarind, so they’re a little like Twizzlers.

Skwinlotes are similar, but only one roll comes per pack. That candy comes in flavors like sandia as well.

Vero Takis

I’ve heard of Takis chips, which are a spicy, savory snack. But Vero Takis are a type of candy from the brand Lucas.

They also come with a spicy flavor, but they look like lollipops. You can dip the stick in the powder to make the candy as spicy as you like. I don’t like Takis the chips, but if I did, I would probably enjoy this candy.

Where to Find Lucas Mexican Candy?

If you want to try Lucas Mexican Candy, your best bet is to buy some online. You can find some online stores that sell the brand, such as Mexican candy stores.


Even more general retailers, like Amazon, carry some Lucas candies. However, you may need to shop around if you’re looking for something specific.

You can also check local candy stores or Mexican food stores. It doesn’t hurt to call ahead to make sure they have what you want.

For most people, ordering the candy online is the best option. Just make sure you get the fastest shipping possible. That way, the candy doesn’t sit somewhere for too long where it could potentially melt and not be edible.

How to Choose the Right Candy?

The Lucas brand makes a lot of different Mexican candies. That can make it difficult to decide which candy to try first.

If you can’t decide, you can narrow your choices down in a few ways. First, maybe you really like a particular flavor, such as mango. In that case, you can stick to the candies that come in a mango flavor.

Or maybe you like the experience of eating powdered candy. In that case, look at some of the options, like the Baby Mango option. On the other hand, if you like a lot of heat, the Vero Takis could be a good starting point.

You’ll also want to consider factors like available stock, shipping time, and cost. That way, you can make sure you can afford to buy the candy you want. Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best deal.

If you don’t need the candy now, you can also wait for a few weeks. Pay attention to any sales that specific retailers have. Then, you can get the best deal on the Lucas Mexican candy of your choice.