Prego Vs Ragu

If you are looking for a delicious tomato sauce, you may be wondering about Prego vs Ragu and which sauce is the better option. This is a commonly asked question, as the sauce brands are incredibly similar to each other.

When it comes to tomato sauce, these are two of the biggest names in the market and are going to be sold at every grocery store. They are the top competitors and customers often tend to reach for one or the other.

But which tomato sauce is better, and which sauce is going to provide the best flavor and texture? These are questions that you may have when you are shopping for the best tomato sauce to go with your meal.

This can be difficult to figure out as there are so many tomato sauce options on the market. Keep reading to find out whether or not Prego vs Ragu is the better option for you.

Which Is Better: Prego Vs Ragu?

If you are trying to decide between Prego or Ragu, there is really no way to specifically figure out which tomato sauce is better. They are both incredibly similar and typically tend to be sold at the same rate amongst customers looking for a good sauce.

Pasta with bolognese ragu

These are easily two of the biggest names in tomato sauce and are the most common options for shoppers. They both offer a bold and delicious flavor that goes well with pasta, casseroles, lasagna, or pizza.

Prego and Ragu are top competitors and often compete with customers who are shopping for sauces. This is because they are so similar, and both offer homemade tastes that customers are specifically looking for.

If you are specifically looking for a versatile sauce, Prego is considered to be the more versatile of the two. This is because Prego has a wide variety of flavors that can go with all kinds of dishes that you may be preparing.

Though, Ragu is considered to be the best sauce option to pair with meat for a delicious outcome. Both sauce brands have meat and meat-free options for those who want a hearty sauce or do not consume meat.

So ultimately, the sauce that you prefer is going to depend on personal taste as there is no way to say exactly which sauce is better.

The More Natural Option

Many customers wonder about how natural Prego and Ragu are compared to each other. This is a good question to ask as many people are trying to be more health conscious and choose healthier options when shopping.

Prego and Ragu are both considered to be fairly natural as far as shelf-stable tomato sauce goes. There’s no way for this sauce to be completely natural, but they do tend to be as pure as possible considering the circumstances.

Ragu is considered to be a more natural and nutritional option as it is slightly different than Prego. This includes containing fewer unhealthy ingredients and nutritional qualities, such as:

  • Fewer calories
  • Fewer unhealthy fats
  • Fewer carbohydrates
  • Less sugar

Though it is important to note that the nutritional differences between these two brands are not extensive. Though Ragu may be slightly healthier, the difference is not huge and may not be enough to convince you to buy this brand of tomato sauce.

When it comes to how healthy they are and their nutritional qualities, Prego and Ragu are very similar.

Which is Thicker

Now that you know the nutritional qualities of Prego and Ragu, you may be wondering which sauce is thicker. This can be important depending on what you are adding the sauce to and what your sauce preferences are.

In general, Prego is considered to be a thicker sauce than Ragu, as it has a denser consistency to it. Though this can also depend on the variety of sauces that you buy as some flavors are thicker than others.

There are more chunky styles of tomato sauce that both brands sell as well as flavors that tend to be denser. So either option is good even if you like a thicker tomato sauce as you are likely to find this option with either brand.

Tomato sauce flavors that include meat are often thicker and chunkier. So this might be an ideal option for you if you are specifically looking for a thicker tomato sauce for the recipe that you need to add it to.

Best Option For Pizza

Both Ragu and Prego are versatile tomato sauce brands that can be used in a variety of ways. Though they are most commonly used in pasta and lasagna recipes, they can also be used on pizza.

In general, pasta sauce can often be used as pizza sauce in a pinch if you do not have the other pizza sauce option. Both Ragu and Prego are suitable to be pizza sauces depending on the flavor that you are going for.

Both have a relatively thick consistency so they will do well as a pizza sauce. Though you can always gravitate towards the flavors that tend to be on the thicker side for a richer pizza sauce.

Prego tends to have a more herby flavor than Ragu does, making it a lighter option. While Ragu is known for its creamier and more cheesy flavor, that is preferred for those wanting a rich sauce option.

These are differences to keep in mind if you want to use Prego or Ragu pasta sauce as a pizza sauce on your homemade pizza.

Ragu or Prego – The Best Brand

If you are trying to decide between Ragu and Prego, it is impossible to say which one is specifically better. Both of these tomato sauce options are delicious and offer a variety of versatile options for customers.

These are two of the most popular pasta sauce brands and provide high-quality options and a wide variety of flavors. These sauces can be used on pasta, lasagna, casseroles, and pizza.

There are very few differences between Ragu and Prego, except that they do have different flavors and slightly different consistencies. Regular is also considered to be a little bit healthier and nutritionally though the differences are very minimal in this area.