Popeyes Flounder Sandwich

If you enjoy the food at Popeyes, you may be wondering about the flounder sandwich that is now available on the menu. This is something that has sparked a lot of attention as people have noticed this unique menu item.

Popeyes is best known for its fried chicken, but it also serves other types of foods on the menu. One of those things is sandwiches of various types that you can enjoy with that classic Popeyes flavor.

Along with those sandwiches is a few fish options to give you more versatility when ordering. Especially as fried seafood has become more popular amongst fast-food customers who are looking for more options.

Keep reading to find out more about the Popeyes flounder sandwich and whether or not it is a good option.

Popeyes Cajun Flounder Sandwich

If you are a fan of Popeyes food, you may have heard of the Popeyes Cajun flounder sandwich that is now available. This is a limited-time sandwich option that Popeyes is offering with a few of its other fish options on the menu.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

The demand for fried seafood has seen a recent rise in popularity as more and more people are interested in eating seafood. Which is why you may have seen more fast food restaurants adding fried fish menu options to their selections.

Popeyes is no exception, as it has brought back this Cajun flounder sandwich that so many customers loved. It is recognizably from Popeyes but still stands apart from the other menu options as its own product.

As you might suspect from the name, the Popeyes Cajun flounder sandwich is flounder nestled between a brioche bun with other flavorful ingredients. Creating the perfect combination to satisfy any seafood lover.

It is important to remember that the sandwich option is not a staple part of the Popeyes menu. It is a limited-time option and will leave the menu eventually once Popeyes is done serving it.

So if you want to taste this mouthwatering option, you will need to hurry and visit your local Popeyes to do so. As it is hard to say exactly when this sandwich option will no longer be available.

Popeyes Flounder Sandwich Ingredients?

One of the best things about Popeyes food is that it keeps things simple for the customers. So when you order something off of the menu, it is easy to understand exactly what you are ordering and eating.

The same rule applies to the Popeyes flounder sandwich, as it has very minimal ingredients while still being mouthwateringly flavorful. Creating the perfect sandwich for those who don’t want anything too fussy.

Brioche Bun

The vehicle for the sandwich is the classic brioche bun which is a part of the other sandwich options at Popeyes. This bun is very rich and soft with a shiny buttery exterior that is delightful to bite into.

There is nothing breathtaking about this bun, but it makes the perfect vehicle for the flounder. Allowing the other ingredients to shine through while still being tasty in its own way.

Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce is something that you are going to find on just about any fish sandwich that you order. This is because tartar sauce is one of the best things to pair with fish and helps to bring out the natural flavor of the seafood.

So the flounder sandwich at Popeyes also contains a hefty layer of tartar sauce for flavor and zing. So keep this in mind when ordering your sandwich, as some people may not necessarily like tartar sauce.


One of the unique features of the flounder sandwich at Popeyes is the fact that it has thick slices of pickles. This is something that you do not typically find on fish sandwiches, especially not those sold in fast food restaurants.

But this is actually one of the star features of the sandwich, as the pickles add much-needed brininess and sourness. Perfectly balancing the richness of the fried fish and the tanginess of the tartar sauce.

These pickles are a typical ingredient on most of the sandwiches that Popeyes offers and are a customer favorite. Though you may be able to request that they not be added if you are not particularly fond of pickles.


The flounder is the most important part of the sandwich and is battered and fried to create a perfectly crispy exterior. Flounder is considered to be a crowd-pleasing fish as it is mild in flavor and flaky but not too oily or dry.

Breakfast sandwich

It takes on other flavors very well and really highlights the spicy Cajun seasoning that is added to the batter. Creating a very flavorful and lightly spicy fish that the majority of people could enjoy eating.

Why the Flounder Sandwich Is a Popular Option?

The Cajun flounder sandwich at Popeyes is a very popular option and has been every time it is offered on the menu. This mostly has to do with the fact that it is a unique menu option that many people want to try.

Though it also has all of the classic fish sandwich flavors that people know and love. As well as being mild enough that even those who do not usually like fish could enjoy eating.

The flounder is also very noticeable and realistic looking, allowing you to know exactly what you are eating. Something that many other fish sandwiches may lack as the fish does not look like fish.

Making the Cajun flounder sandwich at Popeyes a very popular option for those who want a more unique menu option to try out.