What is Mexican Tamarindo Candy?

For years, Mexican tamarindo candy has been popular for its unique flavor. It is also known as tamarind candy.

Candy makers produce tamarindo candy from the fruit of the tamarind tree. The tree is present in many parts of Mexico, Africa, and Asia.

Mexican Tamarindo Candy

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The Flavour

The tamarind fruit imparts a sweet, zesty, and spicy flavor to the candy.

The reason for this is that this versatile candy works like magic with a wide range of ingredients. Tamarind blends well with popular Mexican ingredients like sweet candies or spicy chilies.

Additionally, Tamarindo candy contains beneficial nutrients like Vitamin B and tartaric acid.

Pelon Pelo Rico

It is perfect for you if you love the gooey chewy texture of a candy slowly melting in your mouth. The candy contains a naturally spicy and sour flavor, so the tamarind flavor stays in the spotlight.

The candy’s texture, flavor, and tangy aroma have popularized it all over Mexico and the United States of America.

Since it has become so widely demanded, many different types of Pelon Pelo Rico lollipops, fruit seasonings, and flavor extracts are available.

Vero Pico Goma

Vero Pico Goma has a jelly-like, gummy texture. The chilly and sugar coating on each candy takes the unique deliciousness up a notch.

The roughness of the sugar and chilies melts in your mouth, and a sot, gummy candy is left filled with tamarind goodness.

They are used for

  • Halloween;
  • filling candy jars;
  • piñatas for children.

The candy contains ingredients like

  • sugar;
  • benzoate;
  • citric acid;

Cajeta Candy

The Tamarindo Cajeta candy is one of the Mexican favorites. The outer bit of the candy is silky and creamy with milky goodness. Oh, and to make it even better, the thick syrup is in the gooey center of Cajeta candy bars.

You can pair it with other sweets and churros, use it as a topping for French toasts and cereals, or ice creams. Your mouth will start watering by looking at the smooth, aromatic Cajeta caramel on a brownie.


The perfect blend of a little bit of sweet, salty, and spicy flavors, this candy will steal the show any day. The delicious pulp of tamarind fruit and chilly flakes intensify the taste further.

It is a single candy that provides the delight of several yummy flavors. If you love extra spice, try the Pulparindo extra hot tamarind pulp candy to bless your taste buds. The spicy and tangy taste will take you back to the roots of Mexican cuisine.

Lucas Gusano

If you’re a tamarind lover, Lucas Gusano brings it in the best liquid form for that extra hint of spice. It goes with every flavor, and you will love having it with snacks and desserts.

Some people also enjoy mixing the liquid, flowy candy with tajin. You can also have it straight from the bottle as a seasoning on fruit salads and tacos. The taste is truly addictive.

Chamoy Candy

Another delightful candy for Mexicans, Chamoy candy contains topical fruit bases like mangos and apricots. The slightly sweet and salty touch of tamarind makes the candy out of this world.

A popular Mexican slush called chamoyada is a huge attraction for spice and tamarind lovers.

The candy is in liquid and paste form, but there is chamoy powder that you can sprinkle on fruits. You can easily purchase this candy from any candy shop in Mexico.


Borrachitos are readily available in Puebla, Mexico, due to high demand.

You can find Borrachitos in many flavors, like strawberry, pineapple, and lime. These fruity flavors have a generous amount of tamarind.

The candy has a gooey, jelly consistency. Small sugar grains are used to coat the candy for sweetness. Oh, and the best bit is they are healthy and homemade!


Rebanaditas candy is also called Risandias. You will be head over heels for this candy when you taste it.

It has the most delicious spicy chilly coat paired with some salt. Then comes the sweet watermelon taste for a burst of different flavors. The spicy chilies on the lollipop are a treat for the eyes too!

The candy is mildly hot, so it is surely a go-to candy for spice lovers.

Mexican Lollipops

Children love lollipops, and when we talk about Mexico, adults and children alike will rush toward a tamarind-flavored lollipop.

The best part is these lollipops will cater to all kinds of taste buds; hot, spicy, mild, and sweet.

These tamarind lollipops come in fruity combinations like mango and apricot.


Therefore, tamarind is truly a versatile ingredient that many people enjoy. You have plenty of tamarind candy options right at your fingertips.

You can order them online from platforms like Amazon or take a walk to a nearby candy store to experience some of the tangy, sweet, and spicy flavors yourself.