Mustard Brands

People put mustard on everything from hot dogs to hamburgers. You can even use it in recipes to add flavor.

But before you do any of that, you should choose from the best mustard brands. That way, you can make sure the product will be of great quality.

What Are the Best Mustard Brands?

The best mustard brands include Heinz, French’s, and Grey Poupon. Other brands that make good mustard include 365, Annie’s, and Trader Joe’s. Mr. Spice, Maille, and Emeril’s are also worth checking out.

Before choosing a brand, be sure to think about the type of mustard you want. That way, you can make sure you get the right condiment for your next meal.

Best Mustard Brands

As you shop for groceries, you may notice a lot of different mustard brands are available. On the one hand, that means you can choose the right brand and variety for you.

mustard in a bowl and a spoon

However, it can also make it harder for you to decide which mustard to get. Fortunately, some brands are better than others.

You may end up with another brand, but you should start your search with the following companies.


Many people know Heinz makes some great ketchup. But the company also makes a nice yellow mustard and even a spicy brown mustard. You can use either mustard on different sandwiches as well as classic hamburgers and hot dogs.

This brand is pretty common, so it should be easy to find in stores. If your local grocery store ever runs out of stock, you can buy it online as well. That way, you can maintain your personal stock of mustard at home.


French’s mustard is probably the most recognizable brand, at least when it comes to yellow mustard. The brand sells your classic yellow mustard, which is an excellent topping for many foods, from hamburgers to deli sandwiches.

You can also get organic yellow mustard from French’s if you’d prefer. It’s a bit more expensive per ounce than the regular mustard. But to be organic, the company has to follow certain steps that they don’t have to follow with the other variety. That probably contributes to a higher price by volume.

Grey Poupon

Grey Poupon sells mostly dijon mustard, but they carry a couple of options. You can get some mild and creamy mustard, a country version, or the standard dijon. This mustard brand is great to put on sandwiches.

It’s also suitable for making sauces, like a honey mustard sauce or dressing. There is white wine in the mustard, so you may not want to use it when serving food to kids. Then again, kids might not like dijon mustard anyway. Despite its specialty nature, you can find this in many grocery stores.


The Whole Foods house brand 365 makes and sells organic mustard. Like many other brands, they sell the classic yellow mustard that you can put on hot dogs or other sandwiches. They also carry dijon mustard if you want or need that option.

Since this mustard comes from Whole Foods, you can buy it in the grocery store. However, you can also shop online through Amazon. Prime members can purchase anything from Whole Foods with their membership, including mustard from 365.


Annie’s is an excellent organic mustard brand that you can find at many grocery stores. So if you can’t shop at Whole Foods, it’s a good alternative. Like 365, Annie’s sells yellow mustard and dijon mustard.

However, you can also buy honey mustard or horseradish mustard from this brand. That makes it one of the brands with the largest selection of choices. You can try all of the varieties to see which you like the best, and you can use different mustards based on the dish you’re making.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s carries its own brand of products in stores, and that includes mustard. One option is a whole grain dijon mustard, and it’s relatively affordable. The whole mustard seeds give it a nice texture which may or may not suit your tastes.

You can also find some standard organic yellow mustard at your local Trader Joe’s. It uses stone-ground mustard seeds and features a mix of spices. That way, you can get a good flavor to add to your next sandwich, hot dog, or hamburger. Unfortunately, you can only buy it from a Trader Joe’s store.

Mr. Spice

Mr. Spice sells honey mustard that’s organic and free of added salt. It’s fat-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian as well. You can add the sauce to sandwiches or use it as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders or similar foods.

Similarly, you can top other chicken and meat dishes with the honey mustard. Sadly, the brand doesn’t appear to make yellow mustard, dijon mustard, or other varieties. However, if you’re looking for a sweet sauce, it’s a good brand to try.


Another brand to consider is Maille, which makes multiple types of mustard. You can buy a variety pack with original dijon, whole grain, rich country, and honey dijon mustards. That way, you can have something on hand for a variety of sandwiches and other meals.

They also make coarse dijon mustard if you want some more texture. And you can buy a single variety if you know which type of mustard you want. The brand sells mustard in jars, and they have some types that they sell in squeezable bottles.


Emeril’s is an excellent brand to try, especially if you like other chef brands. You can choose from dijon, honey mustard, and New York Style mustard. Now, the brand is a bit more expensive than some other brands, at least when it comes to how much mustard you get.

However, they do carry a variety of mustards that you can get. So if you like one, you can try the others, especially if you don’t like other brands. And you can find the mustard online if your local grocery store doesn’t carry the mustard you like.

How to Choose the Best Mustard?

As you look at the best mustard brands, you may find one sticks out to you. However, the list may overwhelm you and make it harder to choose one.

If that’s the case, you should keep the following factors in mind when shopping for groceries.

Start With the Type

First, you should think about the type of mustard you want. If you’re making a hot dog, you may want some classic yellow mustard. However, you may prefer honey mustard for a salad or when making chicken.

Of course, some people also have a preference, regardless of what they’re eating the mustard with. If that’s the case, you can limit your brand choices based on which companies sell the type of mustard you like. Knowing what type of mustard you’re searching for may eliminate a lot of brands.

Determine the Dish

If you’re having trouble choosing the type of mustard, consider the dish you’re going to make that you need mustard for. Some mustards go better with certain foods than others. Of course, if you have a recipe, you’ll want to follow that and get the type of mustard listed.

However, maybe you want a dijon mustard to add to a meat or poultry dish. Meanwhile, you may prefer yellow mustard for a deli sandwich. If you’re serving multiple people sandwiches, you might offer multiple mustards so that people can choose the ones they like. This is particularly helpful if you’re serving kids or anyone who’s picky or has a dietary restriction.

Consider Your Store

You may need to choose from only a few brands based on what your local grocery store carries. If you prefer to shop at Trader Joe’s that will be the only brand available. To get some other brand, you’ll have to shop elsewhere, at least for that item.

Now, you don’t have to buy mustard in stores. If you can’t find the brand you want in your area, you can look online on websites like Amazon. Then, you may have a broader selection available, so you can choose the brand and variety that you prefer.

Review the Expiration Date

As you compare your options at the grocery store, look at the expiration dates. When possible, choose mustards that expire at least six months in the future. That way, you can get the freshest mustard possible for your next meal.

Getting mustard that won’t expire for a while is also useful if you rarely use the condiment. You won’t have to throw it out in a few weeks if you don’t use it up in time. Of course, you can also get a smaller jar if you don’t use a ton of mustard to further reduce waste and save money on your grocery bill.

Final Thoughts

You can find tons of mustard brands, but some stores carry more brands than others. Be sure to consider the type of mustard you want and how you’ll use it. Then, you can narrow your search to brands that will meet those needs. Soon enough, you can bring home the perfect mustard for your next meal.