What Do Rice Cakes Taste Like?

If you have never tried rice cakes before, you may be wondering what rice cakes would taste like. This is a commonly asked question as many people have never tried a traditional rice cake as they are not available to everyone.

These are a kind of traditional food that are a staple part of many cultural dishes that people consume regularly. This is why many people may be curious about rice cakes and what kind of flavor they have and give a dish.

The majority of people in the world enjoy rice and may be curious about this rice product. Especially as it is eye-catching since it has a unique appearance that is very different from actual grains of rice.

Keep reading to find out what rice cakes taste like and what kind of rice cake options you have available to you that you should try.

Rice Cakes Have a Mild Rice Flavor

If you have never tried a rice cake before, you may be wondering what this tastes like. Rice cakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes and have a very mild rice flavor that is pleasant in a variety of different dishes.

These are often found in a variety of oriental grocery stores and can be bought fresh or frozen for easy preparation. They are a staple part of many people’s diets and cultural dishes, adding texture and a protein component.

Many people are not familiar with rice cakes as it is not a part of the traditional food that they eat. Though the majority of people could enjoy eating rice cakes as they are very mild and flavor and offer a unique textural component.

Rice cakes and tea

On their own, rice cakes have a very mild flavor that many people have described as being bland and flavorless. Making them the perfect option to combine with other strong flavored ingredients so that they take on those flavors.

This is why people who enjoy rice cakes usually paired them with a flavorful sauce or add them to a dish of some kind. They take on the flavors that they are around and can become quite flavorful if prepared right.


Rice cakes primarily have a very light rice flavor that is very recognizable and different dishes. The flavor is not very strong, but you will definitely be able to tell that you are consuming a rice cake made entirely of rice.

Rice has a very mild flavor that is distinct from any other kind of grain that most people enjoy and would immediately recognize. Rice cakes have this flavor, though it is very mild and may be covered by other flavorful ingredients in the dish.


Some rice cakes are going to have a very mild sweetness to them, as white rice does have some natural sweetness. This is not going to be very strong, however, so the sweetness is not going to be overpowering or very noticeable.

This may be more prevalent in certain brands of rice cakes or rice cakes made of certain ingredients. As certain rice is going to have more sugar content and a more prominent sweet flavor that will be interpreted in the rice cake.


The majority of people who consume rice cakes often describe them as being bland. Though this is considered to be a bad thing, that is not always the case, as bland foods can still be very delicious.

Puffed rice cakes

Some people enjoy eating bland foods, though they are great options for combining with other flavorful ingredients and meals. This is why rice cakes are so often paired with other ingredients or covered in a flavorful sauce.

Though they are not often eaten on their own as they are very bland if nothing else is added to them.

Are Rice Cakes Chewy?

Rice cakes are very soft and chewy, with a unique texture that you will not find in many other kinds of food. The way rice cakes are made creates a very chewy and springy texture that adds a lot to different dishes.

Rice cakes will not be extremely chewy or tough as they should be springy, tender, and slightly chewy. They should never be rubbery as this could indicate that they are low quality or have not been cooked correctly.

Though it is hard to mess up rice cakes as they are very simple to prepare and can be cooked very easily. So only and very rare cases will you ever find rice cakes to be unpleasantly chewy or rubbery.

Are There Different Kinds of Rice Cakes?

Some people may find the term rice cakes confusing as there are two different kinds of rice cakes out there. There are chewy rice cakes and crispy rice cakes, both being entirely different and how they are made and how you eat them.

Though these are the two results that will come up if you are trying to find out more about rice cakes. Which can lead to confusion if you do not know what exactly you are looking at.

Keep reading to find out what the differences are between these two different kinds of rice cakes and how both are eaten.

Chewy Rice Cakes

Chewy rice cakes are the type of rice cake that is traditional that we have been talking about. These rice cakes are made with tapioca flour and white rice flour that has been steamed to create compact rice cakes.

Rice Krispie Cakes

These come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be easily added to meals or chopped up for more convenience. They are bright white and have a springy and chewy consistency that becomes softer once they are heated up and cooked.

These chewy rice cakes are a common ingredient in traditional oriental dishes. They add the rice component without requiring actual rice grain to be cooked as these rice cakes can easily be added to meals.

They are most commonly found in stir frys, stews, and on their own, served with a rich and flavorful sauce.

Crispy Rice Cakes

Crispy rice cakes are completely different from traditional rice cakes and how they are made and eaten. These are more widely recognized in the US as they are considered to be a healthy snack option.

Crispy rice cakes are made of puffed and pounded rice grain that is compacted into little cakes. These are crispy cakes that can be eaten on their own or eaten like crackers with other foods added on top.

There are sweet varieties that are delicious when eaten as a sweet treat throughout the day while still being healthy. While the more plain rice cake options are often topped with cream cheese, avocado, cheese, or deli meats.

So crispy rice cakes are completely different from traditional rice cakes as they are an Americanized snack made of rice. They have a strong rice flavor as the rice is often toasted, and some have other ingredients added for additional flavor.

Final Thoughts

If you were curious about trying out rice cakes, these are slightly chewy and soft rice cakes that have a very mild rice flavor. They are often described as being bland but can’t easily be dressed up with sauces and other flavorful ingredients.

These are not to be confused with crispy rice cakes, which are considered to be a snack food items in the US. These two items are completely different as traditional rice cakes are steamed and added to meals, while crispy rice cakes are snacks.