Odeon Food Prices

If you enjoy going to Odeon for movies, you may be wondering about the Odeon food prices. This is a common question people ask when trying to figure out what their budget is before going to the cinema and buying a bunch of snacks.

Unfortunately for customers, snack options at cinemas are pretty expensive, considering what you are getting. The options are usually pretty basic but are priced significantly higher than they would be in stores.

So many people still buy snacks and beverages at cinemas because that is part of the fun of going to the cinema. Odeon is no different and offers a selection of snacks and beverages that you may want to look at before heading off to the movies.

Keep reading to find out more about Odeon food prices and what the menu looks like.

Food Prices at Odeon

If you want to go to the cinema to enjoy a movie, you may be wondering about the Odeon food prices and what to expect. The good thing for Odeon customers is that there are plenty of food options to choose from at relatively affordable prices.

Buying Cinema Snacks

Though the prices at Odeon are going to be slightly more expensive than you would find at other places. They are not going to be the most expensive of all of the cinemas in the UK, as there are several popular cinemas to choose from.

The food at Odeon is going to be more expensive than what you would find in a grocery store, for instance. No matter what cinema you go to, the food prices are going to be more expensive than if you were to buy the food yourself.

That is just the reality of going to a cinema as the food and drinks are priced much higher. Part of this comes down to the fact that cinemas rely on their food and beverage sales to help them stay open.

Contrary to popular belief, cinemas like Odeon do not get to keep all of the money that they make from selling movie tickets. They only get a cut of that money and have to make up for the profit somewhere else.

One way that cinemas have started to do this is by pricing their food and beverages slightly higher. So that they are able to generate enough income to stay open and in business for customers.


Odeon does not have a hot food menu, but it does have a generous snack menu to choose from. This includes a few hot food options, such as nachos that you can mix and match depending on the toppings that you want.

For the most part, the snack options range between £4 and £5, depending on what you are looking at. This will also depend on the size of the snack you get and if you add any additional toppings to it.

The most common snack that people reach for when going to Odeon is the popcorn, which comes in three different sizes. The popcorn can get quite expensive depending on the size you choose, but it is often worth it.


Odeon also offers several combos that you can choose from, depending on the kinds of food and beverage you want. These combinations are made up of different options from the menu package together in a meal.

When you buy your snacks in a combo, you will be saving a little bit of money along the way. They are more money upfront, but you can save a little by combining snacks that you may have bought anyway.

These combo options usually come with a hot food or a snack option, a drink, and maybe something sweet on the side. There are different combos that contain different things, so you can choose which appeals to you the most.

The most affordable combo is around £7, while the most expensive is around £11.


Odion also offers several different drink options depending on what sounds good to you. These will vary by size, which is going to directly impact how much money they cost.

The drink options vary between being around £3 and £5, depending on the kind of drink and the size. This gives you plenty of options if you want to get a beverage along with your snack.

There Are No Odeon Food Coupons

What a thing that many Odeon customers may wonder about is if there are any food coupons. This is a commonly asked question, as coupons and specials are a great way to get a discount and save a little money.

Unfortunately, this is not something that Odeon offers, as the majority of its food remains at the same price that you see listed. These prices rarely change as the menu itself rarely changes.

Much of this cinema’s profits come from the sales of its food and beverages, which is why it may not give discounts or coupons. As it once its customers pay full price so that you can make up for any profits that are lost on the movies.

Though there is always the off chance that you may be able to get a voucher or coupon to decrease the price of food or beverage options. The only way to have access to this is to check the promotions page and join the newsletter.

These are places where you will have access to any coupons or specials that may be available. They are very rare, but if Odeon has any coupons or specials, you will find these on its promotion page or in its newsletter.

This is a great option if you often go to the cinema and could benefit from saving a little money on drinks and snacks. As you never know when a coupon or price reduction may be available.

Odeon’s Popcorn Is Vegan

One thing that Odeon customers may not realize is that the popcorn is vegan-friendly. This may come as a surprise, but many cinemas have started to produce popcorn that does not contain any dairy.

friends at the cinema

This is quite simple to do as the majority of cinemas do not use actual butter for their popcorn. Real butter doesn’t act the same way and won’t have the same effect on the popcorn as artificial butter will.

Because of this, the popcorn at Odeon is 100% vegan friendly, and it does not contain any dairy or dairy by-products. So anyone can enjoy this popcorn without having to worry about accidentally consuming dairy.

Another surprising fact from Odeon is that its nachos can also be made to be vegan friendly. To do this, you will have to make sure you order the nachos only with salsa and not with the actual nacho cheese.

This creates a food that is vegan-friendly so that anyone can enjoy it even if they follow a strict diet. Just make sure to specifically request that no cheese be added to your nachos when placing your order.

Odeon Allows You to Bring Your Own Food

Something relatively new that Odeon has started to allow is for customers to bring their own food to the cinema. This is something that more and more cinemas are starting to allow, which is good news for customers.

Originally, cinemas never allowed people to bring their own food or drink into the cinema. You were required to buy food and beverages from the actual cinema if you wanted something to eat and drink during your movie.

You can bring any kind of food or drink to the cinema as long as it is not hot food or an alcoholic beverage. Odeon also encourages customers to not bring any kind of food that has a strong smell that could disturb other people.

So you should choose your snacks carefully when you go to the cinema so that you are not disturbing anyone else watching the movie.