McDonald’s Hot’n Spicy McChicken

If you enjoy eating out at McDonald’s, you may be interested in the hot’n spicy McChicken sandwich. This is a very popular sandwich option that features a spicy Patty that has a kick of flavor and spice for heat lovers.

This is just one of many sandwich options that McDonald’s offers and has brought to the menu. As McDonald’s is known and loved for a variety of sandwich options that customers regularly buy on the go.

McDonald’s is also very well known for its chicken options, as this is its most popular type of protein source. Including other menu items like its chicken nuggets, which are also insanely popular when compared to other fast food restaurants.

Keep reading to find out more about the McDonald’s hot’n spicy McChicken sandwich and whether or not it is still on the menu.

Hot’n Spicy McChicken Sandwich at McDonald’s

If you are a long-time fan of McDonald’s foods, you may have heard about the hot’n spicy McChicken sandwich. As this is a very popular menu item that features a spicy chicken patty on a bun that really brings the heat.

Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw and Pickles

This is a delicious sandwich that was very popular from the minute that McDonald’s added it to the menu. As it made a strong push to engage more customers and keep its momentum with so much competition popping up around it.

The sandwich is not extremely unique as it features common McDonald’s sandwich toppings with the regular type of bun. But the star of the show is the spicy chicken patty that really brings the heat and gives you a strong kick of spice.

Many fast-food customers enjoy chicken products, especially those that are on the spicy side. As there are many people who enjoy quite a strong kick of heat when enjoying their fast food, especially with such a mild protein source, such as chicken.

So if you are a fan of the sandwiches at McDonald’s as well as spicy foods, this might just be the best sandwich for you to try out the next time you go to McDonald’s.

Spicy Chicken Patty

The star of the show, when it comes to this chicken sandwich is the spicy chicken patty that sits between the bun. This is what really sets this sandwich apart and makes it unique and tasty, as it is not extremely sophisticated.

This is a basic chicken patty that is coated in a thin and crispy breading that provides a nice crunch and flavor. The patty itself is very spongy and pleasant with the typical flavor of McDonald’s chicken patties that you are probably familiar with.

At first bite, you may not notice anything different, but you will eventually feel the kick of heat from the patty. Many customers say that it is quite strong and catches you off guard as you do not expect this chicken sandwich to be quite as hot as it really is.

Mayo and Lettuce

Aside from the bun and the chicken patty, the only other things included in this Mc chicken sandwich are mayo and lettuce. These are two very basic sandwich ingredients that you will find on the majority of McDonald’s sandwiches.

There is nothing exceptional about these ingredients aside from the fact that they do help to cut through the heat of the patty. Which can be quite useful if you are not necessarily a fan of very spicy foods but still want to enjoy the flavor of this McChicken sandwich.

The mayo and the lettuce are both cooling ingredients and help to cut through some of that heat. Making the sandwich more enjoyable for those who are not a huge fan of extreme heat.

The Hot’n Spicy McChicken Sandwich Is Back on the Menu

Many customers were extremely upset with McDonald’s in 2006 when it took the hot’n spicy McChicken sandwich off of the menu. This sandwich was never actually meant to be a permanent part of the menu, as it was simply meant to attract more customers.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

This was upsetting to many customers as this was quite a popular sandwich option and many people enjoyed it. But nonetheless, the chicken sandwich was removed from the menu, and customers had to satisfy themselves with other options.

However, the hot and spicy McChicken sandwich was added back to the menu in 2020. Much of a surprise and excitement for many of the customers who had enjoyed the sandwich before.

Now, this is a permanent part of the McDonald’s menu, and you should be able to find it at any McDonald’s location near you. So now you can enjoy the hot’n spicy McChicken sandwich if you are a fan of spicy foods.

McDonald’s Hot’n Spicy McChicken Calorie Count

Now that you know more about the hot’n spicy McChicken sandwich, you may be wondering how many calories it has. This is a common question as many people have to take into consideration the calories of fast food.

McDonald’s states that there are 400 calories in a spicy McChicken sandwich as a whole. This is the calorie count without any sides or a drink, so you need to take that into consideration when placing your order.

This is considered to be quite a high amount in terms of a single sandwich, as 400 calories are quite a lot for the typical person’s diet. But it is not extravagant when you compare it to other fast food options at McDonald’s.

So this sandwich should just be a special treat and should not be eaten too regularly as it is quite calorie-dense.