Pizza Hut Spicy Lover’s Pizza

If you enjoy eating pizza, you may have heard about the Pizza Hut spicy lovers pizza that has been added to the menu. And if you have heard about it, you may be wondering if this pizza is a good option.

As Pizza Hut is best known for its traditional types of pizza, such as its cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizzas. As it has a very traditional pizza menu that many people have loved and enjoyed for many years.

Though that doesn’t stop Pizza Hut from getting a bit creative and offering limited-edition menu items as well. So you always have something interesting to try when you visit your local Pizza Hut for a treat.

Keep reading to find out what the Pizza Hut spicy lovers pizza is like as well as the different options you have to choose from.

Pizza Hut Spicy Lover’s Pizza Review

Those who enjoy eating at Pizza Hut will be excited to know that Pizza Hut has released limited-edition spicy pizzas. These spicy lover’s pizzas cater to Pizza Hut‘s customers who enjoy something a little bit more spicy on their pizza.

Spicy chicken pizza

These pizzas sport special ingredients that are much spicier than you would find on a typical Pizza Hut pizza. As there are many customers who enjoy something that packs a little bit more heat into it.

And Pizza Hut not only offered just one spicy lover’s pizza, it also offered a few other options. So if you are a lover of all things spicy, you have several options to choose from on your next trip to Pizza Hut.

These make great additions to Pizza Hut‘s traditional menu that has been around for a very long time. As many people often visit Pizza Hut for its traditional and comforting menu options that they can rely on.

Though it is nice to also get a few different options to choose from if you want to spice things up a bit. As Pizza Hut has some of the best pizzas around and offers mouthwatering options that everyone should try at least once.

Spicy Lover’s Pizza Options

Pizza Hut not only offered one spicy lover’s pizza option, it off for three different kinds of pizzas you can choose from. All being specially created for those customers who particularly love their spicy pizza is

This gives you more than enough options if you want to try out something new and interesting at Pizza Hut. Especially if you want a spicy option that is going to give you a bit more kick than any of the other menu items.

Pizza Hut has worked hard to offer three specialty options that the majority of people could enjoy. So if you do not like a particular type of pizza, you have two others to choose from that you will hopefully be able to enjoy.

Spicy Double Pepperoni

The spicy double pepperoni pizza is possibly the most popular spicy lover’s pizza that Pizza Hut has offered. This is similar to a traditional pepperoni pizza with an added cake from the additional spicy ingredients.

This includes fiery chili flakes that really help to elevate this pizza and give it that heat. As well as two different kinds of pepperoni sitting on top of a spicy marinara sauce.

This is a very meaty and spicy pizza that the majority of pizza lovers could enjoy if they also enjoy a bit of heat. Making it a crowd-pleasing option if you want to feed more than one person.

Spicy Veggie

The spicy veggie spicy lovers pizza offers fiery flakes and chili flakes to help bring the heat up in this pizza. Along with the spicy marinara sauce which helps to bring everything together.

It includes traditional veggies that you would expect to find on a pizza, such as mushrooms, green bell peppers, and red onions. All are added generously to create a hefty veggie pizza that is perfect for those who may not want to meet.

This way, everyone has an option, even those who do not eat meat on their pizzas. As Pizza Hut has thought of everyone and offers options that just about anyone could enjoy depending on what they prefer and their dietary preferences.

Spicy Hawaiian Chicken

The spicy Hawaiian chicken also features fiery flakes and chilies to help elevate the heat, along with the spicy marinara sauce. Though this pizza has a delicious combination of sweet and spicy for those who like this kind of food.

Spicy Pizza on table

The Hawaiian chicken pizza features chicken and pineapple for the perfect play on sweet and savory. As well as plenty of spicy kick at the end to appease any spicy lover who wants the heat.

So you have three options to choose from that are part of Pizza Hut spicy lover’s pizza options.

Spicy Lover’s Pizza Is Only Available for a Limited Time

One important thing to mention about the spicy lover’s pizza at Pizza Hut is that it is only available for a limited time. These were pizzas that were never meant to be put onto the menu indefinitely by Pizza Hut.

This is something that many restaurants choose to do in order to introduce newer options for a limited time. Only offering them for a certain amount of time before removing them from the menu to potentially re-introduce later.

This is what Pizza Hut has done, as its spicy lover’s pizzas are only going to be sold for a limited time. So if you find that you cannot order them at your local Pizza Hut, that most likely means that they are no longer available.