Can You Microwave Frozen French Fries?

Can You Microwave Frozen French Fries?

French fries are one of the most popular foods in different countries of the world. These delicacies, which are made from potatoes, are served alongside burgers, barbecue chicken, turkey, seafood, and more. Different popular fast-food chains like McDonald’s have their own custom meals that include french fries.

Not only are french fries delicious, but they are also easy to prepare. 

With some fresh potatoes, you can fry your own french fries at home. Besides, homemade french fries can be prepared in larger quantities than what fast-food chains sell.

However, preparing your own french fries from scratch would require some peeling and cutting before finally frying in hot oil. Personally, I dislike the peeling and cutting process. It is that dislike that has led me to the use of pre-cut frozen fries. 

These frozen fries are usually half-cooked and only require a little more cooking before being served and eaten. They save you from all the stress associated with peeling and cutting raw potatoes. All you need do is remove the frozen french fries from their packaging and fry them in hot oil till they’re crisp on the outside and deliciously soft inside. 

But what if you also dislike frying? What do you do? Lucky for you, there are other alternatives to cooking your frozen french fries. In this article I’d like to share how you can cook frozen french fries in the microwave – yes, in the microwave! 

Can you microwave frozen french fries? Yes, you can microwave frozen french fries. If you do it correctly, you’ll save yourself from peeling, cutting, and frying all together. The steps for microwaving frozen french fries are quite simple to follow. 

What to Know When Microwaving Frozen French Fries

The microwave may seem like an unconventional way to cook frozen french fries, nevertheless it is still an effective alternative to frying. Microwaving is less stressful and it cooks the fries with a crispy exterior and soft insides. So, what’s stopping you from using this cooking option? 

You may have heard before that microwaving doesn’t give good results when used to cook frozen french fries. I’d like to point out that there are actually frozen french fry brands that are made to cook well in the microwave. If you’ll be subscribing to the microwaving alternative, it is important that you purchase one of these microwaveable brands. 

Some microwaveable french fries include Mydibel microwave fries, Ore-Ida, McCain Quick Chips, and fries to go. Check some of the grocery stores you frequent for microwaveable frozen French fries. 

How to Cook Frozen French Fries in the Microwave 

Frozen french fries cooked in the microwave will be slightly different from the fried ones. However, what really matters is that the microwave-cooked fries should have the right texture and taste. Here are the steps you need to follow when cooking frozen french fries in a microwave: 

  • Get hold of a baking sheet to spread the frozen french fries on. If the fries are too much to fit the baking sheet at once, you may need to microwave them in batches. It is even better to divide the fries into smaller batches for microwaving. Doing so will make it easier and faster for the frozen french fries to cook. The baking sheet is used because it distributes heat nicely to the fries. 
  • Place the baking sheet inside the microwave and let it sit there for about 120 – 180 seconds. Set the microwave to high and try flipping the fries over after they’ve been heated for the first few minutes. 
  • Check on the frozen french fries at regular intervals to see how well they’ve cooked. Keep flipping and heating them till they’re well cooked. However, you must be careful not to expose the frozen french fries to microwave heat for too long. Overexposure to microwave heat will cause the fries to lose their moisture and also get burned. 

To make sure the fries don’t get too dry, you can add some cooking oil on them – just a little oil will do since you’re not attempting to fry them. 

Additionally, you may also reheat french fries in the oven.

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How Long to Cook Frozen French Fries in the Microwave?

When you want to microwave your frozen French fries, set the microwave’s temperature to the high setting. After that, go ahead to place the frozen French fries in the microwave for about 3 minutes to heat. After the first 3 minutes of heating in the microwave, flip the fries over and sit them back down in the microwave to heat for another 5-7 minutes. In the end, you’ll cook the fries for about 8 – 10 minutes. 

Are Frozen Fries Already Cooked?

Although you’re supposed to cook your frozen French fries, the truth is that they’ve already been put through some processing before they were bagged and distributed. The manufacturers first blanch the raw potatoes before they go on to fry it in oil. So yes, frozen French fries are partially cooked. 

Should You Defrost Frozen French Fries before Frying?

The crispiness of cooked frozen French fries is dependent on some factors. One of such factors is the state of the French fries before frying. Whether the frozen fries are defrosted first or not, you can still get great results. However, I would personally recommend that you don’t leave them to defrost before frying them.


If you’ve always been peeling and cutting raw potatoes to fry, you can make changes now. Save yourself from all the stress by purchasing packaged frozen French fries that only need a little more cooking before consumption. 

As mentioned, it is best to purchase brands that are purposely made to be cooked in the microwave. Such brands will give a crispier and tastier result than frozen fries which aren’t intended for cooking in the microwave. A few minutes of heating on the high setting is all you need for your batch of delicious french fries to be cooked.