Popeyes Fish Sandwich

Are you looking to try Popeyes but aren’t a huge chicken fan? Keep reading to learn about the Popeyes Fish Sandwich.

Overview of the Popeyes Fish Sandwich

The Popeyes Fish Sandwich is a flounder sandwich that Popeyes launched in early 2021. It’s similar to the restaurant’s more famous chicken sandwich. Of course, the primary difference is that this one uses fish instead of chicken.

Unfortunately, the Fish Sandwich isn’t popular enough to be a standard menu item. Popeyes primarily sells it during and around Lent in the spring. That way, people who are following Lent can enjoy a good sandwich without breaking customs.

Fish sandwich with fries

Whether you follow Lent or not, you can enjoy the sandwich when it’s back in stock. You can get an original or spicy version of the sandwich. Then, pair it with your favorite side, like fries or mashed potatoes, to complete the meal.

Why Get the Popeyes Fish Sandwich

It sounds weird for a chicken restaurant to sell a fish sandwich. However, there are a few reasons why you may want to try it when it’s available.

Keep the following in mind before you write off the Popeyes Fish sandwich.

Observe Lent

As mentioned, Popeyes created its Fish Sandwich with Lent in mind. Just over one in four adults in Louisiana (the home state of Popeyes) identifies as Catholic. It makes sense for Popeyes to want to cater to those customers across the country.

You can still enjoy your favorite restaurant during the 40 days of Lent. And you get to avoid other types of meat on Fridays while still consuming a bit of protein.

This is probably the biggest reason to try the sandwich. It’s not a year-round item, but maybe if enough people order it and come back again, Popeyes will make it a regular thing.

Compromise With Friends

Maybe you’re going out to lunch or dinner with friends, and you really want a fish sandwich. But everyone else in your group wants chicken. Since Popeyes has something for everyone, you can suggest it as a restaurant to eat at.

Then, you won’t have to change what you eat or make others do the same. You can all accommodate each other and focus on catching up with people.

Don’t let a disagreement on what to eat keep you from having fun. Instead, go somewhere that has all of the food you could possibly want to try.

More Specialized

While Popeyes isn’t a seafood place, it’s more specialized than some fast food restaurants. One of its standard menu items is a basket of popcorn shrimp.

You may never want to eat fast food fish. But if you need to eat it, you should try to get it from a place that knows how to make good seafood.

If you’ve had the popcorn shrimp and liked it, you’ll probably like the fish sandwich. That can make trying it feel like less of a risk than trying the Filet-O-Fish, for example.

The Popeyes Fish Sandwich Alternative

If you want to eat Popeyes but can’t get the sandwich, you can order a popcorn shrimp meal. It’s available all year round, so you don’t have to wait until spring to fulfill your seafood craving.

Fresh Fish Sandwich

Sure, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s better than nothing. If you’re already planning on getting Popeyes, you can enjoy something similar to what you thought about ordering.

Other Fish Sandwiches

Maybe you’re specifically craving a fish sandwich and don’t mind fast food sandwiches. If you’re not set on Popeyes, you can try options from a few other restaurants.

Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s specializes in seafood, so it may be an even better option than Popeyes in some cases. The restaurant sells a Wild Alaskan Pollock Sandwich. It uses an actual piece of fish rather than a fish patty, like some restaurants.

The sandwich comes with pickles and tartar sauce, but you can order it plain. This item tastes nice and crispy, and the flour batter is a lot better than that of other fish sandwiches. It can taste more like fish and chips.


Of course, almost everyone has heard of the Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s. This item originally joined the menu in the same way as the Popeyes Fish Sandwich: for Lent. But after gaining popularity, McDonald’s started selling it all year.

The fish tastes fresh, and it comes with a slice of American cheese. Sadly, it’s not as crispy as some other fast food sandwiches. It made the list because it’s so popular, but it’s not ideal when you’re craving a fish sandwich.


If you’re ever in the Midwest, be sure to try the Culver’s North American Cod Filet. This sandwich comes from a burger place, but it’s better than McDonald’s. You get a nice piece of cod on a hoagie with cheese and other toppings.

While the chain doesn’t focus on seafood, it does a good job with this sandwich. It’s crispy and enjoyable to eat. Give it a try next time you’re near a Culver’s, and pair it with a drink and some crinkle-cut fries for a full meal.


The Whatacatch at Whataburger is an excellent choice if you’re in the South. It uses Alaskan Pollock and comes with tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomato. The fish is a fried filet, so it tastes nice and crispy.

Meanwhile, the lettuce and tomato add a bit of freshness to the sandwich. You can order this sandwich whenever you’re craving it since Whataburger is open 24 hours a day.