Pretzel Brands

If you are a fan of pretzels, you may be wondering what pretzel brands are the best. This is a commonly asked question as there are many different kinds of pretzels on the market, but it could be hard to choose the best one.

Not every pretzel brand is going to be made the same and has the same quality or flavor. There are certain things that you expect when you buy pretzels, and you do not want to be disappointed by a brand.

This is one of the top snacks when it comes to crunchy and salty snack options that are grab-and-go. Most people enjoy pretzels and would buy them if they were hunting down a savory snack option.

But you want to make sure that you grab the right brand so that you get the best pretzel experience. Keep reading to find out what pretzel brand is the best and why these pretzel brands have stayed on top.

Best Pretzel Brands

If you are looking for the best brand of pretzel, Snyders of Hanover is the top-selling pretzel brand in the United States. This has been the top-selling brand for years and doesn’t look like it is going to lower in popularity anytime soon.

A pretzel and a bowl

Pretzels are a deliciously crunchy and salty snack that many people enjoy eating. These have been around for a long time, and Snyders of Hanover is one of the first brands to start creating this convenient snack option.

This is the only kind of product that this company creates, allowing it to have a long line of pretzel flavors that you can choose. This is why Snyders of Hanover has the best selection of pretzels of any other company.

Because this is the top-selling brand, it is also very easy to find in any kind of store that you go into. Making it a convenient option for anyone who wants a crunchy and salty snack on the go.

Snyders of Hanover also regularly releases new flavors depending on the time of year and special occasions coming up. So you are never going to get bored of the options available as a new one may come out anytime soon.

Rold Gold

Rold Gold is another extremely well-known principal brand in the United States. This was created quite a long time ago by PepsiCo and has continued to flourish in the snack market.

This is a very well-known brand that many people trust when it comes to pretzel options. Like Snyders of Hanover, Rold Gold also has a line of different kinds of pretzel options that you can choose from.

This allows you to have plenty of options when you are looking for the perfect crunchy snack for the occasion. This is also a brand that you will be able to easily find in any grocery store, convenience store, or gas store that you visit.

These pretzels come in various sizes, so you do not have to invest in a full bag if you do not want that kind of temptation. Overall, Rold Gold is considered to be the next best pretzel brand besides Snyders of Hanover.

Better Made

Better Made is an old pretzel brand that has been around for almost 100 years. It has continued to be one of the most trustworthy brands that people turn to for the salty and crunchy snack options.

This is one of the pretzel brands that also have peanut butter filled pretzels. This was something that used to not be very common, but Better Made sold long before many other brands started to.

It also has quite a few different flavors and varieties of pretzels that you can try. Including options like twisted or stick pretzels to shake things up and give you more options to choose from.

Though this is a well-known brand, you may not be able to find this brand at just any store. So you may have to shop around before finding Better Made pretzels, as not every store is going to carry them.


Utz is a pretzel brand that is known for its wide variety of principle options that you can choose from. This includes sourdough pretzels, sweet pretzels, and a variety of differently-shaped pretzels.

This has definitely set Utz from the rest of the crowd when it comes to looking through the different pretzel brands competing against each other. Many pretzels have the same taste and texture, so having more variety is a huge bonus.

This is another common brand that should be relatively easy to find in stores. Most grocery stores and convenience stores will carry this brand as well as a handful of other kinds of stores that you may visit for snacks.

Keep in mind that you most likely will not find all of the flavors and pretzel varieties at every store. The majority of stores only carry a few options per each brand, so you may have to look around for the specific kind of pretzels that you want.


Quinn is a unique brand of pretzels that price and self on making products out of real ingredients. It offers a healthier option for snacks if you still want to enjoy traditional pretzels without all of the unhealthy additives and ingredients.

There are several different grain-free options as well for those who are sensitive to gluten and grains. This brand also carries different pretzel nuggets that are filled with ingredients to give you plenty of unique variety.

This is a brand that is very well known and is carried by most grocery stores as well as health food stores. There are several different varieties of pretzels that you can get from Quinn so that you will never get bored of your snacking options.

This also includes several suite options, which is something that many principal brands do not offer. So you have the ability to choose sweet or savory pretzel options when you are craving something crunchy as a snack.


Flipz is another well-known pretzel brand that is owned by Nestle and creates coated pretzels. This brand does not create traditional pretzels that you may think of but rather coated pretzels that have a sweet coating instead.

The original Flipz pretzel options were chocolate-coated pretzels that were very popular. Even to this day these pretzels are still very popular and are considered to be the perfect combination of crunchy, sweet, and salty.

As of right now, Flipz offers many other varieties of pretzels that you can choose from. So you are no longer limited to just chocolate-coated pretzels as there are other varieties available as well.

This is a brand that will be easy to find in stores as well as convenience stores, drug stores, and gas stores. Pretty much anywhere where you can find snacks, you will be able to find Fipz pretzels.

Snack Factory

Snack Factory is a brand that is known for its pretzel crisps. These are special kinds of pretzels that are flattened out to make very crispy chip-like pretzels that became extremely popular.

These are the only kinds of pretzels that this company sells, and it is known for these specifically. Because of this, it has a long line of flavors that you can choose from, making this an even more popular option.

Snack Factory is a well-known brand that most stores are going to carry, making these flavors easy to find. Though you may have difficulty finding the flavors that you are looking for as there are quite a lot, and stores aren’t going to carry all of them.


Combos are a brand of pretzel that is known for its specialty pretzels that are hollowed out and have a filling. This is the first pretzel brand to specifically have hollow-filled pretzels that it specifically sells and nothing else.

These are a very popular option as people love being able to choose principles according to what they are filled with. The outer pretzel shell is crispy and salty with the addition of whatever they are filled with.

The most common filling option is cheese, but Combos also offers other varieties depending on what you are looking for. These pretzels should be relatively easy to find, depending on what stores you are visiting.

Top Rated Pretzel Brand

If you are looking for the best brand of pretzel, there are quite a lot to choose from. Though most people would agree that Snyders of Hanover is the number one brand if you are looking for this kind of crunchy and salty snack option.

This is the top-selling brand of pretzels and offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Though there are many different brands of pretzels that are just as good when it comes to quality, texture, and flavor.

This includes brands like Snack Factory, Rold Gold, Better Made, Utz, and Quinn. All of these brands also offer a variety of delicious options if you are looking for pretzels that have all of the best qualities of a good pretzel.