Orange Juice Brands

If you are looking for a delicious orange juice brand, there are plenty of orange juice brands to choose from. Though you may have to do a bit of testing to find out which brand is going to have everything that you are looking for.

The brand that you ultimately prefer is going to depend on your personal preferences, as everyone has different tastes in juice. Keep reading to find out what orange juice brands are the best and which ones you should be looking for in grocery stores.

Best Orange Juice Brand

If you are looking for the absolute best orange juice brand to try, Tropicana is going to be your best bet. This is a brand of orange juice that has been around for a very long time and has continued to remain popular all throughout the years.

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Tropicana may not be the healthiest or the most natural orange juice brand, but it is the one that people most commonly reach for. It is known for its advertising of a straw being inserted directly into an orange, attracting a younger crowd of fans.

Tropicana has a bright and fruity flavor that is obviously orange juice and very refreshing. Despite the fact that it is not considered to be extremely natural, it has a very natural orange flavor that you would expect to find in orange juice.

It is light and refreshing with just enough sweetness and sourness to create the perfect beverage. Something that many brands fail to succeed at as they may be too sweet or too sour for your liking.

If you are looking for the best brand of orange juice, this is definitely the juice that you want to give a try first. It is the most commonly bought juice and has a long list of fans.

1. Florida’s Natural

Florida’s Natural is a brand of juice that is based in Florida and is known for its local beverages. This brand sells a delicious orange juice which is another very popular option that customers reach for regularly.

What are the best features of this brand is that it owns its own orange orchards, which it creates the orange juice from. So Florida’s nature is entirely based in the US in Florida itself.

This also gives this juice its refreshing and natural flavor as it is made with 100% orange juice. So it is considered to be a fairly healthier option when compared to more heavily processed and artificial orange juice brands.

Though it may not be quite as sweet as you want as this orange juice tends to be a little bit more sour and bitter. It will most likely be preferred by old adults who want a refreshing beverage over children who want a sweet drink.

2. Minute Maid

Minute Maid is one of the most easily recognized juice brands on the market. It has been around for a long time and has been a commonly purchased option amongst shoppers for just as long.

This is not a natural brand, as Minute Maid is known for its more concentrated and artificial-tasting juices. Though the fruit juice is that Minute Maid offers are still delicious and offer everything that you are looking for in a refreshing beverage.

This brand of order juice is going to be quite a bit sweeter and have a different mouth feel from the additives. It is a popular option amongst children who are used to drinking sweeter kinds of juice.

Water can also be added to this juice to help reduce how sweet it is. Despite the fact that it is not a natural juice, it is still one of the most popular options for shoppers as it has a comforting and familiar flavor.

3. Uncle Matt’s

Uncle Matt’s is a fairly big name in the juice industry as this brand offers a wide variety of fruity beverages. What makes it really stand out is the fact that it was created by one man and has continued to be a family business.

The orange juice from Uncle Matt’s is very popular and has continued to be a favorite amongst shoppers. You can find this brand in most grocery stores as well as smaller convenience stores that you may shop at.

Not only do you have the option of getting a delicious jug of orange juice, there are also fruit blends sold by this brand. So you can get creative and choose an orange juice that has been blended with other fruit juices for a unique and refreshing taste.

This is another juice that has a more natural and organic flavor to it than the more processed orange juices do. Though it is still a nice balance of sweet and sour to please anyone who is an orange juice drinker.

4. Lakewood Organic

Lakewood Organic is a very popular brand when it comes to fruit juice for grocery shoppers. This is a brand that prides itself on offering the best options that are going to be natural and organic so that you are getting the best.

This can be rare to find amongst all of the fruit juices on the market that are filled with preservatives, colorants, and sweeteners. Lakewood Organic only sells organic and whole fruit juices that can be enjoyed without any guilt or concern.

One of the Lakewood Organic juices that do not seem to get enough recognition is its orange juice. This is a 100% orange juice that has all of the qualities that you are looking for in a refreshing orange beverage.

It has a lighter consistency and is a blend of sweet and sour with a pleasant and light orange flavor. Nothing is added to this fruit juice so you are going to be getting the real and untampered juice that you are looking for.

Because this is one of its lesser-known kinds of juice, it may not be extremely easy to find in grocery stores. This brand is often sold in health food stores or can’t be bought online if you are really struggling to find it near you.

5. Good and Gather Organics

Good and Gather Organics is a fairly new juice brand that was created by Target. This is a line that Target created specifically for its stores to sell a wide variety of organic and natural options to its customers.

This brand covers a large variety of products that are going to be more natural and made from organic ingredients. This goes along with the more health-conscious marketing tactics that Target is trying to use.

Though Good and Gather Organics orange juice are not extremely well known, it is a worthy option if you are looking for a delicious orange juice. This is a natural orange juice, and it’s going to have that refreshing and natural flavor that you are looking for

Because this is a natural juice, it is going to be a little watery or have a lighter flavor than more processed options. Making it perfect if you do not want a heavy or extremely sweet orange juice option.

6. Tree Ripe

Tree Ripe is another fruit juice brand that offers a delicious orange juice option if you are on the hunt for a good orange juice. This is a well-known brand that offers a variety of fruit juices that customers have bought for a long time.

This is not necessarily a natural brand, as you are not going to be getting pure 100% orange juice. Some customers have described this brand of orange juice as having a slightly sweeter and almost Creamsicle flavor to it.

It is also a little bit heavier and may not be exactly what everyone is going to be looking for. It is a favorite amongst children but may not be ideal for adults looking for a more realistic orange juice option to drink.

7. Simply Orange

Simply orange comes from the brand of simple and natural juices that you can buy. This brand covers all kinds of beverages from lemonade to orange juice to other fruit juice blends and lemonade options.

This brand is known for its more natural flavor and the delicious pulp that is still included in the fruit juice. It has been described as having a mouth-watering flavor that leaves you wanting more as you drink it.

It is just sweet enough with plenty of tange into it to give it that natural orange flavor. It is the perfect option if you are looking for a natural-tasting orange juice that isn’t going to be overly sweet or heavy.

This brand overall is one of the most popular brands for those looking for more natural options when it comes to their beverages. It may not market itself as being a health brand, but it does offer some of the healthier fruit juice options on the market.

Top Rated Orange Juice Brand

The best orange juice brand by far is going to be the Tropicana orange juice that you can buy at any grocery store. This brand has been around for a long time and has only continued to remain popular over all of the years.

It may not be the most natural-tasting orange juice, but it has continued to be a favorite among many. Though you have many other options as well, depending on the kind of orange juice that you are wanting.

This includes options from Minute Maid, Florida’s Natural, to Simply Orange juice.