Pickled Sausage Brands

I don’t eat sausage that often because I’m pretty picky when it comes to the meat I eat. But I know some people are down to try just about any meat product out there.

If that’s you, I’d suggest you try pickled sausage. However, you’ll need to know what brands to look for when shopping.

Big John’s

You open the 4-gallon jar of Big John’s to find about 32 juicy sausage links inside. When you bite into the sausage, you get a satisfying snap, and the sausage tastes as juicy as ever.

I love how the pork and chicken sausage is tasty and makes for the perfect snack. But occasionally, I prefer something hotter. When I have that craving, I may buy a jar of spicy sausage from Big John’s.


When I see the gold label on a jar of pickled sausage, I know, it must be from Hannah’s. The jar is stuffed with whole sausage links in a brine, and you get plenty of servings.

Not only does the company sell a regular version, but there’s the Mexicana Hot Red Sausage. As someone who loves spicy foods, I’d love to try this option. And I love how they even sell a version that doesn’t use pork.


Matt and Dana

Is pickled sausage a little too boring for you? I’d recommend trying the version from Matt and Dana, but the jars can be hard to find online.

If you get your hands on one, you’re in luck. Not only does the brand pickle sausage, but they also do it with other meat products. That way, you can have a variety of tasty snacks in your kitchen.


Fans of spicy meat, especially spicy pickled sausage, will love Fischer’s. Unlike other brands, the Red Hot Sausages is the company’s main product offering.

They taste savory, and they offer a kick that you may be looking for. Plus, the juiciness makes them enjoyable to eat. You can order a lot of them at once to make sure you have enough.


Penrose is another brand, but you’ll also find its products under the name Big Mama. Either way, this brand offers a broad selection of pickled sausages.

You can buy the regular sausages or the Tijuana Mama version, which is three times as spicy. The company also makes Firecracker Sausages, which are hot.

Backroad Country

Backroad Country makes some good pickled, smoked Polish sausage. You can also find red hot pickled sausage from this company.

If you’re looking for other pickled meat products, Backroad Country is great. The brand is easy to find online, and you can have the products shipped to your door.


Another kosher-friendly brand of pickled sausage to try is Herb’s. The company uses beef and chicken in its sausages rather than pork.

You can get the Red Hot sausages if you like a bit of heat. However, they also make a standard version if you’re not a fan of spicy sausages.

Bay View

Bay View is worth considering if you want some gourmet pickled sausages. They pickle and smoke the sausages, so you can enjoy the texture and flavors.

Like many of its competitors, Bay View makes sausages in spicy and non-spicy versions. That way, you and your loved ones can enjoy the amount of heat that you like.

Why Eat Pickled Sausages?

Regardless of the brand you choose, you may wonder why you should even try pickled sausages. For one, they’re a good snack. You can grab one or two pieces out of the jar, so it’s quick to grab one when you have a short break.

Eat Pickled Sausages

Of course, they can taste salty, sour, and sometimes spicy, depending on the variety. You can fulfill your cravings for any of those flavors. Plus, you’ll get a good amount of protein from a single serving of pickled sausages.

Another benefit is that you can choose from many different brands. If you like the taste of one brand over another, you can use those preferences to choose what sausage to buy next.

The different brands also use various meats. That can be especially nice for anyone keeping kosher since you can avoid pork sausages. But even if you prefer beef or chicken, you have that option.

Finally, you can enjoy sausages without having to cook them. If you’re short on time but need a filling meal, grab some pickled sausages and eat them with a side or on their own.

What About Homemade Pickled Sausage?

Maybe you’ve tried multiple pickled sausage brands. However, you can’t seem to find a brand that you really like. Or your favorite brand is out of stock, and you don’t want to wait.

Consider making homemade pickled sausage. You can find a ton of recipes online, so try a few of them to see which makes the most sense for you.

In general, you’ll need to boil some water, vinegar, and salt. Then, you can cut up the sausage into pieces and place them and the boiling mixture into a jar. Store for a couple of days before you take them out to eat.

Why Not Make Pickled Sausage?

Of course, the nice thing about buying pickled sausage is the quality control. These companies have refined their pickling process. That means you’ll get a more consistent product from jar to jar compared with if you made pickled sausage at home.

Sure, you can spend the time refining your own recipe. But that takes multiple attempts, and you may end up wasting a lot of sausage.

If you don’t want to risk that, shop around for the best pickled sausage brands. You should be able to find at least a couple of options either at your local grocery store or online.